How fast food places act when you want some more sauce.

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Dat : thats too much sauce

年華花樣 : i just want some e x t r a   s a u c e


ShineArmy : Fun fact: This has a higher rate of happening if the cashier is black

Tho mas : Any one else thought about legand of Zelda for some reason when the background music started

Ephemeral Dagon : NNOO I WANT SAUCE😂😂

Alia Draws : 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

Super Fan : *No ketchup, Just Sauce* *Raw Sauce*

aparzoo : I don't get the joke but on the other hand I think that is the joke

Epic GamerZ : This reminds me of Anime for some reason 😂

ani artist : My dad once asked for more sauce and the girl at the window was like " .....what." my dad said babicuqe sauce again she's like " um..ok.." like he just asked for her zip code.

Erik Spor : No ketchup; just SAUCE

Lorange Player : When he started yelling he sounded like Edward from Full Metal Alchemist (Dubbed)

Jamaree Townsend : Can I get some S A U C E?

Kreamdelacreme : BROOOOOOOO. You're a real one for putting in that Legend of Zelda track at the end lol. Could legit see the starting screen loading up in my head bruh

Its Lethal : LMAO so much he went mental

Its Lethal : NO I WANT SAUCE

David James : lmao Why was he laying on the ground like the Rag doll mod on GTA San Andreas

Raj Singh : Gus Fring can't afford to give you extra sauce ;)

Kevin Black : Greatest outro music of all time

SO T H I C C : *Extra Straws* I sleep. *_EXTRA S A U C E_* *_R E A L S H I T_*

Robert Ramsey : *NO KETCHUP*

Flava Lav : I plan on making a video with you soon bro! I’m still on the come up but it will happen!

# The NX Switch? : Zelda music XD

Señor Quack : They have to charge for extra sauce because they employees will get in trouble. A chain happens, sauce gets handed out without payment, that affects sales, inventory count and the owner gets mad at management and threatens their job, management gets mad at employees and threatens their job. Don't eat at a fast food joint if your broken ass can't afford 30 cents for a sauce packet.

Emmanuel Moore : He asked for extra sause !!!!!!!!

J Lock2x : U better scramble like an egg for u get folded like an omelette n*gga

Sir Spoder : *no ketchup*

angery oreo : Just sauce. RAW SAUCE

Trinity Morgan : *SAUCE*


Nicholas Wolfe : I got the sauce! No ketchup!

Jayden Yugi : Lmfaoooo!😂😂😂 The accuracy! Whenever you ask for sauce especially at McDonald's, them employees act like their lives are on the line!💀

Abz : No ketchup Just sauce

bacon : Your SO GOOD

Nerd Spaz : I died when the manger walked in and seen him on the floor like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Loriban Cinema : 1:08 he ahk for extra zauce

Syirine : @ 0:57 Guys, I think he's dead.

Hype Kill : Whats the song at the end

Ho Lee Schitt : I order my sauce *raw* sir No ketchup Just *sauce*

Shamima Rizvi : He asked for EXTRA SAUCE!😭😭

Mickey Tatertots : but y was he curled up lyk dat?

FiyazTV : mofos be saying 30 cents for each extra sauce Id be saying NVM lmao

Playboi Catty : *NO I WANT SUACE* 😂


Manana : "better scramble like an egg before you get folded like an omelet"😂

Brian Brown : What do you be doing to make yourself float like that 💀

C-M-N ConsoleMobileNetwork : What's the song that play at the End tho it sounds so depressing😂😂I need it

Buda Yen : SZECHUAN SAUCE??????????

Celina Kay : I go in the store by myself get the sauce and have my brother go back in for another sauce. then if need be, we ask a different employee in descent distance to supply us with more sauce.