Reacting To The Infographics Fighter Pilot Video. Is It Good Info or Complete BS?
YouTube channel Infographics Show made a video called How to become a US Fighter Pilot back in early 2019 But a YouTuber by the name of CW Lemoine an actual fighter pilot makes a reaction video covering the multitude of inaccuracies and wrongful reporting

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Last month, Infographics put out a video about how difficult it is to become a fighter pilot in the United States. This is my reaction video and comments on the information they presented while debunking some of the myths. Mondays with Mover - Episode 31 C.W. Lemoine Author VLOG Original video: Helpful links to research becoming a fighter pilot: AF Medical Standards: Navy Medical Standards Absolute Vengeance Audiobook: Buy Spectre Rising: Buy the Spectre Series Box Set (Books 1-4): Buy Absolute Vengeance: Contact me: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:


Smug American : *starts video* *one second passes* "Okay - that's completely false..."

cool person : Something that pissed me off was “but if you’re not qualified, there’s always room for cargo planes” as if flying cargo planes isn’t an honor. Smh

Carin Hall : What if I'm no good at beach volleyball?

SteelbeastsCavalry : Infographics is BS for 4-year old minds.

EvilSandwich 6 : infographics show- water downed BuzzFeed since 2009

Nic Lowry : “Unless you’re comrade”, I’m dead lol

Josh Warfenburg : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”Dont let a youtube video with Russian planes tell you that just because you wear glasses you cant fly” PROPS TO YOU DUDE PROPS TO YOU

Splint993 : Good on ya for making this dude. The first time I saw this video pop up I watched it and just shook my head so much. There were some correct things, but man it was all over the place, I sure hope it didn’t discourage anyone wanting to become a military pilot because it has a lot of views.

Guderian0617 : Most people cannot be a US fighter pilot because most people on this earth are not American, statistically speaking.

Dalek14mc MK2 : I'm still cringing from when they said the *M1A2* served during the Persian Gulf War...

Yasser Hacini : It's funny that they are talking about US pilots but mostly show sukhois and MIGs.

rustyshackleford : As a fighter pilot, one of the lamest things to hear from civilians while showing off the F-15E at airshows is "I wanted to be a pilot, but..." Infographics like those give them the bad info. You don't need perfect vision, you don't need to look like the Statue of David, just need to be an average person with the will to fight through the bullshit and eventually understand how basic geometry works when you get to the b course. But like you said, the pilot crisis has nothing to do with recruitment, it has everything to do with retaining experienced pilots and that is a whole other discussion.

DJSbros : This happens whenever civilians with no actual military experience try to create an educational military video.

Bob Kurbel : Your video should be mandatory for every high school junior & senior interested in being a military pilot.

TheLoganatorz : Infographics bad, Kurzgesagt in a nutshell good.

BeyondBelief : I recently contracted through my USMC Officer recruiter as a Marine Aviator Candidate and will be going to virginia for OCS This summer!

FlyingMercury : 09:40 - It's funny because you get tons of flying hours in the "big fat cargo planes" than as a fighter jet pilot .. and you get to fly to a lot more places.

Oakley141 : I can’t stand the infographic shows. I remember when they compared the F-35 against a SU-30 and made the F-35 look like a death trap. Plus I’m pretty sure they are all Russians.

Kjarn - : Mover launching Fox 3 to Infographics, and splashing them hard. Nice video!

Justice Warrior : Just love the fact that a jet fighter pilot is a YouTuber!! There's people that have all kinds of heroes and role models... Mine are fighter pilots 😎

ShadowOfTheZone : Great video! I don't understand why so many people seem to "gatekeep" being a fighter pilot when they themselves have no experience in the field. You know, it says something when actual pilots say "Go for it, make them tell you no." Then on the flip side you've got people who have never even flown a Cessna try to talk up all the restrictions like only .00001% could ever do it.

Josiah Saly : That 20/20 thing is the reason I never tried to become a fighter pilot. It wasn't a video, I heard it through the grape vine so to speak. So I gave up on trying to go into the service when I was 12 and I found out that I had 20/30 vision in one eye. I wish this video was around back then.

Brian W : I was one of those kids that was crushed as a boy, my Aunt was dating a former AF Pilot and current MD 80 pilot who proceeded to tell me I wasn't smart enough to fly... This was back in the early to late 70's and he was probably right... But I never tried, because his criticism always stuck in the back of my head... Scroll ahead to the mid 90's when I had a couple coins to "waste", I got my PPL with 0 problems!!! Wish he had lived long enough for me to show him that I wasn't quite as dumb as he thought. Funny what a little criticism can do to a young boy or girl... Excellent video sir :-)

Cop Flyer : Great video and so true. It’s unfortunate that that there will be aspiring military pilots that will see all that inaccurate info. and give up pursuing their dream. Thanks to you for setting the record straight.

MidgetMan 420 : Info graphics has the big gay

Charles Ormond : I love what you said about, "the worst part of the video, flying big fat cargo plans" oh, wow!!! Your are so correct!!!! That is the worst of the video & totally false because, like you said every mission in the military is a support mission (of each other). If there is no supporting each other, there is no success!!!! Being "Solo" doesn't complete the mission!! That's why there are terms like, "Seal TEAMS"....because people have to collaborate in order to accomplish a unified goal!!!! Everyone is a crucial part even if they are not the "tip of the spear"!!!

austin pacheco : Mover, I watched this same video weeks ago and was shaking my head the whole time too. Thanks for making this video! Currently a stud at UPT. See ya!

Alienhead807 : Thank God I found you Can't believe i doubted myself

HydrA : I unsubbed a few months back for this reason, a lot of the stuff they upload is inaccurate. Their content has also gotten pretty stale, they're running out of ideas.

Matsimus : Haha epic!!

Vic Sorlie : Nice video Mover. You show the difference of what many youngsters "Think they know" and "Think they know but ain't so." Herd mentality taught in school is the biggest drawback for any person who wants to get ahead - in any walk of life. Belief in self and persistence is key, and you show that. "Make 'em tell you No." Love it.

BorisKnoT : "Make them say no" is what you once said and it applies the every thing in life. Thank you for your wise words. I will remember this.

Anthony Vos : Mig-29’s, Su-27’s.. like, doesn’t that says it all.. the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the Russian fighters; this is a load of bs.. lol

Gary Grandy : You should’ve added a counter to show how much false info there is.

ZEFFEZ : I don't know whats worse, this or when they showed every AK variant except the AK-47 in a video TALKING ABOUT THE AK-47.

Khanskaya Glukovski : I kept pointing out in the original video the fact that they kept putting Russian aircraft as they talked about the US military.

Lance T. : That Infopgraphics video reminds me of the Marine recruiting commercials in the 90s. I was super bummed when I reported to Parris Island and was told I would not be issued a noble steed and allowed to joust a fire demon on a giant chessboard.

Joshua Urbany : I tell people I aspire to be a fighter pilot and they all say I can't. Either that I'm too tall (6'1") or m eyes aren't good enough (20/30). I say that all of those are myths and they refuse to believe anything I say. It annoys me when I am asked what I want to do with my life, I say I want to be a Pilot, and denial is all I get.

Cody Stuckey : You should review their other military videos. Also, looking forward to the retention video

Xelo Melody : Lol I was so disappointed when I saw the 20/20 vision thing but I now think I can get it

marc lunau : C.W Lemoine, I love your Videos! I myself am a German 17 year old Kid and I am striving to apply for the German fighter pilot Programm at the Luftwaffe. You have not only motivated me to keep going until someone of authority tells me „no“ but you have also cleared up a lot about the general feeling of being a fighter pilot, what it takes and what it’s all about. Thanks to you I have overcome the issue of „self-eliminating“. Keep going and as we say in German: „Glück auf!“

KrysTal Rapture : I"m a junior in high school preparing for the ACT and praying to get into the USAFA and to become a fighter pilot like my grandpa, thanks for the video and WISH ME LUCK

FinnishPilot : I actully already watched that vid like week ago😂

HERPY DERPEDY : So your telling my I can't be in a Huey as Fortunate Son plays in the background? Disappointed ☹️

Sanae Kochiya : I'm sensing a pattern with the Infographic show now. They're making way too many mistakes in their videos. The one that really caught my attention is the one with the "Top Battleships" video. They got all of those wrong. Even armchair historians could get it right.

Catioi Cat : Thank you I'm 15 and inspiring to be a military pilot you cleared up a lot of things for me and now I will actually consider this career choice and try to make it a reality and although you probably will never see this comment I am really appreciative about what you've done

dixievfd55 : I suspect they got the 20/20 vision thing from watching a few too many movies.

Joe N. : When the Infographic video said “and you’re gonna be treated like dirt” I got so pissed off. Not just what he said, but how he said it. That’s not how it works. It’s like the makers of the video don’t remotely understand what the term “mutual respect” means. Same goes for when the guy said “big fat cargo planes”. Speaking of mutual respect, the Infographic Show knows nothing about being respectful... or remotely intelligence for that matter.

ChickenWonton : In Canada we throw paper airplanes, the persons who makes it the furthest is a fighter pilot. (It’s a joke)