Film Theory: The SECRET Business of Jake Paul (Shane Dawson The Mind of Jake Paul Docu-Series)

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Crazy Nate : Only 15 minutes and theres more information here then all 8 hours of Shane’s “documentary”

Sergio The One : *I remember LonelyGirl15* . I think she was the Internet's first heartbreak. I'm personally not very interested in Jake (though I did watch an 8 part series on him 😅), but I would've liked to see more about the business side of it because it speaks to where YouTube is going. Thanks Theorists!

Subscribe Me For No Reason : Thank you for watching the Paul Brothers' videos so we don't have to. You're the hero we need, not the one we deserve.

WinterFloof : Wanna know what would be even more meta? A film theory on game theory.

Boss Baby : I had no idea Andrew Lloyd Webber was a billionaire, but it makes sense. He's made some of the longest-running Broadway musicals and has gotten movie adaptations for a lot of them.

Laura James : Matpat giving credit to all the smaller you tubers he got ideas from should be what all big you tubers should do :)

lopu : Dude this is the real documentary right here

TAL29000 : So the real REAL terrible part of Jake paul was capitalism all along

gc68 : i don't buy shane's narrative on his choice of docu-serie prospects being "he's just curious/fascinated about them" or "finding out if the person is a sOciOpAtH or not". he knows who's gonna give him the moolah. he even benefited from betterhealth before the recent scam was exposed. he may not be as huge as those big investors, but shane does know how to swerve and pull strings to his advantage. ;)

Lillian Guilbert : Am I the only one who didnt watch the Jake Paul series

giantred : So, who owns *YOU* MatPat?

Charlie V : I like your point about manufacturing stars especially in the K-pop (and J-pop) industry. It's very manufactured and many stars get plastic surgery. They train for years before they even get chosen for a group and debut. Being my triggered ARMY self I was going to make a point that this doesn't apply to BTS as they do write their own music and have a large amount of creative control, but they are definitely controlled to an extent, but no where near how controlled other K-pop stars are. Ok, now you can attack me for bringing BTS into this and making this point. Btw MatPat I've been watching your vids forever and I frigging amazing. I learn more from your vids than I do from school. You are phenomenal. Also Chicken Chick

Kally B : Stan lee is dead, may he rest in peace ❤🙏

FeDzul : *the fall of jake paul: "do your investers know team10 aint making any money"*

Alex : Conclusion after hearing jerika is no more. Jake Paul is still a piece of shit and once again Shane’s series doesn’t change people’s view of that person for that long and they go back to being the same way before the series. All besides jeffree

Clifford Briggs : My favorite YouTuber makes a video of my other favorite YouTuber making a video on my least favorite YouTuber.

ant wto : And thats the real reason he has/had beef with his brother. its not because 'boo hoo he slept with the fake girlfriend i never loved' its because he got him into trouble which in turn made him lose money. but then the reason why they made up soon after is obviously because his brother helped him clear his name and start making money again (notable from making vlogs and music videos with him). he NEVER gave a shit about the whole Alissa situation

AtadcY : This video could kill him off wow imagine if his fans watched this and stopped watching him that then means his investors would lose interest and they now want their million dollars back putting jake in debt and his billion dollar business is now out the window

Nejx : Now we just need this episode on PewNews

WondarX : Damn dude you just put shawn's docuseries to shame

Lovely Casauay : *Damn this is literally more info on Jake than like, half of Shane's series*

Veronica Surratt : I've listened to the song "video killed the radio star" like 50 times. But in a single line, Matt made me understand it instantly.

j3dits : i deadass think shane is just too dumb to cover this content lmao. he was more """"mindblown"""" with an elevator in a house and a warehouse of makeup.

Brett : So, you're telling us that exactly what we all worried about when the series was announced are valid concerns about Jake's obsessive manifest destiny?

nikorin : Ugh yes Nerd City and Lindsey’s videos are great.

kremit the frog : This is actually a 9-part series now

zeemon rollin : I was not one of the 142 million people that saw his videos

Apple : Aka matpat accidentally explains the kpop idol manufacturing business perfectly

Dam Daniel : Hey mat, there’s an episode of The Simpsons called Who Shot Mr. Burns (S6 E25) And I was wondering if there’s a chance that someone other than Maggy shot Burns. You don’t have to but I thought it would be something interesting for us to watch and for you to research!

Felicity s : Finally a REAL conclusion to the documentary series.

rayr : I was hanging on every word. THIS is what I wanted in the shane doc.

UK crew : Please do a filthy frank lore theory

DarkLord Lime : But MatPat, how do we know your not controlled by a business!

batmanfanforever08 : I have literally never watched Logan or Jake Paul videos. I only know about them because other channels talk about them. I hate their content and I will never like prank videos. So don't try to make me watch it. Also, I have never purchase merch from a single YouTube in my entire life, … not once.

idiot boy : kpop jpop and you're forgetting one more... HUNIEPOP

yan kopr : Now we've just left to slap some illuminati on it

pixel : Is this like the internet version of shark tank

Nini : 11:50 B-BTS :o But I wanna say that BTS (different from how kpop usually works) write and produce most of their songs themselves! Especially three of the members work on all the songs they release. So while it is true that they were put together and trained before they released their first album, they are not manufactured in the sense that they only perform music someone else wrote. They write it themselves and often write about their own struggles in life and the things that they think about. (For example, the first album they released talked about Korean society and how school children have to compete with each other and have immense pressure on them etc.)

Sixten Lundh : Guys scan the snap code at 9:20 for a weird easter egg!!!

Spartan Joystick : how do we know you are not like jake paul what if this is all just business plan inside of business plan inside of other plan to get more money not from YouTube but from us the viewer ? but hey that was a theory a Spartan theory :D please don't sue me

Daniel Sambar : _I’ve made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement._ (Weeks Later) _Shoots taser at dead rat_ Wait, wrong brother.

Kryptonian42042 : And thus the YouTube revolution begins, you always had more potential than just film and game theories

Jack Durden : This is one of your best videos ever. Primarily because its steeped in reality.

Lams Lams : *Plot Twist: shane dawson is behind all this*

Joey Urvina : Never underestimate a film theorist 👏

Meme Lord : Can't wait for the next 7 episodes... 😂

Restart Once : So weird Jake recently broke up w/ Erika not long after Shane's 8 part series

Lucas Stokes : MATPAT!! I've got a great theory suggestion so please hear me out! Just started marathoning through Daredevil season three (I'll try not to spoil completely here because it's pretty damn good season, worth the watch, but this is an early twist and is pretty obvious soooo, *BEWARE SPOILERS STARTING NOW*). VVVVVVVVVV-BELOW-VVVVVVVVVV From the trailer, we see there's a new highly skilled fighter in town who is serving as a secondary villain to Kingpin. This is none other than Bullseye. So, of course, the theory I'm suggesting is about some of the throws he does and what object he's throwing. This pretty much involves just scenes from the mid-series episodes. Such as the fight at the Bulletin and the baseball scene. "Can a Kid Kill You with a Baseball?" or "Is Predicting Bullet Rickashay Possible?" all great questions I'd absolutely love to see answered. (PLEASE LIKE SO MATPAT CAN SEE THIS IF YOU'RE INTEREST IN THE VIDEO IDEA)

Chill4234 : chicken chick there i did it didn't pause the video at all heheh....

William Easton : Actually, Paul McCartney is valued at about 1.2 billion