USSR Anthem Misheard

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Nano852 : haha very funny now to gulag

The LavaRunner : Soviet Anthem with Subtitle.Circa 1917 *Colorized*

Nestoons : Category: Gaming

Joseph Stalin : *_So Sad_* *_We Just Won_*

INH : *We can make a religious out of this*

Night Terror : You mean these aren't the actual lyrics?


INH : Category : *GAMING*

dont atk me : Lyrics: Salute have you seen me Vespoli means scaffolding Got tea from a yeti Who lives like a rus! Some grass for your toga Before they can roll us DeeDee eat my blue jeans A messy saloon! Watch out Religious man, God shaves a wall today Drew with crayola My lovely pot roast! I'll be your cannonball See what I've brought, my love God's precious roomba... Belive not in God Switch roles with the llama Your soul fits well on me And Lenin can feed me Jawol altair! A bra by a camel A boy down the road A crew and a doggy Means pasta for me! :D So sad! We just won God shaves my --- Woah not yet Douche the Corolla And you'll see a goat! I need an enema See all my balls, my love God's finest sofa Feliz Navidad John Lennon is scary We pray on our knees, mom Believe in the Bushes And I'll chase, why me?! The grass doubles money This bomb kinda cheesy The whore gets it now As I yell Pardon me! Spots on midget man God shaves a walrus! Roasters annoyed A nun in a boat! Oh see, mom I'm naked now Be what you are told by God Pasta with polka.... POLICE.....COMING THROUGH !!!!!!!!

Puss in Jordans : *3:18** did dis dude just sprayed cow milk to a police?!?!?!!?😂😂😂😂*

Natalie Alfera : Stalin approves


the noob gameplays : 0:57 you mean you bought something? You must be a capitalist pig 2:28 you are definetly a capitalist pig. Cyka!

Smashball Face : A story of a young man who was lost. He tried looking for help. He was taken in by a yeti who helped him with tea. He witnessed several buildings being built at the time near the Yeti's home. He notices vegitation and clothing. They realize many political people includong Dee Dee eat jeans in a saloon. This makes the saloon messy. You must watch out. The guy turns religious, and leaves the Yeti behind. Many walls were destroyed. Some say it was God. Some say it was war. Many kids in town recreated the event by drawing, then eating dinner. The guy finds his love. He says many things to make her happy. He always brought money for her, which made her love him more. He saw a llama. He wanted to be,the llama. He ended up doing that, switching souls. His owner was lenin, who fed him. HORRAY! FREE GRASS! He then saw a female camel, who they instantly loved, and saw a kid walking down a road with a dog crew. They joined forces and had dinner. A boy, dog, camel, llama, and a dead guy. So sad. They fought a war, and won it. They loved each other for this. They worked together. They met this buff guy with a car and agreed to take them to a place with several goats that was facanating. Wow. Now, the camel is pregnant. They played in the ball pit, and had the time of their life. They enjoyed it a lot. Then, God gave them a comfy sofa for Christmas. They liked it. They listened to John Lennon, and hated him. They then prayed to get rid of him. They believed that the Bushes could chase the people out of the town for the grass's pleasure. They double money for Cheese bombs. A terrifying weapon that made people sad. People got in the llama and camel's way. They met a small spotted dog, and agreed to help them on their journey. They witnessed a walrus get shaved. Amazing. Many roosters did not like this. Many Nuns ran away on boats to get away from the naked kids. Protests rose, leading the police to kill everyone, including our heroes, and the song ends. A very emotional song.

Jorge Lopez : 0:39 God shave the Queen!

Mr. Moji Gaming : Soviet Union: DEMONITIZED

Dat Potatoes : 0:50 We'll be our cannonballs*

K.V./G. C. : Soyuz nerushimiy respublic svobodnih Splotila naveki velikaya rus' Da zdravstvuyet sozdaniy voley narodov Velikiy moguchiy sovetskiy soyuz Slavsa otechestvo nashe svobodnoye Druzhby narodov nadyozhniy oplot Partiya Lenina sila narodnaya Nas k torjestvu kommunisma vedyot Skvoz' gryozy siyalo nam solntse svobody Yi Lenin velikiy nam put' ozaril Na bravoye delo on podnyal narody Na trud yi na podvigi nas vdohnovil Slavsa otechestvo nashe svobodnoe Druzhby narodov nadyozhniy oplot Partiya Lenina sila narodnaya Nas k torjestvu kommunisma vedyot V pobedye besmertnih idey kommunisma Mi vidim gryadusheye nashey strany Yi krasnomu znameny slavnoy otchizny Mi budem vsegda bezzavetno verny Slavsa otechestvo nashe svobodnoe Druzhby narodov nadyozhniy oplot Partiya Lenina sila narodnaya Nas k torjestvu kommunisma vedyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

lisa7525 : I just laughed so damn hard that I fell out of my chair.

ʕ•-•ʔ Atomıĸ : It is sound weird when you're understand both languages

Debesh Jena : -Youtube- Redtube

AMU : I thought communists were atheists? So many gods lol

Raghav Shaw : Alexa play USSR anthem 2

Adolf Hitler : Oh god. Its as I feared...

Ranjiplays : *Stalin Joined the server

Rhonin Windrunner : I’m Russian. I can’t unheard this now... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SPREAD COMMUNISM NOW?! xD

HDmens : "God shaves my... whoa not yet" Lmaoo

Ryan F : Explain this capitalists!

Ian Studios : Ive listened to this so much i cant unhear this versions lyrics when i listen to the normal soviet anthem XD

Austin Chan : Gods precious roomba believes not in god

Gillez 007 : USSR annouced anthem 2

Дмитри : I cant listen to the normal anthem anymore

itaql ツ : Send this to your crush without context

Zachary Kim : If the ussr reunited

CEKROM : Now i understand =D

Fart Fail : 🤣🤣this should definitely go TV

Michael Mayhem : My lovely POT ROOOOOAAAASSST

GeorgePro77 GR : Sponsored by Crayola

Slightly Edited : Turns out this was the actual lyrics They do work

Jcsandy Gobot obkkbo : I downloaded this video because I want to show this to the gulags

The Memester : The dislikes were from actual Soviets.

Shrek THE TRUE GOD : When your russian and your trying your best to unhear this anthem


mehdi el aissaoui : my brain in math class

Tokota Rynders : I heard my people call, yes?

Russ : *dee Dee eat my blue jeans*

Delta The Raptor : Salut Have you seen me? Vespoli Scaffolding Got tea from a yeti, who lives like a Rus. Some grass for your toga before they can roll us. Dee Dee Eat my blue jeans, It's a messy saloon! Watch out, religious man! God shaves a wall today. Drew with crayola, My lovely pot roast! I'll be your cannonball, see what I brought, my love. Gods precious roomba believes not in God. Switch roles with the Llama, your soul feels well on me. And Lenin can feed me, Jawohl! Altair. A bra by a camel, a boy down the road, a crew and a doggy - Means pasta for me! So sad! - We just won. God shaves my... -Whoa! Not yet! Douche the Corolla and you'll see a goat. I need an enema! See all my balls, my love. God's finest sofa, feliz navidad! John Lennon is scary, we pray on our knees, mom. Believe in the Bushes and "I'll chase!", "Why me?!" The grass doubles money! This bomb's kinda cheesy... The whore gets it now, as I yell "Pardon me!" Spots on midget man God shaves a walrus! Roasters annoyed, a nun in a boat. Oh see, mom I'm naked now! Be what you are told by god! Pasta with Polka, Police coming through!

error idk : USSR National Anthem Western Spy Friendly ver.

GamingAndAnimate : *T o o M u c h I n t e r n e t*

Josh Cohen : How do I keep finding these gems?