your friends from high school who fell for pyramid schemes

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Gus Johnson : Hey girl! I have an exciting Twitter opportunity just for you! Follow me @Gusbuckets please or you will perish!

Drumsy : Now hold on just a second Gus. I you tell each of your subscribers to get 3 more people to subscribe, and they all get 3 more people to sub under them, you’ll be practically swimming in very real youtube revenue 👀

How to properly clean your metal computer : I can relate to everything here except for the friends part.

Versaucey : It works right? It's a *L I F E T I M E I N V E S T M E N T*

abelina sabrina : it is a reverse funnel system and it totally works how else would I buy my tall coffee. #bossbabe


exurb1a : Look. It's a big lovely club with free money for everyone, flying in the face of basic economics. What's the problem

Nate and Noah Try Life : One of my ex girlfriend’s dad was high up in a pyramid scheme. They all wore special power rings that indicated what tier they were on, and referred to themselves by a special name. He tried to give me his self help book the first day I met him. Weird dude.

Jesus Christ : MLMs are of the Devil!

Christiaan Lombard : Looks like gus is still hypnotised

Real Engineering : The temptation to link this on an old friends page is strong....

Tatum Borealis : I'd say at least 10% of my facebook friends from high school have fell for this. It's a great reminder to unfriend them.

Yeahitsme : "IT'S NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME. It's multi level marketing. Here let me show you how it works." ~proceeds to draw triangle~


just a guy who likes anime : Remember when this guy cooked raman in a washer machine? First video i watched from you. Still my favorite! One of the only youtubers that till upload the same funny content.

tallasianchick : Sabrina can spit some rhymes.

Steven Lam : Them: “Hey I know we haven’t talked in a while, how are you?” Me: “I’m go-“ Them: “GREAT to hear! ANYWAYS... you won’t believe the offer I have for you.”


McMenemy5orSomething : Hey guys, I have an amazing offer for all of you! Hit that like button and I'll receive a fleeting sense of validation that is scarce in my everyday life so I have to resort to begging for likes on a top tier m e m e b o i ' s channel.

Sheepsquatch : It’s like early eminem

Beef Stew : its not a pyramid scheme, just play bookworm and get 3 friends to play bookworm and get them to get 3 of their friends and so on. its just the revival of a fantastic game.

bboysoulzero : I remember when people try to trick me into this crap, but I'm smart and better than this. This is why I use smarty pants, for the smartest people. Buy one of this for lifetime and get 2 other people to buy this amazing product for lifetime to. You will be smart and rich with that investment

emi nance : Every person who does this also had a child at 20. It’s just a fact

Zuken : If Dungeons and Dragons taught me anything, it's that Intelligence and Wisdom are very different stats.

Smiley the Smile : Whenever you, for some reason, have an urge to join those cults, just remember this. Pyramids were built by slaves.

durianhead : ok, how long will it take until someone mashes this up with the fresh prince of bel-air

Max Hacks : Marketing is 2 percent motivation and 98 percent wearing down people until all they want is for you to get out of their house, so they agree to buy a couple of knives.

DammitSinged : _Hey Gus how you doin man , its Steve from highschool got a business proposition for ya._

Average Thinking : This is too close to home. I have a friend who is mixed up with Amway.

Matthew Day : Thank you Gus and Sabrina, very cool

Fractoman : I wish it was just my friends from highschool that fell for that shit. My Mom was deep into the homeopathic MLMs. I'd confront her about it and she'd say "LET ME LIVE IN MY DELUSIONS!"

Euan James : I got sucked into an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) scheme a year back. Think of it as a pyramid scheme where instead of literally being sold a product from the people above you, they collect x% of your revenue, and the ones above _them_ get a small amount and so on... Anyway, I was part of a "team" of other naive late-teens and 20-somethings going door to door thinking we can get rich off of less than £8 per sale, with the end goal being to put more and more people beneath you to leech off. The worst part was every day the company boss would blast loud rap music in a tiny room with no chairs to hype us up, give us a motivational speech, then set us on our way shortly after as we go out to try and make him rich, completely disillusioned all the while. God damn was it cultish though... The whole culture of the company was him and his cronies (the people 1 level beneath him, who were directly above us I assume) telling us that if we don't start building our _own_ team soon, then we'll be riding the "peasant wagon" to the office every day (what they called the bus). Can't deny, that one made me laugh. It took me 7 days back-to-back working to wake up and smell the cherry-scented lube which was letting them all fuck me so smoothly I didn't notice - and when I did, I sent a text to the guy above me along the lines of "I respect the hustle, but I'm out", and I managed to convince 2 other guys on my level to see what was going on. The weirdest part was that on the 7th day (after 6 solid 12 hour days of going door to door) there was a MASSIVE conference where loads of people in the extended company (with other "subsidiaries" and teams I guess). It was a huge hypefest that could be summed up by saying that the top-tier conmen in the company who were actually making money got on stage and just started talking shit about people in general who don't stack cash like them, and they ALL had weird crazy stories too. One guy said that he broke his hip when he was a paratrooper, then built his own MLM "team" and got rich, some 18 y/o turned down a football contract to focus on this, etc. etc. Crazy stuff, but telling these stories this way to motivate a crowd of people who (90%+ at least) will waste their time and make barely any money seems to have its merits, for them at least. I'm not saying you can't make money in this business model, but you've got to have a silver tongue and a warped moral compass if you want success. And on the off chance you're reading this and it sounds like you're in a similar predicament, then I hope this helps shed some light on the situation so you don't end up wasting your time, money, or both. Just remember that if you can't spot the sucker in the room... well, you already know, don't you? P.S. Quality content as always, Gus. Love you man x

Shenyan Dub : I love it when you guys make a video together It makes me feel comfy for some reason Like, you know, this comfy kind of fun Thank you, Gusbrina Johnsolina

Side Dish : holy shit this is too well timed. i just got invited by a friend to a party for one of these schemes.

Wrong! : The secret to being successful in MLM is you have to start your own MLM scam.

BeenieBombYT : I almost fell for the Cutco/Cut-Tex typical knife selling pyramid, but seems like I was the only one in the room with any sense of agency because *literally* everything they were "teaching" us was _word for word_ this song's lyrics. Needless to say I bounced outta there harder than a SuperBall lmao

CBrentL : Gus my man, your timing is impeccable. I just started listening to the documentary podcast series “The Dream” that’s all about this scam crap.

Caleb Tennison : Hand to God, this was too real.

Jim Corrigan : Wow, CUTCO is still 100% active and their shills are on here harassing people that talk bad about them as a company... in 2018, on YouTube.

james cannon : You and your girl look so cute together Gus!

Eric Chandler : Time to consolidate all that useless crap to the dumpster and start from scratch.

legeekessayiste : Shitting herbalife for weeks here, how to make it stop ?

Kyle : Funny timing, my best friend just started doing this MLM bullshit selling life insurance for Primerica or something. He explained how they have these rings for each tier you go up based on your sales or something, and all he talks about is how rich all these other people above him are thinking that he's going to be in that position. He takes a solid 10 hours out of every week to go to these "meetings" which he explained to me are like a Ted talk or some shit. They've got him completely tricked into thinking that he's going to be a passive income millionaire, and everything I try to tell him is nonsense as far as he cares. To make it worse, he's already dragged two of our other friends into it and now they're completely brainwashed too.

Kayla Sheppard : They are dating in real life, right? Well done Gus

astralophelia : i LOVE anti mlm discourse UGH

Dr. Chronic MD : Any updates on bear suit guy?

Ömer Faruk : I watch your videos for the outro music.

Jimmy McGowan : Can't wait to see how SNL does it!

Protoss overlord : That feel when I had a friend in HS who was already trying to bait me into a Pyramid scheme.

Sarah Rambo : The only way to make those mlms work is 1.have no conscience 2. Rent a conference center, stage am event around it, charge ppl a minimal amount at the door & then sell the shit out of it. If even 1% of the ppl that show up buy in you'll have made your $ back plus you got the door fees. But again you have to have both charisma & no conscience