Clueless Gamer: "God Of War" With Bill Hader - CONAN on TBS

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ShallowDepression : Dammit, they've both made the game look ridiculous 😂

Devon Palmer : I can't believe people are mad they didn't focus on the game. It's Conan what did you expect

hipnhappenin : I’ve hated that they started inviting celebrities to Clueless Gamer but Bill Hader is great. I like how he and Conan make up their own stories and voices.

Kareem Majeens : I wish they did commentary for the whole game.

ARC OF TRANCE : "Now eat your mothers ashes!"

Kareem Majeens : The 14k people who disliked this video did it cuz they were hurt that Conan and Bill were making fun of a storyline they knew nothing about. Wah.

DanielFromSL : look at the people in the comments getting triggered for them not playing the game like they want hahahah.

Karl Bernal : Jesus the gamers in here are a serious, sensitive lot. They're just having some fun with it. Last I checked video games were supposed to be entertainment, not a sacred holy book.

kuk : Is that called "Comedy" nowadays?

Kelly McMahan : *B O Y*

Chuck Jones : Hey @teamcoco bring back Hader for another one pleassee!!

tman1019 : This was so much better when it was Conan and Aaron because there was the contrast of Aaron, someone who knew everything about the games and enjoyed them, and Conan, someone who knew nothing. Now it's just two people who don't know anything about video games making fun of them with no one there for the people who play video games to relate to. The funny part of Clueless Gamer was that there was such a contrast between Aaron and Conan, not Conan and a celebrity making fun of something they don't care about.

JD4 : The "look how bored and too cool we are for video games" faces and complaints whenever Aaron tries to explain something is getting really old and really annoying. Conan is an entertainer and makes TV shows, yet he has no interest in stories when they're in video game form....for some reason. So regular video games are lame, but when they try to tell a cool story in a cinematic way they're also lame? Didn't you just executive produce a nerdy sci-fi show on TBS created by a nerdy guy? Oh wait, you make money off of that, so THAT nerdy stuff is cool with you. Gotcha.

afarensis : I want the old Clueless Gamer, back when they focused on the game, not on the celebrity guest. The new content is nothing in comparison

alishanmao : I just finished this game, its one hell of a great game. But Honestly conan wasn't too funny in this video.

FooCards88 : I thought this was hands down the best clueless gamer episode ever.

cable wire : "It's precious and rare and it's done us no harm.... I WaNt To wEaR IT" lolololol rofl

Thales Batista : people are angry, but they are two humorists doing what they know how to do, which are jokes

FRISHR : Stop adding random celebrities! Clueless Gamer works with just Conan and Aaron.

ribeault george : Their faces when they realise video games are bigger than TV and Hollywood and it's only going to get worse.

Leafleap : Imagine being the creators of this game, pouring your blood sweat and tears into it, putting years of your life into it just to try and make it the best it can be; and then have these two showing such utter disrespect and disinterest, completely slamming it for no reason whatsoever. Sighing, looking bored from the get go, like the whole thing is a chore. Imagine if they did the same for a movie that a guest on the show was promoting, that wouldn't happen, so why is it ok here? Maybe Conan and the team should approach this thing in a more respectful manner or abandon this whole concept.

Zack Perkins : I want more of these or just a show with Conan and Bill together so damn great together.

okisoba : So many butthurt people. Chill out.

Maor : "Why are they so easy to kill?" Probably because you're playing on Easy?

Solidnypan : I love most of the jokes, but making fun of nerds in that way is really dated. It's kind of jarring to hear jokes that feel straight from the early 90s or even 80s. As a geek myself I can say we've been hearing this stuff for most of our lives. It's not clever. It's not even a low hanging fruit. It's a fruit that has been lying in the fruit basket, conveniently, for way too long, but for some reason no one has thrown it away. And again, I really liked the video, I want more comedians as guests! But next time maybe bring someone with fresh jokes.

GuvnaFuzz : So many triggered butthurt people in here. The segment is called "Clueless Gamer". Conan is using satire to show how people that don't play video games, view video games... Archaic stereotypes are part of that view.

G r a n t : Bill Hader’s laugh is contagious 😂

Andrew Copple : This is hilarious, y'all are too sensitive about your hobbies. I like video games as much as the next guy.

maroonroon : Why all these comments looked like they never watch clueless gamer before..

j Mac : Why do you keep doing these if you don't give the people what they want? These were funny because Aaron was an expert and you were a noob...not because *insert random celebrity*

Brian Narvaez : That was very tasteless with no respect to the game or the makers at least he could do was listen to the dialogue clueless gamer with so much more funny with Aaron but now they replaced him with forgettable celebrities

Kikinao : Clueless Gamer used to be all in good fun. We could laugh at ourselves and the silly things you find in games. But inviting some actor to promote their own stuff and then relentlessly and gratuitously disparage a game and the medium as a whole while showing so much *genuine contempt* is a bit disheartening.

Who Am i? : Seriously though, this game is a masterpiece.

Preston W : Alright, I'm seeing a lot of comments that would suggest that people are watching this to see a proper video game review. This is not that. This is a comedy segment where comedians make fun of how ridiculous video games can be. I like video games. They can at their best be true works of art, simultaneously they can be very stupid. Don't watch things that you hate too. Life is too short to sit around watching YouTube videos that make you angry. Watch things that make you happy.

iurypadilha : If this man is one of the funniest people alive we're doomed to live in enternal boredom

StevenM801 : this was THE BEST clueless gamer ever i was dying laughing

rigoberto solorzano : I haven't laughed so hard in a while! Between Conan and Bill Hader pure comedic gold!

gmmg : Losing the humor here, please just make Conan confused and annoyed again while messing with Aaron and being hilarious. You could throw in any celebrity and it wouldn't be as funny (unless it's Marshawn Lynch). Also Jordan Schlansky should be in this for god sake! In fact just combine the two and you have comedy gold right there!

Jordan Casey : some salty nerds in these comments.

Trish Pere : Conan has been doing clueless gamer for years, why are people getting triggered now? He's a comedian he has no idea what the hell he is doing and he jokes around, it's his shtick, I absolutely love all of the god of wars and I could give two shits if Conan is just messing around playing this.Companies purposely send Conan games before release dates knowing full well that he is just going to mess around and make jokes, so everyone needs to calm down, if the creators do not care then chill, buy the game and play it your own way, or watch an actual gameplay and alls good.

Krombopulos Michael : This was pretty funny but I kind of wish they didn't act so unenthusiastic about it. I liked when they were making fun of the game, but the whole "ugh, I can't believe I'm stuck playing this" thing was more just annoying. Back when it was just Conan and Aaron he used to kind of have a better attitude where even when he thought it was stupid, he would still try to figure out some way to have fun.

RALPH CIFRA : This is the most annoying clueless gamer episode.

Shadow Heart : 3:10 Aaron: "Press right on the D pad". Conan: "You're the D pad".

El Sandro : I dont get whats wrong with you, people. I also love Aroon, but if i trust someone to make one of this funny, its Bill Harder. Amazing episode! Greets from México.

Omkar Nagwade : "I don't really care about the relationship between the father and son." Cringy. "I don't think anybody is gonna play a video game and going, you know what, this video game has really taught me that I need to have a better relationship with my son." Oh boy if you only knew what else video games can teach you. Get real Bill Hader, the video game industry earns 10 times more than Hollywood ever could.

Jaron Talotta : After almost a decades worth of "story line dialogue = always boring" joke, maybe it's time to not do that so much.

Arttu Hypén : It's cute to watch gamers think that a franchised multi-million dollar entertainment product needs their protection.

LionofDawn : Was i the only one who simply found this to be annoying? Especially with the douchebag on the right. I miss the old days when Conan was actually funny.

scooperfield : This Bill Hader - guy tries too hard to be funny.

Oscar Magaña : "I don't think anyone's playing a video game and saying 'You know, this video game has taught me I need to go have a better relationship with my son.'" Well, that's exactly what people are saying about the game. You're not exactly playing Pac-Man. The ignorance is gratingly boring.