Terrence Howard On The Square Root Of 2, 'Hustle & Flow' Meme, Mistaking Earthquake For Demon

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Leonaza7 : “When you take the very kindness that was given to you so that you can have life and you use it to prevent someone from having life even separating someone from their children, that’s an Ungodly and incautious act that will bring terrible consequences” - Terrance Howard Preach bro! 🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏽👏🏽❤️

Keisha Charmaine : Terrence Howard is a smart mayne.

Leonaza7 : I love Terrance and Sara’s laugh. 😁❤️😍

StingingwithqueenC : I love his speaking voice. 😍

J. Jo : oh yay. terrence howard. the wife beater. funny how we pick and choose who we burn at the stake. one wife beater is fine while the other is not. one child molester is fine while the other is not.

Dhruva Kashyap : What? What? If the square root of 2 is rational it would break down all our knowledge of numbers. A rational number by definition is expressible as a ratio of two coprimes. So what is that ratio?

Chandan : Trump Dumpers say that they don’t want people coming from Middle East but yet they forget that Jesus was from Middle East and was brown🤦🏼‍♂️

Logic 101 : 1x1 is not an “action x action”. Deepak wants his woo woo back

Vince Baker : This guy makes no sense. That thing is not proof of the rationality of root 2. 1 times 1 is exactly defined as 1. You can't posit otherwise. This is ridiculous. The irrationality of root 2 can be proved simply on one sheet of paper. It's simple enough for an elementary student to understand. Geez.

IMHTP : Terrance, I love you my brotha…but stick to acting. Leave the music and mathematics alone.

Ali Bradley : 0:27 Sarah wanted to say 'that's what she said' 😂 her face

jaybrook07 : This man is an admitted wife beater... punching his ex wife in the face multiple times...he's been accused up to 6 times.. nice to see them have such a light hearted conversation ..they should have Chris Brown on next week

Lamine Diallo : Terrence is still trying to make "Fetch" happen smh

Biddewaaq Ina Cawsgurow : If the Jesus they so adore returned to the world, Trump's America would deny him entry for his Palestinian passport.

bscott573 : That plastic bubble did nothing to explain his ridiculous theory. On another note those memes had me crying laughing lol

Puppy Love : I am conflicted, he beat his wife to a bloody pulp and he somehow gets a pass?

Anne Casillas : Hmmm. Yea he's entertaining until you read about him, his abuse history (which he admitted to), his lack of proof of his education and other sketchy things... sorry View, he's not a person to celebrate and welcome with open arms to come back 😔

Jose Daniel : How come no one in the panel challenged those moronic statements about math? Are they all that stupid?


curandero verde : 1x1=1 I don't care how miss understood you think you are...and the Earth is NOT flat....

Alexia Daley : I'm surprised they keep bringing this wife beater on. They are generally so judgmental about men who have harmed women. However, I have noticed that they are selective with their disdain depending on whom they like.

Jacob Armitage : He unfortunately misunderstands how multiplication works. The whole 2x3 is 2+2+2 is over simplified as multiplication really represents a summation from n=1 to the number you are multiplying by. As in 3x4 is 3 plus 3 four times. But 3 times 1 is just three because you are not summing anything because there are no numbers between n=1 and 1. It is pretty sad how everyone just claps for him. If you still don't understand many people online have thoroughly explained his mistake, look it up.

Chamari Fenty-Graham : Terrence Howard is a multiple time abuser. And he's a star on an extremely popular show. When will we stop giving people a platform and enabling them to continue to be successful and influential. I know it's difficult for people who have been watching Terrence Howard for two decades but we really need to deeply think about our continued support of abusers.

Katia Vernord : I love me some Terrence Howard but please stay in your lane within theater and Arts... We been known the square root of 2 was an irrational number beginning with Aristotle. Kids please finish High school. I know we are living in post-truth society, but let's not push it too far. Lawwd, what in the Know nothing, believe in anything is going on?

Char Harris : Sarah is so cute! Lol

munyumba mutwale : I am sorry guys I love Terrence howard but that whole 1X1 = 2 is just not even logically presented and simply insanity. There is no problem with having a new idea just present it logically. He thinks when he gets a hand clap on the view it means that his lunatic theorem is accept. It just means he found a few people who barely know what he is talking about incoherently stringing sentences together and hoping to come out smart. Dude get the qualifications to have that debate before you go and make all of us Black people look 600 years behind.

Guy Austin : The View is killing it today 😂

Andrea Mae : Sarah you are so funny

J.K. : doesnt he beat women?

Bruce Davis : @3:07 why I love Sarah.

Timothy Roberts : Wow, that's a lot of misinformation all in one fell swoop, and nobody calls him on it?!?

Milena Ryzhkova : I must admit I doubted my logic and education for a moment when he started all this 1X1 thing. He doesn't seem stupid, that's what fooled me. However, he's so charming, I don't care about his math craziness :)

stanley jones : love terrence howard,,,,,,,,such a cool brotha

Blocker : This man is crazy lmao.

Sam Cunningham : I Love Sara

Reyes Ebana : It looks like they put Megan's make up on him lol

Reyes Ebana : Who did his make up?

Blue101 Blue102 : Fun fact Al Jibra (Algebra) was invented by an Arab Muslim man.

Your Mother : Terrance makes so much sense. Let’s put him in the White House.

gfunk449 : If he wanted to make black people even less employable in science and technology fields, mission accomplished.

NaturallyRae Travels : gotta love how she wanted switch gears to reduce his accomplishments to a meme bc he was spitting knowledge.

Patrick Polarchy : Dis nucca is high mayne!

Ashley D.Marie : I'm from Memphis and he doesn't give my city enough credit because in the movie, that is the city he is representing; and we spell it "MANE" NOT "MAYNE", and we do NOT sound like that when we say it. Some Memphians didn't take to kindly to it.

FolloweroftheChristian God : Sara is so corny lol. Love it!!

TheLeigha72 : There is nothing wrong with having guidelines in place, but what Terrance says, is true. It is UNGODLY not to do unto others. To promote divisiveness and ignorance is unacceptable. I feel, it falls on the consciousness of those who pursue ignorance and hate that they would do so in the name of the Divine. LOVE is a far greater power.

habbogigi : ...what?

awhalen48 : How was the Indigenous People thanked. These white Savages Raped, Starved, Took Their Land and Murdered them. White Americans have such a Ugly Horrific History! They All should be Ashamed and try Harder to Do Better! Under this AssWipe Administration a lot of them are choosing to walk backwards, which is Going to cause them!

Devio42 : All of America is NOT made up of immigrants. Hello? Why do people forget natives???


Alex London : I saw this and Oxford wasn’t mad at all, they just pointed out that in geometry it’s been known for a long time and didn’t accept the premise it extends to arithmetic which it doesn’t