"ROYAL WEDDING" — A Bad Lip Reading

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UncleEvey : At least now I can tell people that I watched the Wedding.


Patty J. Ayers : That bit at the end is genius - “I hope you understand we’re puppets.” You said we had free will.” “No I didn’t.”

Declan Clayton : William’s face after Harry tells him how many Giraffes he’s killed

vinogradnaja : -What’s your favorite Harry Potter character? -Hagrid -Hagrid -Not correct!!!

ScarlettP : "I don't want that" "That present is a fail" 😂😂😂😂

Drew : This is what YouTube was made for. Pure gold

Gracielovescoasters : I slipped and I fell into a coffin this weekend no I didn't it was just a dream!!!😂😂😂😂😂

John Manning : To do list: -learn to glide. -learn to glint. -avoid bikini purchases.

fluffyspunsugar : I lost it when the choir started whistling.

Twisted Rainbow : “Do you need a pen?” “Why would I need a pen?” “I’m not sure” **silence** That bit killed me 😂

Mikala Mikasa : Harry: I have a surprise for you, it's a golden unicycle Meghan: . . . I don't want that

Shantelle King : The first opera singer got me 😂😭😭😭

William Canavan : I thought this was supposed to be a BAD lip reading.

ScarlettP : William: "I hope you understand that we're puppets Harry: "You said we had free will" William: "No I didnt" I'm dying lmfao

Recovering Baptist : Wonder if the Royals saw this? Lol.

Aaliyah Welsh : If you want a hotdog then you gotta cook a hotdog *what?* Put it on the stove

Zanium : *you sure this wasn't the real conversation?*

Namrata Mahesh : Warning: DO NOT watch this at work. You will pee your pants trying not to laugh out loud.

Lauren McLachlan : *you've got to learn to **_glide_** and **_glint_*

【C】【r】【o】【g】【g】【8】【8】 : "It's a golden unicycle" "I don't want that"

a cutie : this was much more emotional than the actual wedding

freddie’s teeth : Queen Elizabeth wasn’t impressed with the singing 😹

Anthony Sabierre : The episode of *The Crown* we almost didn’t get to see

Joseph Wolfson : 1693 giraffes are unable to watch this

Juniper F : “its a golden unicycle” “i don’t want that” “present is a fail” omggg 😂

gale2384 : You know the worst (or funniest) part is, you can bet both Princes' have read these comments by now. Hi Harry and William! **waves**

Marley Covington : That choir took me outtttttt!😂✂

Cresceno Avarikan : "does it help u to eat this... Weiner thing?" i was dead 😂😂😂

Mr Shambleface : "I hope you understand we're puppets"

H.S.N Tariq : 0:38 and onwards......I died laughing

mik zed : I want someone to do a legit lip reading so I can know what they where whispering to each other

The jerryrigger : The beginning when he asked about the animals was so funny

ᴀᴠᴀᴋɪɴ-ᴇᴠɪᴇ x : 0:43 when i try to hit ariana grandes high notes xddd🤟🏻😂

Leaders aA : This is art guys. This is art.

Ryan McGavin : I got you a golden unicycle. I don’t want that.

Peter Powis : "I hope you understand that we are puppets" "You said we had free will!" "No I didn't" :D

Bryan Pedersen : Those dislikes were all giraffes

Jemppu : The ending... kills me every time :,) poor boys

gerbenvanessen : "So how many animals would you say you've probably killed?" "Do you think I kept count?" "absolutely" "1693.... Giraffes" "..." "äre you alright?" "...not yet"

Brandy Lee : Elton Johns facial expression 😂😂

W¡zard Mønå : my mum watching this more than 100 times and right now, she laughing in tears.

M J : Lol "I smell a bikini you should buy a bikini" 😂😂😂😂

Huda Fukfartd : You just know that Willy and Harry have watched this video....... and saved it to their Favourites *for sure*

Ryan hodgson : Hey, at least they both have the same favourite Harry Potter Character 😂😂 that's how you know the relationship will last

zero : *_-HE SHAN'T BUY A BIKINI-_*

gaming masters : HAAAUOOOO YAHHH EYOOOOH AHHHH the Royal queen looks so uncomfortable hahaha 2:38

Angel Anime Lover 27 : And do you know what I felt like, like the best squirrel in the world. Let us all try to be the best squirrel in the world.

CreativeChill : The only think that could possibly make this better is a sitcom laughter thing every time something is really funny.

Vasiliy Agiy : That last part... a bit too real lol