Ravioli Cat Bath Rap

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Flat Earth And Other Hot Potatoes : He's a special cat. Water is flat (in the bathtub). 😻😻😻 the end part where you tell him you're sorry for the bath. Awww. ❤️

Sunny Codi : Ravioli 😍 hermoso!!!

Eriq Christensen : Dude you're the best

Less Waste KY Home : This is added to my Spin/workout mix...

MSUki10 : I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you call him your son. We do the same thing w/ our kitties! We have four! 1 boy and 3 girls! <3

contesting froud : Holy crap! Ravioli is so calm, anyone know why? Because he trust his hairless cat daddy indefinitely. Sir, it makes me really happy to see people who interact with their fur babies like you did. Earning a cats complete trust isn't easy.

Frankenstein's Dealer : You just fixed my whole Monday. 😃

bfan64 : Thank you Moshow & Ravioli. You always bring the smiles & giggles!

SeagualPlays : i hope this guy does not ever quit youtube he helps me when ever i feel sad with his cat songs

Jayni Morris : so sweet

Felicia Soto : Holy smokes! The world needs more people like u! So funny n so sweet!!!

SeagualPlays : I love this dude he is so good at rapping ;)

Radtechgirl : You are a wonderful kitty daddy!

roywhiteo5 : Never thought it could happen this rappin stuff, i was too use to bathin cats & stuff

msichana huzuni : Wow! My babies would be tearing my a$$ up if I gave them a bath. Ravioli is so sweet!

Dily Hunny : This is so beautiful..I teared up..😢.. You're such a good father to ravioli. I love my cat..she's also the daughter I never had. Very beautiful video. 💋

James Michals : this is probably the best shit ive ever seen, love this dude

Nathan Resick : that cat looks so confused

kinley : you're my favorite person okay

Brooke Goslin : So much love this guy has and great to adopt a Baby Ravioli Adorable Face On This Cat Mmmmmmmmmmyyy Gosh ! ❤️🌎😸👍🏼🙏🏼✨💫

sara callies : i love cats so much :D

Alysse Jacobs : Why is Ravioli special and needs a bath?

Victorian Monarch : yesssssssssssssss!!! sweetest thing in the world!!!

Adam Ballachey : Dude you are fantastic.

xoxoxoxoxox xoxoxoxoxo : Marry Me OMG you're my dream man.

Accessangel : And we love you two!!!

Therapy Puppet Theater : I am shrieking with laughter. Holy moly that was the best thing I've ever seen. Thank you so much for that joy infusion!!!

Jay Wright : This is the most precious thing i've ever seen my eyes are leaking

sicm_ghost_pro : 0:31 the cats face..

Adin Jenson : Just saw this guy at the Oregon Viral Cat Video Festival #MoshowCatRapper

puppy machine : I think you're my new favourite person.

satire75 : Ravioli is the perfect cat name!

samantha shearer : geez, my cat would've torn my face completely off.

Lisa Adams : I like when ravioli freestyled

Rick Sando : Awww, he loves his kitties 😻😻😻😻

TomThe Üpsilonn : awesome

Jessica R Newhook : Lol what a derpy little cat xD love him

Mira Bella : <3

nekopii : I love Ravioli!

Idristardis : I LOVE THIS SO MUCH 😊

Galactic Jewels : Whenever I'm sad I watch this video

t204 : you're both so adorable!

Astair Vera : On a scale on on to even I cant !!! so cute!!1

XXX Crowley : Nice read RAP

Jay J : OMG that cute wholesome overload

Ketsu : I found the first rap song I like.

drottercat : Well, this is fun and cute for everyone except the cat. Bathing is stressful for cats and should be done quickly without adding noise and commotion.

Laura Frank : Ummm can I marry this man?

Julie Phillips : ok I'm not into rap cuz I'm too old and too white, but OMG!  I LOVE this!  You converted me!  P.S. I have 9 very spoiled, adopted, mostly special needs cats myself.