Cringing HARD At Garth Brooks - YMH Highlight

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Howard M. Burgers : Guys give him a break. He's just cashing in on his promise to bring us cool stuff, slick stuff, and of course, neat stuff.

Ezekiel Messenger : I love how Tom (Serial Killer Eyes) Segura is calling out someone for looking crazy.

Sir_Dango : There's that smile and his face in general. He somehow simultaneously looks like he was born yesterday and like he's going to die tomorrow.

Steve Smith : I did security for Garth backstage years ago and he is the nicest genuine guy you could ever meet!

TheErectpanda : G came to ireland for some shows a few years ago and overall played to over 20% of the population, not a joke

Corey Mineard : Looked like pretty typical show promotion to me. I cringed harder watching Christina P’s set on Netflix.

Otis Blue : Grath brooks has zero cool but Tom segura’s wife has zero funny.

Joel M : Was that Garth Brooks or Chris Gaines? Maybe both?

Den Kutlu : I really like *_thaaat_*

Erroneous Botch : What was so bad about Garth's vid? Maybe it was a little awkward, but I was expecting to gag on the cringe

Robert Sophiea : I worked 6 concerts with him and his crew last year in Gran Rapids MI. He is defiantly a cool guy. He eats a meal with the crew before each night. He will sit at your table just because you are new. He spent his diner break before a very long 2 concert night talking to me about my family. I am not trying to name drop because this is a very common story, everyone who works for him likes him. He is ether a very down to earth cool dude or the greatest actor of our time...

0thman : I really don't know who garth brooks. I can see how he's a dad level cringy but you guys make him seem look like a monster. Is there an actual reason behind that? .

Matt McAtee : I have met Garth on a couple occasions. I know a bunch of people who regularly interact with him. He is literally one of the kindest, most genuine human beings I’ve ever met. I get that you guys are trying to be funny here, and Garth himself would probably laugh at some of the stuff you said, because he really does have a great sense of humor and he’s just good all around guy. But calling him a monster is way off base. I mean, say it if you want, it’s a free country, but you guys could not be more wrong.

Max Rockatansky : It wasn't that bad. You two are getting sucked into the portal.

WhiplashDynamo : I joined the 4 stroke gang last night. No lube. No spit. Shot enough to fill a GoGurt

Joe : I think this is a little over the top, Garth actually seems pretty normal..

Paul Hobbs : Christina is the cringey one. Proceeds to explain a fake smile by fake smiling and then calls Garth a dark monster because... she goes to therapy??

Shane Haney : He seems extremely normal compared to many of the big acts currently out there.

kentucky mn : Nothing better than getting physical and watchin music while taking 15 benadryl.

Ryan B : Wow.. Christina's stand up special is bad. Cringe bad

kongvinter33 : I feel violated after I watch Garth talk

Adam Niswonger : He lives in a totally isolated different world and is nuts, but Jesus Christina. Going off on how much of a liar and dark person and you've got Whitney on there spouting line after line of BS. She's freakin nuts and full of it. Simmer down jeans.

Dustin Smith : Am I the only one that thinks this clip is the sanest version of Garth that one could ever hope for?

No no Ahhh : Garth drinks monster energy infused with human blood... i like that !

mrdrprof99 : christina is one to talk about not being cool. Seeing as how her segment in "the degenerates" was a bomb.

Michael Garcia : No emotion in those eyes

thebeastlybaker : I didn’t find this that odd..

Derrick Riggs : This commentary is cringe-worthy

Christophe Le Dantec : Tom, your impersonations always kill me!!! You are as hilarious on your podcasts as you are live!

Andrew Lamacchia : Garth has always been known to be a genuinely nice guy, and he's a music legend. I think you guys missed the mark on this one. With all the assholes on the internet, you troll him for this? Not a good look

vwgolfer187 : Garth Brooks is just high on all that cash hes got. Cant blame him for acting weird dude is way well off and just happy

Ronald Butler : Garth looks like he only needs 4 strokes after his brother introduced him to the vast benefits that smoking meth can have. After they went full throttle with this guy they met on the internet that just wanted them to try it out. While they were there he wanted to get hornier then he never has been before so he took 10 to 12 benadryl.

josef2012 : Why is she burping into the mic??? Jesus lady,c'mon already.

Matt Krechter : Also not a Garth fan. But he is a philanthropist and humanitarian.

Jacob D : 18 Garth brook interns were forced to downvote this video

Chris Hoover : This video is much weirder than Garth's.

Cole Trickle : Say what you will Tom... but Garth owned the 90’s.. and you can’t undo that. Only he can (Chris Gaines)

zeke k : Really scraping the bottom of the barrel for cringe, it comes off as disingenuous. I really didnt see anything as bad as his older Chris Gaines memes. What's worse, a 40 year old trying to relate to his fans, or 40 year olds calling out people for being uncool. I found them nitpicking his mannerisms more cringe than the video. I love both their comedy, but I always thought their entire premise for a podcast was to make fun of how uncool they were. They embrace the mom jeans while snorting for half the podcast. So to see them nitpick a boring video was weird to see and probably just result of having to produce so much content all the time. Still support the podcast though. Just not their finest hour.

yoboverthetop : This comes across a little bit mean and snarky, more than anything else. Who cares if Garth Brooks is not great on camera? Now, if it was insane full-strength over-the-top bad, then fair enough. But, it's not. His audience definitely doesn't care if he's awkward on camera. They are 100% ga-ga for Garth. It's completely insane. It's the same audience that keeps Ron White in ice cubes and private jets.

Politicrat : This is a great example for how the coastal population is completely detached from the south-Midwest...the heartland. Garth Brooks is still immensely popular out here and it’s absolutely no surprise that he is still as active and popular as he is. Just because you don’t hear about him in your LA/comedian bubbles doesn’t mean it isn’t reality.

Nate Hitpas : I’m nearly 100% certain he says, “I like that THOUGHT.” But his voice peters out right before he says “thought” which makes the whole thing infinitely creepier. Any of you mommies also hear that shit?

Patrick Johnson : Christina has way less cool. Shes the worst hands down.

Andre Osorio : Guys, u are waaay over reacting about that dude's vid. I mean he probably doesn't want to do it but has to promote... His vid is fine. U must have something against him.... Btw I'm a rock n metalhead so I don't even like that guy. But yea u guys r trying to read too much into it...

on.hiatus : At least he has friends in low places where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases his blues away. I mean.. he’s just not big on social graces ya know? he’d rather slip on down to the oasis where he’ll be okay. 👌

Noel : Gotta love the crazy chimp smile..

UntoldVendetta : I'm taking a caca Ted & Christal.

Atrain 123 : Garth brooks is a legend. These people really dont have anything better to talk about?

Douglas Fisher : Such a love fest.

adam glover : Come on...Has Christina watched herself on the intro of the Netflix special??? Wanna talk about cringe lol

Scott DuBose : RIPPING ON A really nice GUY. Tom , I'm sorry you don't think he's "Cool" enough, but I don't think he cares about your opinion.