Qianchun Interchange - One of China's most complex interchanges

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Mixes : This architect had eaten a bit too much LSD.

Gill Chesney-Green : Is this for real?

BJ Compilation : Amazing structures <3

Muzi H. Ngwenya : where are all these people going?

BTHSB : A w polsce jak w lesie kurwa

tenrab48 : I couldn't get my door opened far enough to really enjoy the video . (Translated: Hold your phone horizontally to record video!)

Live : unbelievable

GÜNGÖR AYDIN : Is it real ?

bilal malik : super engineering

GÜNGÖR AYDIN : Fake video ! Animation...

Kristián : Horrible fake af.

Brenan Caro : Qianchun Int. Kaisochun An O Tai-Lun

JINATAHISAKAZU : Is the pillar thin ???

ostmana1 : looks like cancer