YouTube Discriminates Against Australians.

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Pietree : It'd be too weird for an Australian not to say cunt.

KangaRude Media : Please come on my podcast, you funny cunt

Jennifer Jackson : Hate the c word!

Dave Rix : so fuckin true, i swear all the time and all the little snowflakes get all upset but then go down the street an some other cunt is doing the same thing LOL

Laylah Stubbings : Im Australian and although i choose not to swear my friends and family do all the time.. It's just our second language in Australoa haha

Ayman Saleh Moussa : Come on youtube, dont be a sadcunt

lulzy : Your shit aint showing up in my shit main

Scott Dwyer : You're in the news mate. Good work.

Dr.Pepper : Americans are ok with everyone having a gun but not ok with saying certian words

That Mono Red Guy : Money can make people dictators

Jack Donovan : These cunts just need to harden the fuck up and stop auto correcting my fucks to ducks. K thanks YouTube. Maybe also stop being prejudice but one step at a time right. SOOOOO considerib ur but rusponsibel fpr auttocarrat letz may3ee sturd wjth fair use?

jacaranda3040 : cunt is not a dirty word.

WelcomeToTheCringeParade FT. Dan and Phil : I don't say c*nt as I just don't like saying it but you know, Aussies say it and I wouldn't be offended by someone calling me that tbh lol.

WirelessVLOGS : Never has a video spoken more truth! #standbyaussies

Drizzle Animations : Welp, if this is the case, im fucked :P

Soda Pop : YouTube get the fuck out bitch succ my ass

Dan : The funny thing, he is so right

UltimateSeagull : This is true. We say cunt on an everyday basis. Everyone I know says cunt every day. We can’t help it.

Taiaroak : That french shit had my dying though

Bundy Mutant : What a load of shit you uneducated yobbo

XDMousey : First video i've seen and i'm subbed. Fucking soft cocks, cunts need to leave us the fuck alone, give us an adults section or some shit, pornhub has adult advertisements, just do that.

Dead Joffrey : Make Australians Criminals Again

Troy Andrews : I agree youtube use to be a sick cunt but not any more it more like a bogan.

Aliyecrz Volkzz : This is a serious topic guys, please defend our right to continue to use the word cunt in whatever context suits the moment.. so sick of our culture slowly being taken away from us to conform to the rest of the world

Ben Godden : This video was featured in a New Zealand Herald article

superbalonie : I wish I could say cunt freely here in America...

09 06 : Still a great video, gonna share cause its funny

Gwladys : I'm French living in Aus. Just for that comment you get a like, you mad cunt.

The_Saga_ Continues : Holy shit you cunt I really needed this video in my life. You just made my day, cunt.

Killa162 : I honestly can't take it seriously since you're a comedian. At the same time it feels like a serious video. Just conflicted on how to take the video, just seems like a satire piece.

Smitty Warben Jager Manjenson : His intro is what got me hooked honestly. First video I ever watched, "G'day cunts," had me laughing my ass off and ended with some damn good reviews. Lew, Marcus Dibble, and others alike. Keep fighting the good fight against bad channels and discrimination.

LTjohnsen : You’re a sick cunt mate. Keep up the good work.

BoltGameZ : *E X C E S S I V E S W E A R I N G*

1.21 Jiggawatts : This really should be called the "Learn Everything You Need to Know About Australia" channel.

DriversClash : Authorised by the Australian Government Cuntville Spoken by S. Cunt.

Relearning Movement : Cunt you very much for this Lewis.

logan taylor : Hey Lewis, are u and Tristan still married??

Scoobi Fuka : Have you ever seen a Australian youtuber in YouTube rewind I thought not

friggincanvee : ugh I need to get my sick cunt certification pushed through asap.

Xeno Poko : Fuck this one got me good, keep it up Lewis!

Abazore 420 : Yup theas cunts need to fuck right off I'm sick of this discrimination

Gader Aids : I mean ik this is kind of a meme but it still stands true, me and me mates say cunt everyday

Sir Turtle Lord : I'm in tears... This video is so powerful

Reidebot : I got an add... For pregnancy tests

Bobby Torres : I love you. Never change.

B.B.Woolfe : *S I C K C U N T*

Dreadnaught1985 : 10/10 would "Like" twice if the soft fucks would let me! Mad jock checking in far Scotland, we too call our nearest and dearest cunt as a term of endearment... Example, "Lewis is one funny cunt!"

McGreps : "Like punishing the French for being arrogant." You sick cunt

Fodge : That Lewis Spears is a roight *s i h c k c u n t*

Sparks Elm : Mate, you're a true blue Aussie icon to be standing up to this totally uncalled for, and completely outrageous, discrimination against our people. Keep it up, you sick cunt. #HardenTheFuckUpYoutube