Clueless Gamer: "God Of War" With Bill Hader - CONAN on TBS
Clueless Gamer God Of War With Bill Hader CONAN on TBS

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CONAN Highlight: Conan and Bill Hader work out their anger by fighting Tron elks and bass players in "God of War." More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit Get Social With Team Coco: On Facebook: ‪‬ On Google+: On Twitter: On Tumblr: On YouTube: Follow Conan O'Brien on Twitter:


TheProphetPepe : Bill Hader and Conan have such good chemistry.

The Sprawl : Bill Hader is the only celeb on Clueless Gamer who has been able to hold their own with Conan. In fact, he's just as good riffing and improv as Conan is. They're terrific together.

Harsha Ghungurde : "Your wife just died." Bill's reaction, " Hilarious." Lol

Earllon Granada : "Yeah yeah you're properly f*ked up now, son". dead.

Kareem Majeens : I wish they did commentary for the whole game.

Mackenzie Hiller : 7:01 "Let's go in the turtle now, like a couple of nerds in a nerd story" It: Chapter 2 (2019)

Brennan Gatlin : Do you remember when your mother died, and we burned her. 😂😂😂

cable wire : "It's precious and rare and it's done us no harm.... I WaNt To wEaR IT" lolololol rofl

Dominique94 : "You can use its antlers to open a nightclub."😂😂

Alex Koenig : They should do a Clueless Gamer of "Red Dead Redemption 2" with Jeff Bridges.

Kp SA : I want Bill Hader and Conan to do more things together. They look like they make each other funnier

sr 71 : bill hader actually took over conan... his commentary was on par with conans!!!! and people say NO GUESTS.

laffy cade : Guys come on The show says CLUELESS GAMERS Of course they don't know anything about video games

George Valley : I love Bill Hader, but seriously do Clueless Gamer's with Aaron again those are the best!!!

Sergio Alcantar : Aaron: “But your wife just died.” Bill: “Oh, HILARIOUS.” That killed me for some reason. 😂👌🏼

Rullvard : The Adventure of the Three Large Foreheads

StevenM801 : this was THE BEST clueless gamer ever i was dying laughing

Glenn Attard : Bill was probably the funniest guest on clueless gamer ever

Valleyraven007 : I normally dont like the celebrity clueless gamers because part of the hilarity was the clash between Aaron and Conan.... but Bill Hader is hilarious

LAX5x5 : "Look, I just got fired from Amoeba, alright?" 😂

westie430 : "It's the Tron Elk!" I love Bill even more😂😍

Ad Rock : Conan and Bill were basically just doing Mystery Science Theater for video games...and it was great!

Adi 24 : Only Conan and Bill Hader can turn God of War into a complete laughfest.

saroohawks26 : I would watch so many video game videos if Conan and Bill Hader provided this level of commentary!!!

Melodie Montes : Lol I love Bill! He's hilarious and very charming. And he turns into Professor Fink at 1:32 😁

jyvoi billinger : “Manson had a plan mannnn” 😂😂💀

Devon Palmer : I can't believe people are mad they didn't focus on the game. It's Conan what did you expect

buddyblakester : Need more Conan and Hader stuff, they are hilarious together

SkyWayMan90 : They riff off each other so well!

Dumb Genius : Hader is a genius, his comedic talent is amazing The line where he says “...and I think I can now use it in my life...” was delivered so well

echoguitarist : I would kill to watch an MST3K with these two

Luke Dominick : The combination of Bill Hader and Conan is perfect for this series

Mart kenyon : One of these days Aaron comes into the studio with a gun. Mark my words.

Dyaa Belal : One of the funniest videos on the internet 😂

Anirudh Bhattacharya : If Bill Hader started doing Gaming Videos, he would probably get 10 million subs in the first day 😂😂😂😂

HaveCarapace : I like how Hader is pretending to mock Aaron for being a nerd, and then makes a Tron reference later lol

jay dixon : “It’s precious and rare and it’s done us no harm. I want to wear it.” Red Dead 2 in a nutshell

Conner Crafton : At what point is Conan no longer The “Clueless” Gamer and just the Regular Gamer?

sassyEst : Wow I'm so late to this. Bill Hader made it 10x funnier!

mitchellk272 : Aaron: Your wife has died.” Bill: “Oh Hilarious” Bill’s delivery on that was Hysterical 😂😂😂


tom ryan : I like that you and me finally get to bully somebody lol

Kiran vk : "Remember when your mother died?"

joecyam25 : Best Game ever! And can you do a Clueless Gamer for Days Gone with the actual actor in the game!?

hipnhappenin : I’ve hated that they started inviting celebrities to Clueless Gamer but Bill Hader is great. I like how he and Conan make up their own stories and voices.

Are you Now : How is GOD OF WAR!! A nerd game!!.

Zedan Mujeeb : Conan should play Detroit become human. That way things could get really intense

Shamil Othayoth : "Theres the tron elk" I lost it.

VixxenDeer : I need to see Conan play Red Dead Redemption II with Roger Clark!!