Penn & Teller - Shadows

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Teller deflowers a shadow during a segment on Penn & Teller Fool Us. Season 2 Episode 11 " Teller deflowers a shadow". Favourite all time trick. So simple yet beautiful. I do not own anything, all rights goes to the owner this purpose of the video was just for fun and entertainment. Thanks CW and Penn & Teller:Fool Us


AznInvasion85 : Teller actually sued a Dutch magician for performing this trick

DAMIEN MILLS : Teller's performance made the illusion 10x better

Al11na : i don´t even wanna know how it´s done.

Timothy Avendt : I will quote Penn "No one knows how Shadows is done, and no one will ever figure it out." So, this trick may be more brilliant then we might think.

blank blank : i like penn and teller because they tell us how magic is done and they dont care if u know how they did it cuz they already know magic is not real but its for entertainment and to them art

EPrimeify : This, ladies and gentlemen, is the trick that made Teller realize that not talking on stage made people look at the trick and focus on it, and not his talking. This trick became the reason he doesn't talk on stage.

spooievision : I'm surprised that no comments exist yet for this clip. 45 Likes and no Negs. Not only is this a great illusion, but Teller really sells it with his dramatic performance. Some magicians go out and will perform something running through the motions, but Teller's seasoned experience definitely shines through here.

Ash Perry : Fake. He's clearly using magic.

Ir0n : This was the first time this trick was shown on Tellervision

Jesse Brennan : I want to take Penn and Teller in a time machine to a couple thousand years ago and just watch the chaos.

OG Gaming : Uncanny. Symbolic. Beautiful. Honestly, in my opinion, its a perfect piece of magic.

PUNKCM61 : The trick itself is amazing but performed by Teller makes it even better!

koscheis : so what brought me here is a radio show called This American Life, and a recent week or so, they did a show about magic, like houdini, david copperfield stuff. teller was in it, and it was the most beautiful thing to hear him actually talk, and he was literally so thrilled not only performing magic, but also explaining how the magic works. you could tell he was really passionate about his work, and he said that simple, beautiful tricks -- tricks like this, his signature rose trick -- were his style. they bring in penn too, and i highly recommend everyone listening to that specific show, because it was such a fascinating look into magic and how it gripped the audience as well as the performer doing it.

Monte Alto : Incredible ... kudos Teller, simplistic, but absolutely magnificent.

FishyBoi : So you can argue that the point of magic isn't to debunk and is to enjoy; and there's certainly so much to enjoy here that so many people have already pointed out. However, the show's called Fool Us, so I'm going to take my best stab in the dark at how this trick is preformed. Full disclosure, not a magician, just a YouTube commenter who loves Penn and Teller. So, there's something I've learned from watching Fool Us; sometimes, the actual action isn't what tips you off. It's the setting. When a magician covers steel bars with a tarp, or when they tell someone to follow their moves exactly. Something's happening where we aren't mean to be looking. So, when this trick is preformed in the dark, with a large canvas that clearly has something behind it...well, the secret just kind of leaks out. For the record, I'm not going to pretend that I know the trick exactly and speak in code to keep it a secret. I'm probably wrong. In fact, I would be more surprised if I'm right. So let me just say; the flower is pre-cut. Fishing wire is strung out is such a way as to where it's shadow does not reflect on the canvas, and instead goes around said canvas, behind it. The string holds the flower in place. Teller cuts in exact areas where he knows the string is, cutting it and causing the flower to fall. As for the blood bit, there's probably some slight of hand there, or a fake blood back behind the canvas that when teller presses his hand against it and holds it, causes fake blood to leak through the canvas, thus creating the smear effect. Whether I'm wrong or (somehow) right, this trick is beautiful, stunning, and is an absolute wonder to watch.

MagicLanternProds : We don't get to see the 'darker' side of Teller's abilities nearly enough. I really enjoy P&T's normal style of magic but this is stunning.

Dohyden2 : this is so beautiful, it fills me with sorrow, in a good way.

Phalxxx : I think a great finishing touch would be if, when he rubbed the blood on the flower shadow, a new red flower bloomed from the stem of the 'real' plant.

Tyler Barnes : Hey guys I think I figured it out...... It's a trick.

Karen Moskowitz : Teller is an artist. Love him.

Felipe Cortez : > starts the video "PRICK!"

Elin Lloyd : it a beautiful trick x

HiNd. RoSe : AAhhhhh! This is so beautiful 😍 i love it so much, i watch it many times 💕 Mr Teller 😘💕

Ritwik Datta : Such an unbelievably artistic piece. No matter how many times I see, this always gives me goosebumps

bilibob rut : I really don’t understand how people are so confused over a simple trick like this...

SlobberToilet : Probably one of the greatest illusions in all of magic

CriswellKOL : seen teller perform shadows in NYC and also in Syracuse - it so simple beautiful and utterly impossible

Edgars O : ah, very simple trick. can be done with one or two performers. 1. shadow is indeed real. They don't have to care about careful double image. 2. When Teller cuts the paper, he knows where to cut. either the flover is then "cut" by the other person pulling invisible thread or the invisible thread is attached to paper to begin with. 3. and finally teller puts finger where the hole is and other actor pours some red paint from it. Imo - a little better version would be if Teller drew new flower on the paper with his "blood".

MarkisTG : That was crazy. I can usually think about how tricks are done but with this one I'm not doing too good

Kawaii Pancake : Oh I think I know how it's done good job it took me couple of minutes

DANK PHARAOH : the blood effect was teller doing. hiding his right arm in the shadows. thats why darkness is key for an illusionist. if houdini was still around he'd probably sue penn and teller.

Michael Avolio : A beautiful, melancholy, and artful trick. It seems to be two tricks in one - the flower and the blood presumably require different mechanisms. The most poetic magic trick I've seen, and less than two minutes long.

Beta Drive : only a serial killer could come up with this.

DanTheStripe : This has now become one of my favourite magic tricks of all time.

Seeker Wild : Just a illusion nothing is real the only god can make true magic

Adam Shellard : Clicks video thumbnail...Video starts..."PRICK" Excuse me Jonathon?

Nigel Bryant : Teller really sold this, when you see a good magician perform, it seems like magical things happen to them, not they are doing magical things.

Michael Jensen : All comments are invalid.. sry

ResidentEvil302cuba rican215 : I see all the strings or clear wire like 4 fishing u can see it next 2 or behind the plant

Sterling Shark : Curious if you have other videos to upload and if videos like this one get flagged for copywrite infringement of any kind. Thank You!

Travis Jimenez : wax/glue under stage lights?

adamzez : still my favorite magic trick. saw this trick years ago of him on old ass vhs footage.

mattikaki : This is pure art. You probably can feel same kind of true astonisment as those people in the 19th century seeing Robert-Houdin. I like both Penn & Teller but Teller is the better magician of these two.

Khris Malatumbaga : There was no shadow of the flower that projected on Teller when he walked from the right side of it to the the other side

Mr. Snek : the blood part was pretty obvious how it was done but how the hell did they do the flower? damn

Ayeejesse : this is like actually really amazing

Wendy Cohen : I saw him perform this trick at Princeton University when he and Penn were students there. Still creepy as hell and I still can't figure out he did it.

Cyberwizard Productions : Beautifully done. that was a visual piece of poetry.

Spring Bloom : The shadow of the vase didnt cast onto him, when he walked behind it.