Cringing HARD At Garth Brooks - YMH Highlight
Cringing hard at Garth Brooks

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Can Garth Brooks get any cringier? Tom Segura and Christina P have the latest update from Studio G and G himself is announcing the biggest tour ever attempted! And of course, thank ALL of you for making history with G! Make sure to clear your schedules so that you can go ti as many shows as possible! Of course, Tom had to snag a page out of G's playbook and made his own cringey af tour announcement video. Who do you think was cringier? #GarthBrooks #StudioG #LetsGetPhysical


Ezekiel Messenger : I love how Tom (Serial Killer Eyes) Segura is calling out someone for looking crazy.

Sir_Dango : There's that smile and his face in general. He somehow simultaneously looks like he was born yesterday and like he's going to die tomorrow.

TheErectpanda : G came to ireland for some shows a few years ago and overall played to over 20% of the population, not a joke

Deniz Kutlu : I really like *_thaaat_*

No no Ahhh : Garth drinks monster energy infused with human blood... i like that !

Rob S : I worked 6 concerts with him and his crew last year in Gran Rapids MI. He is defiantly a cool guy. He eats a meal with the crew before each night. He will sit at your table just because you are new. He spent his diner break before a very long 2 concert night talking to me about my family. I am not trying to name drop because this is a very common story, everyone who works for him likes him. He is ether a very down to earth cool dude or the greatest actor of our time...

Dustin Smith : Am I the only one that thinks this clip is the sanest version of Garth that one could ever hope for?

Steve Smith : I did security for Garth backstage years ago and he is the nicest genuine guy you could ever meet!

kentucky mn : Nothing better than getting physical and watchin music while taking 15 benadryl.

Michael Garcia : No emotion in those eyes

Joel M : Was that Garth Brooks or Chris Gaines? Maybe both?

0thman : I really don't know who garth brooks. I can see how he's a dad level cringy but you guys make him seem look like a monster. Is there an actual reason behind that? .

WhiplashDynamo : I joined the 4 stroke gang last night. No lube. No spit. Shot enough to fill a GoGurt

Joseph Lindinger : Are you Mad because you look like Garth, Tom? Hahaha he’s creepy

kongvinter33 : I feel violated after I watch Garth talk

Cole Trickle : Say what you will Tom... but Garth owned the 90’s.. and you can’t undo that. Only he can (Chris Gaines)

NickFTP : Toms break down on just about everything makes it ten times funnier 😂🤣

Noel : Gotta love the crazy chimp smile..

Mastodon 84 : I always come back to watch these G-observations

Douglas Fisher : Such a love fest.

action star kids : A Garth Brooks concert is one of the best I've ever been to

Christophe Le Dantec : Tom, your impersonations always kill me!!! You are as hilarious on your podcasts as you are live!

Chardy_Dark : I think you 2 should look in the mirror.. Your not that perfect either. Why all the sarcastic hate on everything Garth says or dose ?

O87E19 : Garth embrace your darkness....lmao

Respect/Walk : Tom I would stay out of Oklahoma bro that is garth country

zachwbc : "And let's get physical playing music I like that thought"

lil kim : I bet Vic Berger's video inspired this segment

Eric Cook : I can't wait for the Garth Brooks : Embrace the Darkness tour.

UntoldVendetta : I'm taking a caca Ted & Christal.

Tal Moore : Every time Garth's eyes try to blink they're, like, give me a second.

adam glover : Come on...Has Christina watched herself on the intro of the Netflix special??? Wanna talk about cringe lol

Andrew Schuschu : Can we get Dr. Drew in to analyze Garth?

Theory : Happy birthday toooo G!

Lane Kristian : So spot on ... G is a straight up creep !

Marj H : Tommy’s reenactment of G 😭😭!!! Lol

Turd Ferguson : You two are doing God's work. Thank you.

Ultra Unity : Lmfao!!!!! Must follow him immediately

Nate Hitpas : I’m nearly 100% certain he says, “I like that THOUGHT.” But his voice peters out right before he says “thought” which makes the whole thing infinitely creepier. Any of you mommies also hear that shit?

booty shark : "Zero cool..." HACK THE PLANEEEEEET!!!

v p : Tom + Bert = Garth 💝😵💝

Allen Miraval : I think he’s a good guy in person or on stage but I think he just doesn’t know how to connect in camera because it’s not in person.

Mitch Case : Hard time finding good material i guess

Cove AKA Covergeist : One of my first jobs in Nashville was working for Garth Brooks' bassist 🍟🍔🏈🐒 I absolutely love YMH !!!!!

Don Wilson : 4:30 you're talking about a forced smile (posing for a photo) vs actual smiling

Brian HL : _Happy Birthday to me..._ _Happy Birthday to G_

Murray LaPointe : DJ Dad Mouth LOVES to get physical playing music!!

Kelly lo : Excited for your show at the tower in Okc you brought up!

Dolce Luxe : Dude has his own channel on Sirius XM... “the Garth channel”

Dennis Daniel : I think he's always coked out and he's gotta force emotions.