What if the Holy Roman Empire Reunited Today?

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LazyTitan : EU4 players would love it

Saloutic 7 : 4th Reich confirmed by the not so holy, not so, Roman, not so, empire.

Felipe Holguin : Can we have this instead of the EU?

Uno bello : If holy roman empire returned today everyone will hate geography lessons.😂

Soviéticozinho Brasileiro : 0:50 *WHEREZ* *EIN* *LIECHTENSTEIN?!*

Avery Lopez-Baines : It’s actually Germany but don’t worry about it.

Alexandru Eftinca : Aren't austrians germans with a different country name?

Prins van Oranje : As long as the Habsburgs aren't coming back, I'm fine with it.

Greek Revolutionary Democratic Socialist : This is NOT the holy roman empire! Where is the 40 million counties and states, and the horrific bordergore!

jampe1965 : you forgot that the empire also incompised the vatican, lichtenstein, monaco and san marino

Elias Frahat : Not Holy not Roman not Empire Just a literal mess

Hiukas : What if the Byzantine empire reunited today?

CHR0N1CLES : What if Poland-Lithuania reunited today?

Dr Nisu Unn : 33% atheist? that already shows it would be a great place to live

Sentinel of Fortune : DOWN WITH THE EU! RESTORE HRE!

Martie B. : Someone has to say it so I'll take on the burden: *CHIBITALIA*

Michał : Holy - religious wars Roman - mainly German Empire - many principalities Gdańsk (Danzig) never was part of HRE, it was only part of Prussia.

Lord Voldemort : It seems much more impressive in EU4.

alex prozorovski : REVOKE THE PRIVILEGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dank Matter : Niko would like to go to Roman's bowling empire

Cayenz : *silently waits for the Hetalians to get here*

Noah O'Grady : All of that atheism comes from czechia

Crick1952 : Make the Holy Romans... Imperial... Again? Make the Imperial Romans Holy... Again?... Make the Imperials... Holy Romans... Again? *sigh* I give up

Carl Gustav Tessin : It was an Empire. The nature of the Empre could be disacussed; but an Empire none the less.

Justin Y. : Drew and Isorrow would have a field day

Aamir Chhapra : some suggestions: what if the Japanese empire reunited today what if the Nazi empire reunited today what if the Umayyad empire reunited today

RandomCat : Then Italy wouldn't be sad and instead of Germany he would be would be with Holy Rome YES A HETALIA REFERENCE

Iulius Constant Cornelio : During Charles V reign it was the peak of the Holy Roman Empire, because he was also King of Spain, so he had Southern Italy and the Spanish colonies as well under his control !

Musical Archipelago : What If Bielefeld existed?

Jobin : *Voltaire Intensifies*

GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya : Any Hetalia fams around here?

Too Many Fandoms Fan : If the Holy Roman Empire reunited today Hetalia fans would go crazy.

Norodim : Rule Germany, Germany rules the world....oh wait wrong song

Daniel S : The modern Holy Roman Empire is actually called the "European Union". They have their first Empress, Angela Merkel.

Graham Turner : How do you calculate the population and GDP of those empires with parts of some countries in those empires?

Giorgos LEO : What if the Japanese Empire reunited today please Japan +1 this comment

areamusicale : 90% of the Roman Empire land was inhabited, and the rest was muddy or infertile or even very hostile with insects infested ponds.

H4Z : What if the central powers reunited today ?!

Jonathan Ryan : What if America was all of the Americas?

Leeber Gruber : German-Italian friendship 🤝 Love to all Italians from Germany

Imkairo : What if the E.U united into one country?

The Hessian : What if Nazi Germany "reunited" today when it was on its biggest extend?

Thezebraherd : Holy cap the Holy roman empire would almost beat China in GDP

KILLimanjaro Unfriggenbelievable : Name of song?

Dominic Perez : Holy crap. You did it. You actually did it! You’ve answered my suggestion! :0

Ethan Republic : Make Germany thick again

Bhaalspawn84 : The real catch 22 of EU that it could be a superpower but it would require throwing some democracy out of the window... EU would be third largest "country" by population after China and India (even after Brexit)

Kev : What if the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth reunited today?

Lost PJ : Then Otaku would be wet with Hetalia Speculations

Chaitanya Singh : It wouldn't be as holy as it was back then