Film Theory: The SECRET Business of Jake Paul (Shane Dawson The Mind of Jake Paul Docu-Series)

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Watch part 2 NOW ►► SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ► Poppy's Hidden Conspiracy EXPOSED! ► Don't Hug Me I'm Scared DECODED! ► Watch Lindsay Ellis' Video ► Watch Nerd City's Video ► When Shane Dawson released his eight part Jake Paul docuseries, the internet was OBSESSED! Finally, we get to see what is going on in this guy's CRAZY world. Except, Shane missed a BIG part of the story. Today Theorists, we are going inside the SECRET BUSINESS of Jake Paul! Need Royalty Free Music for your Content? Try Epidemic Sound. Get Your 30 Day Free Trial Now ► #JakePaul #TeamTen #ShaneDawson #NickCrompton #FazeBanks #AlissaVilolet #TheMindOfJakePaul #FilmTheorists MORE FILM THEORIES The HORRIFIC Story of Salad Fingers ►► ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery ► HOW MANY Calories is Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? ► Don't Hug Me I'm Scared DECODED! ► The HIDDEN LORE of DHMIS! ►


ya boi : I wonder if there's any theories on MatPat

The Unknown : Actually the darkest part of the internet is Mat Pats memes

C. F. Turner : I've always loved Shane, but he was so gullible with the Jake series. Shane: What's Team 10 Jake: It's hard to explain hur dur. I bet it's not hard to explain when you're talking to investors, is it Jake? I bet you don't play the dumb blogger role with them, do you Jake?

High Voltage : REALLY off topic but I got a suicide prevention advert before this video and being an extremely chronic suicidal person it just scared the heck out of me because it jumped up out of nowhere. Ok now that that's said I'm going to watch the video now. ~gives everyone a hug~

giantred : So, who owns *YOU* MatPat?

ant wto : And thats the real reason he has/had beef with his brother. its not because 'boo hoo he slept with the fake girlfriend i never loved' its because he got him into trouble which in turn made him lose money. but then the reason why they made up soon after is obviously because his brother helped him clear his name and start making money again (notable from making vlogs and music videos with him). he NEVER gave a shit about the whole Alissa situation

batmanfanforever08 : I have literally never watched Logan or Jake Paul videos. I only know about them because other channels talk about them. I hate their content and I will never like prank videos. So don't try to make me watch it. Also, I have never purchase merch from a single YouTube in my entire life, … not once.

Just chill : chicken chick there i did it didn't pause the video at all heheh....

KOL : Nerd city keeps getting shoutouts lately and it makes me so happy.

MFZ 285 : Film Theory: 16minutes to explain Jake Paul Shane Dawson: 8 PART SERIES!!!

Emma Wall : Have you seen Drew Gooden's video about "joining team 10"? It confirms what you said in this video and the next video- Jake Paul is the face of a business that is trying to source new "talents" from his own fans, getting them to pay large amounts to be part of his "inner circle" and /potentially/ become famous

Him.l. : Warning... jumpscare at 7:22


Pecola1FromScratch : But Shane clearly showed the business side of Logan talking about investors and brand deals and how his team is really just people he's invested in to thrive... so Shane actually straight up said what you claim he is trying to hide. He just didn't name investors of Logans, because he probably didn't ask that kind of thing because that's not what the documentary was about...

Washington Price : Shane might have spilt the T, but Matt left the tap on and it's spilling all over the floor.

THERANDOMGUY ISME : I don’t know why people are saying this but chicken chick

Surprise Swirl : ... *Chicken Chick*

Kriilo : this is extremely depressing

Sandy Wildfong : lets fallow the money and see where it goes oh because ever second Jake's sub count grows oh if we fallow the money and see where it leads get in the weeds. look for the seeds of Jake Paul's misdeeds.

PowerCore : "I'm a youtuber covering a youtuber covering a youtuber we have reached peak meta" Reaction channel smiles in the distance.

Jillian Rachael : 12:20, I'm glad you didn't show BTS's picture here. That shows you really did your homework. Because BTS weren't taught how to produce by BigHit producers. They were producing their own songs/raps before they were even casted by BigHit (Namjoon and Yoongi were, anyways). This is why I love MatPat. He puts so much research into his videos. 😊💜

Nagarath16 : Hmm.. All those investors seems kinda white and man-ish.

Can we get 5000 subscribers without any videos? : I think Jake only did YouTube to get popular and now that he is,he wants to become a billionaire

Mr. Yo-Yo Master : Next video: A YOUTUBER covering a YOUTUBER Also covering a YOUTUBER that is covering a YOUTUBER

Laura James : Matpat giving credit to all the smaller you tubers he got ideas from should be what all big you tubers should do :)

Fish_Bish -_- : Chicken chik I did it in 5 sec I'm . So proud

Jeon Jungkookie : When BTS appeared I literally screamed "WhY YoU caLInG OuT BAnGtaN MaTPAt¿?¡?!! Hmmm" Edit: and then I realized that I over reacted pfffft lol

Kitty Cat Like ́s To play Games And LPS : Jake Paul is the worse.......... HE’S A CHICKEN CHICK

Lightning Cayo : I could care less about the Paul brothers, I’d rather move on and focus on new things.

rayr : I was hanging on every word. THIS is what I wanted in the shane doc.

Locus : I can't believe Shane Dawson is actually Sans

Generic Clips Channel : Combine this with mystery brand 😶😶😶 this goes deep

I am simply the Best : *CHICKEN CHICK*

Shipperina 221 : Jake Paul is definitely a sociopath Sociopaths are people who is like a psychopath but knows what he is doing is wrong And he know what he does is wrong so ... proof P.s. I hate jake Paul from the beginning

Crazy Nate : Only 15 minutes and theres more information here then all 8 hours of Shane’s “documentary”

Nyx105 : Wow I haven't heard any mention "Video Killed the Radio Star" in forever and I'm only 15

Kovu Likes The Neighbourhood : *_HEY!!!!_* Where's Chicken chick!?

Erick : Wow, I came here without expecting to learn about business models, ownership, investments and manufactured authenticity. Goog job!

Pun Master9001 : Sounds like his plan is to exploit other peoples hard work for his own profit. A true capitalist. It's sickening

Clifford Briggs : My favorite YouTuber makes a video of my other favorite YouTuber making a video on my least favorite YouTuber.

Jazzy Gates : CHICKEN CHICK *aggressively fornite default dances*

The Courtney Show : Chicken Chick I'm not lieing, I *ACTUALLY* did it 😂😂😂

Dominic Calla : Just like what defy media did to smosh.

supersonic413 : 1:33 jus wanna point out the homestuck

Lovely Casauay : *Damn this is literally more info on Jake than like, half of Shane's series*

LadyRavencide13 : It's YouTubers like Jake Paul that make me reluctant to have kids. Some of the shit that's on social media and the internet in general is truly awful.

Chloe Monroe : Uhh, yeah... Wasn't that the jist of Team 10?

Trinex : Hey Matthew....Do you run your own ship?

Jose Rosario : CHICKEN CHICK I absolutely love you and your videos 💜 Also, BTS AND BIG BANG COME THROUGH 💜💜💜