Lady Gaga Do What U Want (Feat. R.Kelly) Official Video

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Jock Marais ASMR : The beginning makes me so uncomfortable, especially as a Gaga stan. Girl, what the HELL were you thinking?

Joseph Xavier : Anybody else get creepes out by R.Kelly touching on her. Great song but funny she chose to work with him given their histories.

Dylan Dang : Delete this and stream the XTINA version to end R Kelly.

Alex B : If this was the lead single instead of applause and got a proper video it would have been gaga's RETURN

GAGAFANMONSTER : stop with the official. it isnt

Edgar Allen Ho : I still have no idea wtf she was thinking working with either one of these abusers.

Beata Samel : The beginning of this video is basically a porno.

Falco Lombardi99 : The Xtina version is better

Landon Alone : Omg delete this. This is a stain on Gaga’s history

Liz K : love this song this song always makes me wanna get up and jam to it.

Andy Fennell : Due to the R Kelly scandal, Gaga isn't going to release the version with him. There's still a chance she will release a version with Rick Ross or Christina Aguilera instead.

La Kaverna : This video would have saved her career

JC : Even when this came out it never aired right? I mean its not the whole video but the lyrics and clips are absoulte CRINGE WORTHY

Steven : She should’ve either just cut his clips and had the video be her in front of the newspaper articles about her, or she could’ve put Christina Aguilera in the video instead and refilmed with a whole new concept.

Thiago TGT : 0:48 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Miguel Galván Rodríguez : El video que debio estrenarse

vj v : I think Gaga is tired of she being used by the music industry.....and finally wants to quit,not as a forgotten artist but a great one.

Alea Philpot : Omggg looking at this now it weird from what’s going on with him!!!

Jason Unsell : Twisted, sick and perverted in my opinion.

Williamz Puzo : hahahahaha whats so funny is everyone listening to or supporting gaga hahahahah oh this world. Y'all already forgot who gaga was/is/will always be? damnnn programmed sheep. Morons

Lady snake84 : I would definitely go bi for Gaga! 😍

Kevin : The allegations from R. Kelly are nothing new. He’s been doing things since the 90s. Lady Gaga was just another person who looked the other way and although I don’t think she saw anything sexual happen, with his past, still chose to work with him. She’s just on the let’s mute R kelly bandwagon. It’s appropriate for her “image” Hollywood is just not a cool place. 😒

Sharon Browne : Gaga wants this song pulled after Surviving R KELLY...I like the song but I can't blame her. It's just a matter of time, R KELLY is going to jail.

Seed Fénix : La música es pagadiza es un top porque no la promociono con video y todo? Te extrañamos gaga y pues solo Seamos FELICES!

Be Kind : R. Kelly needs help. I pray he and his victims get the help they need. I feel when he gets the help he's been needing and faces his demons it will all stop. Please get help and stop the insanity Mr. Kelly.

Ayman Ashley : They need to just finally release the official video

Vée : me encanta cuando vomita <3


Felipe jimenez garcia : This video would have been the end of everything...

Ky Thong : waiting fr this since the live videos aT the VMAs

Alaysia Rollins : so if he do what he want means pee on you okay gaga if u into that kinda stuff u do u ma

Denier MV : Quiero el vídeo Original :c

liseth a duque : buenisima esa cancion

Sofia Bravo : 28 de marzo lady gaga

Libelula Kisserajacksonera : por q jamas de hizo video oficcial en esta cancion no es justo

Paul Guzmahn : creo q en esta cancion r kelly esta demas sobrando daña la cancion con esa voz de vendedor pandillero I think that in this song, kelly is this other ..he damaged the song with that voice of a gang member

01 leon : 😍😘

The Gilman : Yup, i liked Speed Racer too. Sue me.

Renata Penailillo : La cancion es buena pero el video es raro

Ky Thong : ph wait its fake

coolmanmz : i like the point that you are making but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Luis Carlos Perdomo Hernandez : this is actually really good!!!

acexinyourxface : Complete trash


Dany Targaerys : WORST of intentions. Stefani does not deserve the time of day. Terrible, terrible, terrible...

Jose Martinez : Why a song with a rapist?

Sarah Solomon : Gaga idea what she was thinking. I can't watch this anymore without getting seriously creeped out.

Steve Lee : ur a gaga stain allright

Zebulon B : As a Leftie I find the Left’s hypocrisy with Pound Me Too issues a bit hard to take. But then $20 is $20. Right Gaga? Same for Oprah with Harvey Weinstein: Google that pair. Seal (the singer) was correct to point out #OprahKnew, just to be accused of sexual misconduct by an Oprah fan days later. He publicly retracted his honest and accurate statements . . . after Oprah’s lawyers explained how Billionaires do not get criticized without destroying the accuser. A play out of Trump / Cohen’s and Weinstein’s dirty trick book. Google all that. Fuck Gaga and all the other virtue signaling phonies

Lizzie Vazquez : La canción es buena no le demos el crédito al bastardo de R. kelly.