YouTube Discriminates Against Australians.

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Lewis Spears : Sorry for the serious video guys. I just couldn't stand by and let this go on any longer. Edit: This video just got demonetized. Thanks for proving my point YouTube.

horrorgami : s i c k c u n t

ShockMouths : I'm sick of having to spell "kunt" with a k to avoid the filter.

Not Bryn Kek : *Cries in Australian*

Joidal : authorisedbytheaustraliangovernmentcanberra

Dead Joffrey : Make Australians Criminals Again

. Lones . : This was filmed at triple m wasn't it haha, loving the radio show so far!

Michael O : 1:18 Didn't realise Australia's prime minister is still Tony Abbott

Nicholas Di Micco : I guess they look at us as criminal because couple hundred years ago we were

OPxHD : #FreeSickCunt

EAGLEJEW : I was waiting for the quick speaking guy you hear after government commercials

Red Fern : This is weirdly accurate.

Sadistic Sausage : #cuntlivesmatter

qwerty : 😢😢

Fuck I don’t know : YouTube censers Australia because of Pauline Hanson

Gilbert977 : I shed a tear to this. This is sickening...

Cyndy B : 🙏 Finally a call for justice 🙏

sambulance : Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra. I can recite The Man From Snowy River in under twelve seconds. Chaser anyone?

Dancing T-rex : fucking Aussie legend

14,999,99 9 : Hi

Screany : #MonitizeCunt

MattKB : Can we get Pinga Pete’s perspective?

WoodZie : You look like my English teacher...

kit Stone : should have said at the end, "AUTHORISED BY THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT CANBERRA!"

AyEsGee : didn't know tony abott was our prime minister

Woodchip : A N G L O C U N T I N G I N T E N S I F I E S !

Kieran O'Meara : Hi, I’m lewis Spears, true blue gay

Tara Morcombe : 😂😭

murfy murf : I’ve literally missed you

Laminated Poptart : Fucking oath cunt deadset ledgend

Xzait Dgizs : XD words of a true blue aussie

Tom Paras : cunt

S P : Weak people talk themselves up

Nela Vlasáková : The fuck youtube I thought you are against discrimination... ya nazi's...!

TheScarecroxGamer : Don't have to worry about add-blocker now

SheffieldsOwnFatBoy : well don't be a dumbcunt then you dumbcunt

Jago Shogun : Banned for Boomerang Slang.

Avery Bradley : That french shit had my dying though

To Be Continued : D:

AdjrianNickelodeon : 101% Support!!

Zack Strand : Still a great video, gonna share cause its funny

Auli And friends : I miss Natalie.

Dick Buttox : Rip Cunt

Mr. Sunny G : Cunt.

Jennifer Jackson : Hate the c word!

Laylah Stubbings : Im Australian and although i choose not to swear my friends and family do all the time.. It's just our second language in Australoa haha

Ayman Saleh Moussa : Come on youtube, dont be a sadcunt

Mason Ross : So true

Scott Dwyer : You're in the news mate. Good work.

Dr.Pepper : Americans are ok with everyone having a gun but not ok with saying certian words