USSR Anthem Misheard

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Night Terror : You mean these aren't the actual lyrics?

TheRealMysteryMan : when you slav and just can’t unhear the actual lyrics edit: so there are apparently 2500 slavs who found this relatable. wow.

Clout Jesus : Finally, somebody gets the song correct. After all these years.

Bayu Nugraha : 3:12 it should be "pasta with vodka"

Jarin Reiswig : 1:03 "God's precious Roomba believes not in God" I see...

Nano852 : haha very funny now to gulag

INFERNAL CARD : Watch out religious people God is gonna shave a wall

poo face : Russian guy: Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykn, Splotila naveki velikaya Rus'! Some random person: Salut have you seen me vespoli scaffolding, Got tea from a yeti who lives like a Rus! Me: ... Wth...

a person : I hate it when i got a tea from a Yeti who live Like a Rus

Conrad Andrew : 1:02 that twist though 😮

Natalie Alfera : Stalin approves

Kk Kkk : Well I watch this in my computer now its ourputer

Ansh Bisarya : See all my balls, my love........

Drake Mogan : Capitalism: Minecraft Socialism:Ourcraft😎😎

Juuzoa Suzuya : This is what the Communists sing when they forget the lyrics

Mr. Moji Gaming : Soviet Union: DEMONITIZED


itaql ツ : Still better than the YouTube Rewind 2018


Pornthep Tirasuntrakul : “God shaves a wall” Donald Trump wouldn’t be proud.

Debesh Jena : -Youtube- Redtube

INFERNAL CARD : God's new job is to shave

Anubhab Gaming : 2:23 Dog: I'll chase Dog 2: Why me? 😆😆😆

Nathan Hale : Misheard? No, that's what it's actually saying.

itsalexanderbotha : This is what they should send to space as a message for aliens

Rhonin Windrunner : I’m Russian. I can’t unheard this now... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SPREAD COMMUNISM NOW?! xD


Knee Gur : The grass doubles money You mean weed?

Altelerant : Salut have you seen me? Vespoli scaffolding got tea from a Yeti who lives like a Rus some grass for your toga before they can roll us Dee Dee eat my blue jeans it’s a messy saloon! Watch out religious man! God shaves a wall today. Drew with crayola my lovely pot roast I’ll be your cannon ball see what I brought, my love god’s precious roomba believes not in god switch role with a llama your soul fits well on me and Lenin can feed me jawol! Altair a bra a camel a boy down the road a crew and a doggy means pasta for me! So sad! We just won. Go shaves my- whoa! Not yet! Douche the corolla and you’ll see a goat I need an enema! See all my balls, my love god’s finest sofa feliz navidad John lennon is scary we pray on our knees, mom believe in the Bushes and I’ll chase why me? The grass doubles money this bomb’s kinda cheesy the whore gets it now as I yell “Pardon me!” Spots on midget man god shaves a walrus! Roasters annoyed a nun in a boat oh see, mom I’m naked now! Be what you are told by God! Pasta with polka police coming through! Credits to Altelerant for full translation.

INFERNAL CARD : Switch roles with a llama??? Wut?

The LavaRunner : Soviet Anthem with Subtitle.Circa 1917 *Colorized*

Dont Sub To Me : 1:29 that's my favorite part

ƝveR : Hippity Hoppity A crew and a doggy Means pasta for me

Prometheus : *Oh see, mom I'm naked now!*

Karon pad 2.0 : Wait a minute?!!??! Did you just read this comment

Jcsandy Gobot obkkbo : I downloaded this video because I want to show this to the gulags

Unison : God keeps shaving😂

Elzeta : This is how I will sing the song since now, and nobody is going to stop me from that

Jack Octagon : Dam, that sounds both funny and weird to me (I was born in USSR)

LEGEND 25 : God's precious roomba doesn't believe in God??

CEKROM : Now i understand =D

Thunder Bear : Your soul fits well on me...

Nitsukai Contigo : *See you in gulag.*

Reupload hub : There are no wrong hearings in soviet Russia comrade

getting hig : Blyatful

Tokota Rynders : I heard my people call, yes?

Unsuspecting Suspect : Watch out religious man! Believes not in God Edit: Be what you are told by God !

Joseph Stalin : This is how I used to remember the lyrics. Anyways off to gulag.

Jimmyfish The3rd : I sent this to a Russian themed discord server

TEJAS BHAI KA SABSE BADA FAN : I'm Russian and I can't unhear this now.