What if the Holy Roman Empire Reunited Today?

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LazyTitan : EU4 players would love it

Chaitanya Singh : It wouldn't be as holy as it was back then

Saloutic 7 : 4th Reich confirmed by the not so holy, not so, Roman, not so, empire.

Pootin : What if minecraft’s enchanted golden apple was real?

Kendal Kendorable : Me: *don't think about your Hetalia phase, don't think about your Hetalia phase, don't think about your Hetalia phase*

Jobin : *Voltaire Intensifies*

Man from Nantucket : About the only time Italians would dominate anything

Avery Lopez-Baines : It’s actually Germany but don’t worry about it.

Planetary Channel : -Holy Roman Empire- HOLY MESS EMPIRE

emir taha banoğlu : _Holy_ Roman Empire: *33% atheism*

Dank Matter : Niko would like to go to Roman's bowling empire

Commander Appo : DUCE DUCE DUCE!

GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya : Any Hetalia fams around here?

Cities & Skyscrapers : Great video as always!

FrozenNexus : "Imagine if 1 in 4 people died today" yeah holy crap I wouldn't spend 30 minutes a day in traffic!

Dominic Perez : Holy crap. You did it. You actually did it! You’ve answered my suggestion! :0

Marla : If Canada became the 51th state ...

Minecraft Canavarı : *😑🍹This video shows where the holy water cmes from*

Christian Changer : Prussia (the region) was never a part of Holy Roman Empire. The map from Wikipedia you used as the source of your video is an ahistorical fantasy of one guy by the name of Ernio48.

Сисе Андроида 18 : It did reunite. Only it's now called the European Union.

Graham Turner : How do you calculate the population and GDP of those empires with parts of some countries in those empires?

Dr Nisu Unn : 33% atheist? that already shows it would be a great place to live

B W : It was holy, it was kind of roman and it was an empire. At least in medival times Holy because the kings got their titel of emperor from the pope, large portions of land were ruled by bishops and the church in general was very powerfull. This changed with the reformation and from that time on the kings just called them self emperor and did not care if the pope is actually cool with this. You could say it was roman because the emperors saw themself in the tradition of the roman ones and the papel state including rome was kind of dependent on the empire, but yeah to call it roman is a bit of a stretch and idealistic. And it was an empire because it ruled over three different parts (Italy, Burgundy and the german realms), so it was more an empire then an early form of a nation state. Until the end of the Staufer dynastie the emperors were also powerfull, this changed after the medival times when the state building was succeded on the lower levels and not on the level of the whole state. When Italy was finally lost at the end of the 30 years war it was defenetly not an empire anymore but to say it was never one is false in my mind

CHR0N1CLES : What if Poland-Lithuania reunited today?

Жикила : What if the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth reunited today???

Hiukas Kun : What if the Byzantine empire reunited today?

Pyxels : Austrians are Germans though.

Never Lucky m8 : No Liechtenstein :(

H4Z : What if the central powers reunited today ?!

No this is Patrick : There would be a girl claiming to be nero claudius and always saying "umu" when talking

Merciful soul : What will be their currency and would it be in the EU

KirbyMoonMiller : What if the German empire at the height of its power in 1914 reunited today?

Cami Adam : What would happen if all the ice caps disappeared, instead of melted

MrPati1999 : What if the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth reunited today?

King Anglo Von Saxon : I like The Video don't get me wrong and I don't mean to be that guy but you forgot to say part of Denmark just saying

М.Б. : Why did WonderWhy also make video about it? EDIT: Oh...

memecrafter Filipovic : Do the French Empire or nepolionic france or bacily any kind of france

Richard Mingerhaufer : Reclaim Europe! Expell the filthy muslim hordes from our land back to the rat holes where they came from!!! 14 88

Michał : Holy - religious wars Roman - mainly German Empire - many principalities Gdańsk (Danzig) never was part of HRE, it was only part of Prussia.

MasterOFreaks : You need to consider that languages were not the same as now and there was not a universal German language back in that time. The languages were split into many different dialects and many of them were not even able to communicate with each other.

Musical Archipelago : What If Bielefeld existed?

Greek Revolutionary Democratic Socialist : This is NOT the holy roman empire! Where is the 40 million counties and states, and the horrific bordergore!

Salokin : Make Charlemagne Emperor Again

Martie B. : Someone has to say it so I'll take on the burden: *CHIBITALIA*

Knuspriger Toast : 🇩🇪💗

Manish Bhagat : Please make a video on INDIA

QADI OF DEATH : EU4 anyone?

Graham Turner : 0:25 Explains why there were 2 videos about the HRE released 3 minutes apart from each other.

Carl Gustav Tessin : It was an Empire. The nature of the Empre could be disacussed; but an Empire none the less.

Sentinel of Fortune : DOWN WITH THE EU! RESTORE HRE!