What if the Holy Roman Empire Reunited Today?

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Comments from Youtube

Tsar Vermelho : 0:50 *WHEREZ* *EIN* *LIECHTENSTEIN?!*

enøziye two : 4th Reich confirmed by the not so holy, not so, Roman, not so, empire.

Uno bello : If holy roman empire returned today everyone will hate geography lessons.😂

Felipe Holguin : Can we have this instead of the EU?

LazyTitan : EU4 players would love it

jampe1965 : you forgot that the empire also incompised the vatican, lichtenstein, monaco and san marino

AGE 3 : Aren't austrians germans with a different country name?

Radical Socialist : This is NOT the holy roman empire! Where is the 40 million counties and states, and the horrific bordergore!

Crick1952 : Make the Holy Romans... Imperial... Again? Make the Imperial Romans Holy... Again?... Make the Imperials... Holy Romans... Again? *sigh* I give up

Prins van Oranje : As long as the Habsburgs aren't coming back, I'm fine with it.

Too Many Fandoms Fan : If the Holy Roman Empire reunited today Hetalia fans would go crazy.

Kailash Prakash : I think that Prague will be the capital of the Holy Roman Empire

Adam Towski : What if the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth came back?

Avery Lopez-Baines : It’s actually Germany but don’t worry about it.

SNM PRODUCTIONS : "3% percent of the population are muslins" average american: MuSlIms aRe gOiNg To iNvAdE GeRManY

Musical Archipelago : What If Bielefeld existed?

The Hessian : What if Nazi Germany "reunited" today when it was on its biggest extend?

Gendry Baratheon : I wish the EU would stop being so pointless and would use its potential power to stop Russia and China from conquering the world and I wish the EU had a half decent space program unlike now.

DANIELMAND DK : You forgot Monaco, Liechtenstein, The Vatican and San Marino. So not 14 but 18

Lord Voldemort : It seems much more impressive in EU4.


Cayenz : *silently waits for the Hetalians to get here*

Rikard : It was an Empire. The nature of the Empre could be disacussed; but an Empire none the less.

Xiaohua Hu : If the Holy Roman Empire was a parking lot, how many Toyota Corollas could park in it?

Silencerof : Backround music please?

RandomCat : Then Italy wouldn't be sad and instead of Germany he would be would be with Holy Rome YES A HETALIA REFERENCE

Noah O'Grady : All of that atheism comes from czechia

Scout The Awesome : Attacks 1 City Province +20% A G R E S S I VE E X P A N S I O N My King Austria Called a Coalition Against US! Eu4 Players will Understand :/

emir taha banoğlu : _Holy_ Roman Empire: *33% atheism*

Norodim : Rule Germany, Germany rules the world....oh wait wrong song

H4Z : What if the central powers reunited today ?!

Carolina Fan : Whats the name of this music

Benedict Agpalo : What was the background music?

sal 6942013 and all other cool numbers : Just call it *First Reich*

Roblox Riyaz : The shape of H R E looks like syria

Arcverson : what is the name of the sound track?

Iulius Constant Cornelio : During Charles V reign it was the peak of the Holy Roman Empire, because he was also King of Spain, so he had Southern Italy and the Spanish colonies as well under his control !

Hehning : Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaait. Only 54 prosent catholic and Protestant

Nicky Liu : A. E. I. O. U. Austriae est imperare orbi universo

Luis castro 1234 : western roman empire: I was the most roman eastern roman empire (byzantium): I was the most holy HRE: hahaha...fools...

Michał : Holy - religious wars Roman - mainly German Empire - many principalities Gdańsk (Danzig) never was part of HRE, it was only part of Prussia.

Cedric LM : Imagine this with a noncorrupt, efficient democray. Man it would be good

Logoncal : *"What if the Holy Roman Empire Reunited Today?"* THEY WEREN'T EVEN UNITED BACK THEN

Thezebraherd : Holy cap the Holy roman empire would almost beat China in GDP

Robert Abrahamsen : Bring back the Holy Roman Empire!

Someone 22 : "HOLY" Roman Empire -->33% of its population are atheists logic

lol yolo 123 : Please do about Alexander the Great and his empire. Much love from Greece

Dank Matter : Niko would like to go to Roman's bowling empire

Kev : What if the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth reunited today?