YouTube Discriminates Against Australians.

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Lewis Spears : Thanks for watching, If you'd like to check out my stand up comedy I've just released a professionally filmed live show on my website! It's called "Death Threats Don't Scare Me." and full of jokes that aren't safe for TV (or anywhere really) Stream/Download here:

Lewis Spears : Sorry for the serious video guys. I just couldn't stand by and let this go on any longer. Edit: This video just got demonetized. Thanks for proving my point YouTube.

horrorgami : s i c k c u n t

[channel moved] [CLICK FOR NEW ONE] ShockMouths : I'm sick of having to spell "kunt" with a k to avoid the filter.

Joidal : authorisedbytheaustraliangovernmentcanberra

Dead Joffrey : Make Australians Criminals Again

Not Bryn Kek : *Cries in Australian*

kit Stone : should have said at the end, "AUTHORISED BY THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT CANBERRA!"

EAGLEJEW : I was waiting for the quick speaking guy you hear after government commercials

. Lones . : This was filmed at triple m wasn't it haha, loving the radio show so far!

OPxHD : #FreeSickCunt

Gilbert977 : I shed a tear to this. This is sickening...

Nicholas Di Micco : I guess they look at us as criminal because couple hundred years ago we were

Michael O : 1:18 Didn't realise Australia's prime minister is still Tony Abbott

Sadistic Sausage : #cuntlivesmatter

Fuck I don’t know : YouTube censers Australia because of Pauline Hanson

Red Fern : This is weirdly accurate.

sambulance : Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra. I can recite The Man From Snowy River in under twelve seconds. Chaser anyone?

Cyndy B : 🙏 Finally a call for justice 🙏

Woodchip : A N G L O C U N T I N G I N T E N S I F I E S !

MattKB : Can we get Pinga Pete’s perspective?

Screany : #MonitizeCunt

14,999,99 9 : Hi

Stephen : Sick cunts are banned

AyEsGee : didn't know tony abott was our prime minister

WoodZie : You look like my English teacher...

murfy murf : I’ve literally missed you

Tara Morcombe : 😂😭

qwerty : 😢😢

Drifter D : sicunt

Colorado Guy : if youtube really wanted to censor people and be absolved of all blame while appearing helpful they'd only need to do one thing: let youtubers opt into creator networks and provide tools for advertisers to decide what networks and channels they want to run ads on--creating an open market place for ads rather than a centralized system of distribution. They could still profit from ads while putting the advertisers in the hot seat. Best of all it would make it easier for small and midsized businesses to support and advertise on channels directly--which is what youtube badly needs. In this way youtubers would CENSOR THEMSELVES in order to maximize advertiser op-in on their channels and networks--incentivizing self censorship.

Jayden Louise Nicholas Townsend : Everyday I think about this. It is our only hope against the globalist agenda. Qui Qui the french know they are arrogant cunts, i got a french mate. But he has adopted our lingo and he agrees with it. This is our country. This is our culture. It is the way Shakespeare would have talked if he was from the present day.

David Carmer : Lived in Australia for a time before moving back to the States. I'm often told I swear too much. I never connected the Australian influence with my habits today. You make a good point, YouTube needs to knuckle up and stop worrying about delicate people who've never travelled abroad that can't handle the least bit of vulgar language.

Crazy Funny Cats : Agree 👍with this vid English language too IE): 🤒SICK ...has more than 1 meaning ( "that's a sick skateboard dude !") 😜Crazy ( doesn't mean insane ) Dude that wave was crazy Or man you're totally crazy as a compliment Swearing is fkng healthy too it reduces stress and can be fun too and reduces deaths according to studies Thanks ✨Black and Tan✨ for the link 🐾👍

patpatpat : Giving Australians the ability to express themselves however they want is the best move for everyone. Which is exactly why YouTube's not going to do it.

Smitty Warben Jager Manjenson : His intro is what got me hooked honestly. First video I ever watched, "G'day cunts," had me laughing my ass off and ended with some damn good reviews. Lew, Marcus Dibble, and others alike. Keep fighting the good fight against bad channels and discrimination.

Dr.Pepper : Americans are ok with everyone having a gun but not ok with saying certian words

Killa162 : I honestly can't take it seriously since you're a comedian. At the same time it feels like a serious video. Just conflicted on how to take the video, just seems like a satire piece.

It'sJay YourLocalGay : I don't say c*nt as I just don't like saying it but you know, Aussies say it and I wouldn't be offended by someone calling me that tbh lol.

That Mono Red Guy : Money can make people dictators

Bowral Australia : language barrier? or anything?

Kill me please : Have you ever seen a Australian youtuber in YouTube rewind I thought not

Campbell WATKINS : I agree I’m Australian and I can’t go a minute without swearing

Laylah Stubbings : Im Australian and although i choose not to swear my friends and family do all the time.. It's just our second language in Australoa haha

WirelessVLOGS : Never has a video spoken more truth! #standbyaussies

Devil Youngboy : Instantly demonetised for having discrimination in the title

1.21 Jiggawatts : This really should be called the "Learn Everything You Need to Know About Australia" channel.

yaksher : See, this video seems like it's trolling... but when you realize that the left constantly say that all cultures are equal or some shit, it becomes a legitimate argument.

BestMateTazz : *insert sad music*

logan taylor : Hey Lewis, are u and Tristan still married??