QLine Design Executive Desk with hidden compartments

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BlackFox : Needs location for a tall bottle of Scotch and 2 glasses.

10throwfilms : Oh the terrible things that will likely be hidden in those compartments...

Maze Editing : Do those locks run of batteries? If so, how might you get into the draw if they run flat?

J NY Strong Island : Hey brother I never get your updated videos I'm just arrived and I tap the Bell I still don't get your videos

Muthu Param : Do you ship to India?. If yes, how mu6?

ddavel5441 : Great build. Could probably modify a similar desk with those clever compartments.

Alex Holland : Really nice! Curious as to the meaning behind using a floppy disk in the hidden compartment, is that a generational thing?

Jetin Dhinjal : woww

Peter : Did yous not already have one of these?? Love it anyway

zombieresponsegroupcanada ZRGC : Do you ship to Canada?