YouTube Discriminates Against Australians.

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Lewis Spears : Sorry for the serious video guys. I just couldn't stand by and let this go on any longer. Edit: This video just got demonetized. Thanks for proving my point YouTube.

horrorgami : s i c k c u n t

BCHDGaming : never thought i'd see a serious video about the word 'cunt' good on ya lew!

ShockMouths : I'm sick of having to spell "kunt" with a k to avoid the filter.

Kyle Rowe : Harden the fuck up you soft cunt 😂

Pietree : It'd be too weird for an Australian not to say cunt.

Not Bryn Kek : *Cries in Australian*

Joidal : authorisedbytheaustraliangovernmentcanberra

H3NAZ : “*And Certified Sick Cunt*” This is so emotional, what an inspiration

Dead Joffrey : Make Australians Criminals Again

. Lones . : This was filmed at triple m wasn't it haha, loving the radio show so far!

Michael O : 1:18 Didn't realise Australia's prime minister is still Tony Abbott

Nicholas Di Micco : I guess they look at us as criminal because couple hundred years ago we were

kit Stone : should have said at the end, "AUTHORISED BY THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT CANBERRA!"

OPxHD : #FreeSickCunt

EAGLEJEW : I was waiting for the quick speaking guy you hear after government commercials

Red Fern : This is weirdly accurate.

qwerty : 😢😢

pao-pao a : Youre a Sick cunt bro

Sadistic Sausage : #cuntlivesmatter

Danielle : Susan Wojcicki is a cunt

Knockerz Jp : YouTube censers Australia because of Pauline Hanson

Gilbert977 : I shed a tear to this. This is sickening...

Platinum Gaming : You're a certified sick cunt. It's good to know we have on of those defending our culture.

Cyndy B : 🙏 Finally a call for justice 🙏

sambulance : Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra. I can recite The Man From Snowy River in under twelve seconds. Chaser anyone?

Lotus : Lewis Spears is a sick cunt and an absolute fucking legend

14,999,99 9 : Hi

VOLA : Haha harden the fuck up youtube

Dancing T-rex : fucking Aussie legend

Screany : #MonitizeCunt

ShamaMyLama : Good on ya cunt

MattKB : Can we get Pinga Pete’s perspective?

Taffey Lewis : Pull ya head in YouTube, play A grade...ya pack of bloody fuckin dickeads.

VOLA : Fcken sick cunt. Aus for life bro.

kingkocher : For $.40 a day you could adopt a Australian sick cunt, so their videos will never get demonetized again

BillyMarcusTV : Lewis, I want to thank you so much for this. Im only a small time youtuber who doesn't make much in here at all and now I'm making less than fuck all, all because of the way I talk. It is about time someone stand up to these tyrants and I am glad it is you. I will follow you to the ends of the earth in support of this. Thank you so much for being the voice of the voiceless you glorified sick cunt. #ItsOkToSayCunt

WoodZie : You look like my English teacher...

reggie spesh : eat my ass nebz

joegxz : I'm UK legend, i call people huge niggers. This is a compliment in Manchester I swear

Godae : New Zealand rides the same boat aswell... into gallipoli, gottem but us cunts down in new zealand are fucked aswell

Crazy Funny Cats : We were called a cunt by an Aussie iN comments on YouTube and thought it was an attack We are learned 👽👽👽

Jaads BMX : YouTube are shit cunts

AyEsGee : didn't know tony abott was our prime minister

Woodchip : A N G L O C U N T I N G I N T E N S I F I E S !

Razar Ryan : As an Australian creator, I couldn’t agree with this more. #SickCunt

oscar abbas : Susan Wojcicki is a shit cunt

Stephen : Sick cunts are banned

icup joke : Guys, after watching this video, it is pretty clear that all Australians face harsh discrimination on a daily basis. Because of this appalling behaviour, I am starting a petition to support the victims of debilitating discrimination throughout YouTube. This petition will be used to then establish a charity to facilitate a better quality of life for those affected by YouTube Discrimination. To show your support, please comment all relevant credit card details below, ensuring that your credit card number and pin code is clearly displayed. Thanks.

keyring111 : What is this UNICEF type of shit?