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Macs Dance

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Check out the new It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 13 Episode 10 Clip starring Rob McElhenney! Let us know what you think in the comments below. ► Learn more about this show on Rotten Tomatoes: Want to be notified of all the latest TV shows? Subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon to stay up to date. US Air Date: November 7, 2018 Starring: Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson Network: FXX Synopsis: Frank tries to recruit Mac for the gang's kickass float for the Gay Pride Parade. It dawns on Frank that Mac will never be secure with his sexual identity unless he comes out to his father. -- (C) FX What to Watch Next: ► New TV This Week: ► Top TV Comedies: ► TV Shows by Channel & Streaming Platform: More Rotten Tomatoes: ► Subscribe to ROTTEN TOMATOES TV: ► Follow us on TWITTER: ► Like us on FACEBOOK: ► Follow us on INSTAGRAM: Rotten Tomatoes TV delivers Fresh TV at a click! Subscribe now for the best trailers, clips, sneak peeks, and binge guides for shows you love and the upcoming series and TV movies that should be on your radar.


slauge : "Laughs are cheap. I'm going for gasps", -Mac in the s04 finale: The Nightman Cometh. You sure got them this time, buddy.

mrsuloo69 : I can't help but laugh imagining all the new fans who will start watching 'Always Sunny' after seeing this scene and their surprise at what the rest of the show is

Jesse R : Jesus Christ I thought I was coming into a funny Mac Dance, but instead I received a masterpiece.

Lola Odyssey : There is always something so strange seeing It’s always sunny in such high definition- in my head it is always 2005 quality, tops. Edit- holy shit thanks so much for the likes!!

Josh Robinson : Sunny broke all expectations by doing this, it's literally like watching something from an Oscar winning drama, who'd have honestly thought it's from a satirical comedy. An infinite applause goes out to Rob for this, utterly exemplary.

talkshei : i loved frank reaction and the dance was just great

Mercutio : It's easy to forget how amazing Danny Devito is

Kyle Carpenter : I love that after 13 seasons of this vile and hilarious show, the ultimate joke is that it's allowed to be gorgeous

Joshua Waits : Mac is super religious,and feels torn because he loves God so much,but he is pushing her away with his "sin".He feels like God doesn't love him because he is gay,even though he keeps reaching out for God,and God is there,Mac feels like he keeps pushing her away.He is all alone and doesn't fit anywhere...Then in the second act though.God is telling him...I'm still here,if you reach out for me I will always be here,I made tou exactly the way you were supposed to be.Mac still can't except that God would want him now that he is gay,and so God clings to him,and hurls herself at Mac,as if to say you can never get rid of the love I have for you.Even in the end Mac buries his head because he is not worthy...But then God tells him the only thing he needed her to say...It's OK,It's. OK.It's OK....beautiful.

LudaChez : Man as amazing as the dance is, Danny DeVitos reaction was award worthy as well. His 5 seconds of screen time really help the scene

Mo 2k : It should be illegal to look that good shirtless

Callum Fisher : I hear he had been cultivating mass over the years just for this dance...

Rubiecat : Oh god you unzipped me ! You unzipped me !!!

Charlie Stewart : Danny Devito is a fantastic actor

Alchemistic Academician : This actually made me cry, for real. When his dad left and he continued without him...

clivewolves : I like how in this first episode of the series Mac took his shirt off and asked how they planned to use his new physique, then in the last scene of the series he got to use it in such a great way.

Alice Silverlocks : Say what you will, this scene only cemented the Sunny as one of the greatest TV shows of our time in my eyes.

Ayzik Dig : got my hypnotized i forgot i was watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia for a minute

Alex James : I get it, as a queer catholic raised man I really get. Thankyou Rob and crew for this beautiful piece of authentic art.

Bonnie Patterson : They decided to shock us by being painfully beautiful instead of horrible. It's breathtaking.

Amorphis Bob : You gotta pay the troll toll if you want to get this boy's hole

InsomniaDonkey : THERE IS A SPIDER (spider... spider...) DEEP IN MY SOUL (soul... soul...)

leporidae : The episode build up his idea of putting on a show and i was expecting a weird cringyworthy mac moment but then this turned out so fucking beutiful its astonishing and so unexpected just bravo sunny

6THEEMPTYSPACE6 : I watched the series finale with some friends at a smoke up, expecting the usual shennanigans and dark, weird shit you come to expect from sunny. Instead were all just sitting there weeping from this absoloute masterpiece.

Oren Mizrahi : every time "Sunny" is put in a box and told what it is... it finds a way to smash that box and elevate itself. *kudos!*

Ian T.J Brodrick : This is simultaneously the saddest, most beautiful and hilarious thing I've ever seen.

macconmhaoil b : this scene made me bawl like a baby. I don’t understand why people have so much criticism for this episode. It had major character development and *was* funny because it was so unexpected.

jonnyt8524 : I think the people saying this doesn't fit in Always Sunny haven't been paying attention to this season. Sunny has always done meta analysis' of current events or their own existence, through sometimes thinly veiled and sometimes obscure allegory. But it is usually like 2-3 episodes a season, max. Season 13 has been entirely about dissecting the last few years of society and subverting expectations. Glenn's unceremonious return in the first episode, the all female reboot of an earlier fan favourite, their take on the me too movement, the transgender debate, their take on stereotyping and identity, the subversion of the clip show trope, the take on fan superstitions and finally this. They've always been incredibly experimental with the criticisms of both pop culture and of the character study's that their roles have become. This was an unexpected, but fitting finale.

Phil Lees : Sigur Ros - Varúð

Neil Waldron : Beats the high school reunion dance

Jonas De Clercq : thank you Rob, for everything, 13 years, some laughs mostly gasps

Lola T : I never thought I would cry during an episode of It's Always Sunny. Bravo, Mr McElhenny. Bravo.

Samuel Philp : This is actually incredible

Gemma Ritchie : I'm so in love with this. I was waiting and waiting for it to cut away to "reality" so I had to watch again to really enjoy it. Amazing.

mayuri kurotsuchi : That look that Frank gives to Luther... Like he knew Luther wouldn't accept it..

Pia Echterhoff : This is clearly a perfect interpretation of Dayman vs. Nightman

Nimf : Completely blown away. Just, no words.

segamai : One of the best closing scenes for a show this year. And if you’re such a gatekeeping baby that you can’t accept five minutes of genuine emotion at the tail end of THIRTEEN SEASONS of cyincism, I feel real sorry for you. It was absolutely earned through the ongoing evolution of Mac’s character, and ffs this show has been on the air for a decade and a half, it would be really sad if they couldn’t take it and us out of the comfort zone once in a while and do something unexpected. It’s so much more exciting than always following the formula. And everybody saying it’s not true to character for Mac to be able to set this whole thing up because he’s such a fuckup, remember that his repressed sexuality is actually THE longest running gag on the show, and Mac’s one all-consuming secret obsession, together with earning his dad’s love. People aren’t one-dimensional, and even if they fuck up in so many other areas, everyone has at least that ONE thing that means so much to them that they will pour their entire soul into and make work because it’s their calling. Mac had been building to this catharsis for 13 seasons, I think some success is fucking earned. I honestly even hope that they don’t shrug it off next season, but at least artistically I’m so happy we could experience this on our screens.

cambel mercera : That dance was unexpectedly fantastic. Sunny always surprise.

Ted Hudson : Genuinely floored me, no bullshit or anything. Out of nowhere. Stunning

Gloomy Boi : The fact that Mac went full circle from seeing god as a punishing omnipotent man who’s meant to be feared, to god being a sensitive, comprehending woman who’ll always be there to comfort him 😭😭💕💕

Rocky Silver : So beautiful. I had difficulty believing this was actually Mac.

E Pops : After 13 seasons of watching one of the most vile, crass, misogynistic, violent, homophobic, cruel, creepy, racist, greedy, and absolutely hilarious shows ever created the viewer is rewarded with Ronald McDonald delivering an epically poignant gut punch. The ending of the final episode of Season 13 was incredible.

Aaron Cade : Holy. Fuck. They have really outdone themselves. This was perfect. In every possible way...

BEST TEETH IN THE GAME : Ron McDonald. What a legend.

Andrew Arguijo : I realize this is a ridiculous comedy, but I had no idea that I’d see something so beautiful on it. This was amazing, and unexpected.

ATMurdoch97 : I feel like Always Sunny is one of the only shows on television which provides a solid argument for having multiple seasons. Whereas other comedy shows seem to grow stale and stuck in their ways, Always Sunny juts pushes the boundaries and pushes the boundaries, forcing the audience to the limits of what they will actually accept comedy to be. This four and a half minute dance piece could only come at the end of the thirteenth season of this show and not seem out of place - were it in The Office or Friends or Big Bang, it would have seemed hopelessly contrived, but for whatever reason it MAKES SENSE in Always Sunny. Holy shit, they have done it again

__zajklar : Wow. Truly genious moment of tv history. So brilliant that this scene happens as a surprise after quite a "lazy written" episode/season that makes you feel like Sunny is loosing its razor sharp meta mojo. I wanted to analize it and write down everything that makes this scene such an emotional experience for me but I will rather just congratulate everybody involved. It makes me cry. I feel love and beauty. For a few moments I felt like a child. In a good way. Hope they will continue to evolve this show and genre of tv comedy. Thank you.

Aries Yamato : 29 year old guy. I cried. I love this show