How fast food places act when you want some more sauce.

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Ephemeral Dagon : NNOO I WANT SAUCE😂😂

Lenarrs Hand : That nimbus shirt tho 🔥🔥🔥

Captain Jew : He turned sleeper agent

Erik Spor : No ketchup; just SAUCE

# The NX Switch? : Zelda music XD

Jamaree Townsend : Can I get some S A U C E?

Tsunamisteez23 : There's no way a 8 piece chicken strip, small fry,and a Sprite is 5$ I'll bet my soul on that

Manana : "better scramble like an egg before you get folded like an omelet"😂

CallMeSugarMilk : Bruh when he cued in that Ocarina of Time theme shit had me dead 😂😂😂😂

Loriban Cinema : 1:08 he ahk for extra zauce


Heavenly Controller : those were real tears 😭

Cassie Barns : I love how he just turned to a ragdoll

Its Lethal : LMAO so much he went mental

Its Lethal : NO I WANT SAUCE

hmm yes interesting. : I remember there was a time where they actually charged if you wanted extra sauce. those were some dark times. (edit: apparently, we're *still* living in dark times)

Nerd Spaz : I died when the manger walked in and seen him on the floor like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Prodigy : The way he was laying on the ground 😭😭😂😂

angery oreo : Just sauce. RAW SAUCE

Leo Gaming : What is going on in here Employee: He asked for extra sauce

Epic GamerZ : This reminds me of Anime for some reason 😂


RomuX : 0:56 When you finally find a comfortable sleeping position in a place where you shouldn't be sleeping

Emmanuel Moore : He asked for extra sause !!!!!!!!

Flava Lav : I plan on making a video with you soon bro! I’m still on the come up but it will happen!

Dat : thats too much sauce


Shamima Rizvi : He asked for EXTRA SAUCE!😭😭

Mickey Tatertots : but y was he curled up lyk dat?

Setnakhte Amun Re : Next time the pizza guy come to my door. I will ask for extra sauce.

Piper • : Get Out 2018

Mike-Daddy : Bruh, that Zelda music hit hard

Llama lover : GET OUT!

Celina Kay : I go in the store by myself get the sauce and have my brother go back in for another sauce. then if need be, we ask a different employee in descent distance to supply us with more sauce.

Tony Brown : Lol yeah they act like the sauce is being taken from their check

Jason C. Rochon : MDMA Sauce

Precious Waiters : That manager looked like his whole world fell apart lol

bacon : Your SO GOOD

Playboi Catty : *NO I WANT SUACE* 😂

A-aron : Sauce machine broke bro

Jordan Brown : When that Ocarina of Time music started playing I knew I was gonna cry


Abz : No ketchup Just sauce

oskebibilybop x : *N O ! I W A N T S A U C E !*

Sepharite : Great acting. I'm impressed lol

Flaze07 : What kind of dast food restaurant that has a shirt storage

Amor Alexandria : Omg the Ocarina of Time music hit me hard af. I’m rolling.😂

FiyazTV : mofos be saying 30 cents for each extra sauce Id be saying NVM lmao

Lady Brøwn : 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

DevilishSince05 : Get out 2: McDonalds