Watch Derrick Rose Learn the Bulls Traded Him to the Knicks | Stadium
Watch Derrick Rose Learn the Bulls Traded Him to the Knicks

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WATCH "POOH: THE DERRICK ROSE STORY" ON-DEMAND: Derrick Rose got traded from the Bulls to the Knicks in 2016. Check out Rose's reaction immediately after he was called about the trade. SUBSCRIBE: Visit the Stadium website: Follow Stadium on Twitter: Like Stadium on Facebook: Follow Stadium on Instagram:


Thee_EricSierra : Derrick Rose didn’t deserve that man. Gave Chicago all he had, every single game..

EnterNameHere : Finding out you gonna play for the Knicks will make any grown man cry

Hamiisii M. : I also cried when I was traded to Knicks in NBA2K

Pradigy Musicman : Here's context. He was born and raised in Chicago, played for his favorite team. Was an MVP, blew out his knees, then his fav team he bleed for gave up on him. He felt abandoned at this moment and didn't know who he was b/c he identified himself with Chicago the city. This is why I don't have a problem with players going to whatever team they want.

Dark Flaps : This shit broke my heart and it’s 2019

One Real Ass Nigga : I felt that “ you lying “

aznilsson : I don’t know why I watched it, I felt dirty. That should have been a private moment

Louie Matro : Drose: These injuries is the greatest pain i received in my career. Bulls Management: Lets add emotional pain!!!

King Haki : "That shit made me who I am, man." The pain in that was heartbreaking.

Lunes BR : D Rose never deserved this. He loved playing in Chicago. I liked the bulls because of him but they did him so dirty.

Tayvezzy FlexVlogs : Damn this makes me look at sports different some really do care about the game 💪🏿

Trippie Redd : This makes me feel bad on trading people on MyLeague on 2k bruh :(

Angry PopCorn : Camera guy: umm so what happened?? Me: YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED MF! lol

Joel Asencios : He just wanted to win a championship for HIS city

Adnan A : Aw man, why don’t they give him some time alone

Brayden Barnett : WORST THING MY BULLS DID , STUPID FRONT OFFICE 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️👿 #FireGarPax

Robert Torres : I want him back in Chicago where he belongs, we should of kept him and never gave up on him the way we did but that's the hard reality of this game, I miss seeing him in a bulls jersey let's bring him back to the Chi

Hannah : I don’t even watch the NBA but this is actually so sad... practically like breaking up over text smh

ghostdtx : The Wolves brought you into their pack and made you feel at home.

devourersChill gaze : Damn i just want him to succeed and have a nice respectable cntract in the future.. this man is a beast.. gave his heart and soul to the city of chicago.. hope ul find ur way back man.. prayin for u.. keep grinding and prove them wrong.. #Drose1

XNEONZ : "God told derrick to rise So derrick rose"

MIGUEL M : This player is NOT normal (in a good way). Respect & Loyalty.

ObamaisnextLincoln : I'd cry too if I had to play for that dumpster fire of an organization

tmann yooo : I skipped this video so many times and I finally watched it and..... DAMN lol

SadBoiK : Shit I'd cry too if my hometown team over played me to the point where I blew out my knees and then of instead adding players around me and my team (that was still making it to the conference finals) and improving the team staff (which was apparently awful) to keep me healthy decided to trade me instead after I gave them my everything

jake snow : Man!!injuries is a mother,it really robbed us from seeing the full potential of D Rose, he was a high flying beast going a hundred miles an hour, soo sad because he is great player

LeBron James : *And people like bashing KD for leaving... smh they want players to be loyal when the fucking team isn't loyal to you. Tell IT what loyalty brought him, tell Blake Griffin what loyalty brought him, tell Rose what loyalty brought him.*

mrRaGeR8917 : How they gonna do DRose like that??? That dude is all heart. As a Twolves fan I'm glad they signed him just hope he comes back next season

Jemar Hidalgo : The Harrison Barnes is very disrespectful trade ever.. Traded in the middle of the game. Damn man.

Thomas Vaughan : Agent: “Don’t tell nobody I don’t want this to come from anybody but you” Drose: “Ok” Also Drose: Goes back downstairs and tells a room full of people and cameras

Jy'Ree Music : D rose still my top 5 favorite guard idc what anyone say. And A.I. my number 1

FaQ Hue : I love D-Rose man.. man plays with his heart.

Kristian Twyman : Never knew this is how it really happened this broke my heart

Thibault de Rivaz : Now imagine Blake Griffin's reaction after being traded to the Pistons

LeBeautiful : How one phone call can change the dynamics of your NBA career. Interesting, but emotionally breathtaking at the same time.

Dingstar Ding : *Jeremy Lin has left the chat*

Jordan : Nothing made me happier than watching him drop 50 for the Wolves after everyone had given up for him

Zoe Simple : He need go to the Warriors ❤️ team a little short handed with shooters 👍

Regal Dacus : It's so fucking sad what happened to this man, I loved watching him battle the Celtics in the playoffs years ago...

Maran Muruganantha : No matter what, I’m always rooting for you ❤️

Indira Stone : This hurt my heart. He needed support by loved ones & not cameras in his face.

EGGS : why tf is this in my recommended I'm not tryna be sad rn

DEATHSTROKE621 : I feel guilty for being a knicks fan now

Sykes Luke Lucker Holland : He is the best and only one player I admired the most to keep inspired and motivate . I'm still the number one fun your great work Drose

aidjesalv : Please say sike Lowkey feels bad

XI XI : I'm kinda not really into basketball.. is being traded a bad thing?

Fernando Reyes : Chicago rose will never be forgotten man was incredible

ddjdd wfgggb : This is awful i never wanted him to leave chicago

ace gammer : Wow I'm in awe I wish he never got hurt #Rose