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0 0 : Can't believe this is the show that showed a naked danny devito coming out of a sofa

Lola Odyssey : There is always something so strange seeing It’s always sunny in such high definition- in my head it is always 2005 quality, tops.

slauge : "Laughs are cheap. I'm going for gasps", -Mac in the s04 finale: The Nightman Cometh. You sure got them this time, buddy.

cambel mercera : That dance was unexpectedly fantastic. Sunny always surprise.

mrsuloo69 : I can't help but laugh imagining all the new fans who will start watching 'Always Sunny' after seeing this scene and their surprise at what the rest of the show is

Jesse Rodrigues : Jesus Christ I thought I was coming into a funny Mac Dance, but instead I received a masterpiece.

Alexander Kroun : in my opinion, this piece of art is made 1000 times better BECAUSE it comes from its always sunny, a comedy series where people do NOT expect this. I understand the critisism from some fans, but man, you cannot deny that this was extremely well done, and even if you dont "get it" you cant deny that its beautiful.

Joshua Waits : Mac is super religious,and feels torn because he loves God so much,but he is pushing her away with his "sin".He feels like God doesn't love him because he is gay,even though he keeps reaching out for God,and God is there,Mac feels like he keeps pushing her away.He is all alone and doesn't fit anywhere...Then in the second act though.God is telling him...I'm still here,if you reach out for me I will always be here,I made tou exactly the way you were supposed to be.Mac still can't except that God would want him now that he is gay,and so God clings to him,and hurls herself at Mac,as if to say you can never get rid of the love I have for you.Even in the end Mac buries his head because he is not worthy...But then God tells him the only thing he needed her to say...It's OK,It's. OK.It's OK....beautiful.

mayuri kurotsuchi : The gang desperately try to win an award...

Josh Robinson : Sunny broke all expectations by doing this, it's literally like watching something from an Oscar winning drama, who'd have honestly thought it's from a satirical comedy. An infinite applause goes out to Rob for this, utterly exemplary.

Mo 2k : It should be illegal to look that good shirtless

talkshei : i loved frank reaction and the dance was just great

Mercutio : It's easy to forget how amazing Danny Devito is

Callum Fisher : I hear he had been cultivating mass over the years just for this dance...

clivewolves : I like how in this first episode of the series Mac took his shirt off and asked how they planned to use his new physique, then in the last scene of the series he got to use it in such a great way.

Alchemistic Academician : This actually made me cry, for real. When his dad left and he continued without him...

6THEEMPTYSPACE6 : I watched the series finale with some friends at a smoke up, expecting the usual shennanigans and dark, weird shit you come to expect from sunny. Instead were all just sitting there weeping from this absoloute masterpiece.

Alice Silverlocks : Say what you will, this scene only cemented the Sunny as one of the greatest TV shows of our time in my eyes.

Rubiecat : Oh god you unzipped me ! You unzipped me !!!

jonnyt8524 : I think the people saying this doesn't fit in Always Sunny haven't been paying attention to this season. Sunny has always done meta analysis' of current events or their own existence, through sometimes thinly veiled and sometimes obscure allegory. But it is usually like 2-3 episodes a season, max. Season 13 has been entirely about dissecting the last few years of society and subverting expectations. Glenn's unceremonious return in the first episode, the all female reboot of an earlier fan favourite, their take on the me too movement, the transgender debate, their take on stereotyping and identity, the subversion of the clip show trope, the take on fan superstitions and finally this. They've always been incredibly experimental with the criticisms of both pop culture and of the character study's that their roles have become. This was an unexpected, but fitting finale.

Jessa Winters : This episode has taught me how shitty some of the show's fan base is

Ayzik Dig : got my hypnotized i forgot i was watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia for a minute

Alex James : I get it, as a queer catholic raised man I really get. Thankyou Rob and crew for this beautiful piece of authentic art.

Jon Targaryen : I never thought I would cry during an episode of It's Always Sunny. Bravo, Mr McElhenny. Bravo.

Phil Lees : Sigur Ros - Varúð

Charlie Stewart : Danny Devito is a fantastic actor

cmmndrblu : I'm gay. this made me cry.

Gemma Ritchie : I'm so in love with this. I was waiting and waiting for it to cut away to "reality" so I had to watch again to really enjoy it. Amazing.

Jonas De Clercq : thank you Rob, for everything, 13 years, some laughs mostly gasps

m z : Rob McElhenney has done something important, he has raised tv and a sit com to the level of fine arts, the dance was perfection, the female lead so impressive, Robs masculinity and muscle in this dance made it all the more powerful, because in ballet and modern dance the men often are not pumped in the upper body, dance both modern and ballet grew out of the enlightment when man was studying and perfecting and learning what was the ultimate movements and range of motion of the limbs and human body .. that is how ballet was invented , Rob and the choreographer have created something that is true art, transcending the level of human, and reaching the moment where god touches man in the painting, i have studied dance, Rob has done amazingly powerful work, and full of masculinity, he has reclaimed the sacred moment. This scene is what all the arts and dance and entertainment strive to be, something even going back to greek drama and the olympics when man becomes god, kudos to all artists involved with this project, flawless. This is what the heart of philadelphia and love and mr. penn and everything that has been the american experiment wanted, man, each man, raising himself up to the best level in many arts and sciences and showing love.

mayuri kurotsuchi : That look that Frank gives to Luther... Like he knew Luther wouldn't accept it..

ATMurdoch97 : I feel like Always Sunny is one of the only shows on television which provides a solid argument for having multiple seasons. Whereas other comedy shows seem to grow stale and stuck in their ways, Always Sunny juts pushes the boundaries and pushes the boundaries, forcing the audience to the limits of what they will actually accept comedy to be. This four and a half minute dance piece could only come at the end of the thirteenth season of this show and not seem out of place - were it in The Office or Friends or Big Bang, it would have seemed hopelessly contrived, but for whatever reason it MAKES SENSE in Always Sunny. Holy shit, they have done it again

GyroMurphy : For real that was out-fucking-standing. Seriously I teared up. Its always sunny has heart and just showed everyone how meaningful and talented the writers and actors are. Not to say they havent before..but This scene right here tells such a story. Explains an emotion I'm sure many many people are struggling with. Simply beautiful. Bravo ...bravo

Scizor16 : My GOD this is perfect. To all the people who say this dance was a mistake becouse it's "not comedy" therefore this scene isn't acceptable - I COULD NOT DISAGREE MORE. Sunny is so much more than that. It is a satire, a critque, a parody of our fucked up world (reality). The way the show tackles important issues is always in such a manner, that thru absurdity of the main cast's acts it shows why something is wrong,retarded or why something is the right thing to do. This is no exception. Through all the series, we saw the inner clash between mac's refusal to accept that he is gay and his longing for being straight, his longing for fatherly love , his longing for acceptance for god- basicly acceptance. Such meaningless search lead to many many outright fucking hilarious mac moments. But this scene; his final realisation of he he really is, shouldn't be funny. Why should It be? There is nothing to make fun of here, nothing to satirize, nothing to ridicule. It's beautiful. He finally did the right thing; he accepted himself for who he is. This is why it's such a diffrent setting/tone as oppossed to the rest of the episodes, where the gang just despretly tries to be something they arent or when they just do horrible things for nothing else than their self benefit.

Aamir Alam : I get it. Finally I get it.

Neil Waldron : Beats the high school reunion dance

The Redcoat : This is simultaneously the saddest, most beautiful and hilarious thing I've ever seen.

Adrien Martin : I gotta say, I just watched the pilot last night for the first time (I had never heard of that tv show before cuz I live in France, sorry...) and I find really hard to understand how a funny sitcom-like show can evolve into being so artistic even after 13 seasons. It's just unbelievable... Anybody agrees ?

E Pops : After 13 seasons of watching one of the most vile, crass, misogynistic, violent, homophobic, cruel, creepy, racist, greedy, and absolutely hilarious shows ever created the viewer is rewarded with Ronald McDonald delivering an epically poignant gut punch. The ending of the final episode of Season 13 was incredible.

Godman250 : I thought Mac's dad was gay as well because he had that threesome with charlie's mom and left her out and finished with a guy

Rocky Silver : So beautiful. I had difficulty believing this was actually Mac.

Fabiana Pozzobon : I swear, I never watch this show but this is one of the most beautiful things I ever saw in my entire life

Nimf : Completely blown away. Just, no words.

Alena K K : Always Sunny just made me emotional. What timeline am I in?

VictoriaTew : I keep replaying this! I can’t believe it’s the same show. Beautifully done

Samuel Philp : This is actually incredible

BEST TEETH IN THE GAME : Ron McDonald. What a legend.

ImaMakeMovies : I have no idea what happened this season to lead to this but I'm really glad it did. I need to start watching again

Luke Stanley : Failed No Nut Nov, after having an emotional breakdown when I watched this.

__zajklar : Wow. Truly genious moment of tv history. So brilliant that this scene happens as a surprise after quite a "lazy written" episode/season that makes you feel like Sunny is loosing its razor sharp meta mojo. I wanted to analize it and write down everything that makes this scene such an emotional experience for me but I will rather just congratulate everybody involved. It makes me cry. I feel love and beauty. For a few moments I felt like a child. In a good way. Hope they will continue to evolve this show and genre of tv comedy. Thank you.