Penn & Teller - Shadows

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Timothy Avendt : I will quote Penn "No one knows how Shadows is done, and no one will ever figure it out." So, this trick may be more brilliant then we might think.

Hylian Ruler : This was so beautiful I'd let him murder me

DAMIEN MILLS : Teller's performance made the illusion 10x better

AznInvasion85 : Teller actually sued a Dutch magician for performing this trick

EPrimeify : This, ladies and gentlemen, is the trick that made Teller realize that not talking on stage made people look at the trick and focus on it, and not his talking. This trick became the reason he doesn't talk on stage.

blank blank : i like penn and teller because they tell us how magic is done and they dont care if u know how they did it cuz they already know magic is not real but its for entertainment and to them art

Al11na : i don´t even wanna know how it´s done.

spooievision : I'm surprised that no comments exist yet for this clip. 45 Likes and no Negs. Not only is this a great illusion, but Teller really sells it with his dramatic performance. Some magicians go out and will perform something running through the motions, but Teller's seasoned experience definitely shines through here.

Ash Perry : Fake. He's clearly using magic.

Ir0n : This was the first time this trick was shown on Tellervision

BigBadgers2001 : For crying out loud. So many childish comments about how it is done. The wonder of Teller's illusions is not "How did he do that?", but "How in the hell did he do it so beautifully?"  Most of the tricks that all illusionists do are incredibly simple to figure out, some are harder. But to master those illusions to such a degree that it truly becomes an Art piece in and of itself, takes decades of dedicated hard work and practice. Any idiot can figure out a simple tune on a Piano, but to become a concert Pianist takes years and years of dedication. Watching him perform Shadows, or the wonderful floating red ball trick, which we all know is done with thread, as Penn tells us right at the start, is so poetically captivating it almost makes me cry.

123dog : when he cut off the last flower he was like having an internal orgasm lol

tipinwings : once you understand the trick, it's actually not even difficult to finish. but to perfect the performance is completely another story.

OG Gaming : Uncanny. Symbolic. Beautiful. Honestly, in my opinion, its a perfect piece of magic.

libumMendaciumEst : 0:57 : right hand, gets something from behind the right leg of the eisle. 1:00 : right hand goes up behind the board 1:01-1:03 : left hand pressed on eisle surface near where the streak of blood appears 1:04 : right hand reappears around the same level as where is left hand pressed down on the surface I think that whole maneuver is to set up the blood effect. You can also see around the shadow of the flower pot support, that there are two layers on the eisle (eisle + paper layer). I think at first the item he places (in the above described maneuver) leaks red ink inbetween both layers, staining in inside of the top paper layer, making it look like a shadow. Then when Teller presses his hand on the surface again, he presses the paper layer against the ink, so that the ink seeps through the paper, and it no longer looks like a shadow. As for the flower being cut, seeing a few versions of this trick being performed, the aspect of the flower stays the same, which confirms to me that the flower is fake. Maybe the leaves and petals are held on by electric powered magnets, and when you cut the power the leaves drop. Or maybe it's mechanical, maybe thin metals wires run up the plants stems and into the leaf stem parts, everything is pre-cut, so when you pull the wire out, the leaves aren't supported anymore.

Jesse Brennan : I want to take Penn and Teller in a time machine to a couple thousand years ago and just watch the chaos.

bilibob rut : I really don’t understand how people are so confused over a simple trick like this...

Tyler Barnes : Hey guys I think I figured it out...... It's a trick.

Patrick Laverdiere : The trick itself is amazing but performed by Teller makes it even better!

marishana meyer : 0:59 Teller puts his hand behind the screen. Obviously pulling something

foxeh123 : Am I the only one getting tingles from the knife on paper sound?

Felipe Carvalho Cortez : > starts the video "PRICK!"

Joe hildreth : Easy to get. Flower is fake of course. The parts break off by pressing a button behind stage. Penn just has too put his knife to the shadow and pretend to cut it. Looks so real since the shadows match up. Because that's the actual shadow.

mxmrroverkill : To me it looks like an optical illusion with 2 vases one pure black with a fake black flower then the regular one. This would explain why his hand goes under the "shadow" at the end

Erin Chassereau : no words, no music, no distraction, Teller is a true artist, and master magician

koscheis : so what brought me here is a radio show called This American Life, and a recent week or so, they did a show about magic, like houdini, david copperfield stuff. teller was in it, and it was the most beautiful thing to hear him actually talk, and he was literally so thrilled not only performing magic, but also explaining how the magic works. you could tell he was really passionate about his work, and he said that simple, beautiful tricks -- tricks like this, his signature rose trick -- were his style. they bring in penn too, and i highly recommend everyone listening to that specific show, because it was such a fascinating look into magic and how it gripped the audience as well as the performer doing it.

Beginningless : Such a simple trick: 1) everything is solid, from the vase to the 'flower', to the shadow to the paper. 2) BUT the 'flower' is not 'real' flower, but props that are connected with wires. 3) When Teller starts to poke the paper on the first spot,  the first 'branch' fell. Then he repeats on the next two spots. 4) When he raised his 'bleeding' hand, a small tube connected to the back of the paper starts to pump out small amount of fake blood. 5) He then moves his hand slowly to the paper, and wipes off the 'blood'.

Bay Boy Den : It's all in the perspective.

Beta Drive : only a serial killer could come up with this.

panda4247 : why do you people think that the shadows are a fake projection? that would be so difficult to make, and for what purpose? the shadow can be real with no downsides. What we need to think about is how to make the shadow affect the real flower. So I believe that he has some sensors behind the paper and when he sticks the knife in, he activates them... the 'real' flower is a prop (notice the first red petals that drop, they are bit bulky/thick) that reacts to that and the shadow is the real projection of the prop. So it comes down to the ingenuity with the prop, which looks awesome. why would he need a fake shadow? the realism of the shadow is what gives the trick its beauty (that, and Teller's performance). The blood is obvious, he just needs to adjust his hand to the right position where the liquid-dripping stuff is planted

Elin Lloyd : it a beautiful trick x

Jason Chavis : I'm gonna take the words from actor Jason Alexander this is one the the most beautiful magic acts preformed on stage and if you have ever experienced it in person boy are you lucky.

CEGJ1612e3 : There’s a wire visible throughout on the stage, not sure whether that’s part of the trick or not. I would have thought Teller is cleverer than wires.

MagicLanternProds : We don't get to see the 'darker' side of Teller's abilities nearly enough. I really enjoy P&T's normal style of magic but this is stunning.

Karen Moskowitz : Teller is an artist. Love him.

rocconorth : I by no means have it figured out put put it in slow motion at 1:04. When I first watch the video in regular time I thought it was a strange arm movement and that maybe it was done so for a reason to conceal something. For a split second it looks like you can see Teller taking his arm and hand out from behind the paper where the shadow is displayed. Like I said, I can't explain it all but he's somehow using the blackness around to do movements that can't be perceived. Finally just after the strange arm movement there seems to be a slightly perceivable movement in the blackness (another person?). Anyway, I'm pretty sure these few seconds are where there are some giveaways...

Cody Chamberlain : Am I the only on to see the wire behind him?

Christopher Smith : Good act but I don't get the controversy. This trick is incredibly simple to figure out. The rose is obviously a trick rose..there are a number of ways to accomplish that..the theatre community found many many ways of doing this for the rose in beauty and the beast plays. The shadow is real, (no reason to fake it) but its simply either teller hitting a button to make a petal fall as he cuts the shadow, or an off stage helper doing it. It is easily done with tiny string and magnets. The blood at the end is similar...just a hit of a button or pull of a string and the pre-loaded blood attached to the back of the paper pushes through. There are many more acts they do that I have no clue how they do them..but this one seems so overly simple...

Dem_Bonezz 510 : I still see your shadows in my room 😞

Nigel Bryant : Teller really sold this, when you see a good magician perform, it seems like magical things happen to them, not they are doing magical things.

Bjorn Kuehne : I really love this trick, beautifully executed, and i hate to be that guy but go to 1:42 when teller puts his hand onto the paper, you can see the abnormal shadow cast on his hand, and it looks as at the bottom f the paper, on the stand, there is a projector that projects the fake shadow, this would explain the weird shadow on his hand. As for the flower, all i can say is that i think teller is pulling the pieces off using thread, dont really know more than that. However, this was extremely well done and to me it was beautiful. i love these guys

Emanuel Frias : 0:05 and 0:06 is not recorded at the same time.

Morgan Montz : Incredible. Legendary. I wish the crowd would shut up and appreciate this.

Mike G : Who else is here cause of Mike Rowe?

Jayde : I legitimately came here from a danganronpa v3 talentswap fic

Travis Jimenez : wax/glue under stage lights?

Kastyel Sinleth : 0:46 up Right the Wire is so visible

JoeDurobot : *The secret is so simple yet so clever.Brilliant trick.* *Even when you know how it's done you are amazed.*

Mrs Tati : Utterly beautiful. Teller is an incredible talent not to be taken for granted. Totally in love with this genius❣️

Kristopher Manzo : THE DEVIL IS A LIAR AH AH