Inside A Huge Bald Faced Hornet & Yellowjacket Nest. Mousetrap Monday
I Got Stung Removing This Huge Bald Faced Hornet Nest Look Whats Inside

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What's Inside This Huge Bald Face Hornet & Yellow Jacket Nest? . Yes I got Stung Many times. Mousetrap Monday Check Out My Video on how to trap 1,000 Yellowjackets:


playz & palz : rocco : He said the kids are exited but they looked dead inside

Arata Arter : How... HOW ARE YE NOT LEGIT SCARED BRUH?!?! You casually stroll in the NIGHT TO CATCH A GODDANN LIVE NEST!!! +1000 LITTLE FLIP R E S P E C T

shlihp shlaap : Shawn: *exists* wasps: guess ill get put in a freezer overnight

Kastimere : “What do bees do?” “bzzzz” I’M DYING ◕_◕

BigBrotherMateyka : Can you please show us how to build an effective *_mosquito_* trap? This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Shawn Woods. You're my only hope.

Storm Plorm : Idk if you guys have triphobeia, however you spell it. Auto correct wanna stay silent now... smh

COIN KING19 : Shawn: *opens up nest* Hornets: *defrost* Hornets: I’m about to end this mans whole career

Cel : idk why but i flinched on how he touched the larva

iSienna : Won’t the bees wake up after they warm up? Cuz I saw videos that they freeze it so they don’t move so they can like idk put a leash on it lol. Or did you just freeze it for a long time.

Hudson Ball : Shawn's masive balls were making him unsteady on the ladder.

MEMES YEAH YEAH YEAH Manga : Imagine one being alive and u cut open and it just starts flying in yr house

drayZ music : Ik I would be scared myself and I’m a cry baby about wasps but I would still take a sting for my son and protect and remove wasps for them

tyraelpl : Just one thing. Afaik, hornets are not bees, they are closer related to wasps. Thank you for sacrificing yourself for this video :)

Yassir : 2:44 “My boys are very excited” Can I see right because they look like there not...

GeriatricJenga : Just give the hive a little flip...

Oliver Edminston : At the start the kid looked so depressed And also at 2:46 he said my kids are so exited they also looked depressed

Robbie Hall : Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Shawn woods: lets dissect a hornets nest

Sharyn Phillips : I’m scared to go outside because I got stung by one it died in my ear i😭

Ryder Urwiler : 6:22 imagine his kids open it and just get bombarded by a swarm of yellow jackets as shawn laughs in the corner

Nic Jennings : "Honey, where is the ice cream?". "Oh, it is under the baldfaced hornet nest."

Dank 'n Derpy Gamer : TIL: People actually sell wasp nests on eBay Man, missed my chance to collect a few huge ones in my area. XD

SANS DA COMIC *pun* : Shawn: What do you see? (I forgot her name): *BEE* me: *OMG SHE SOOOOO CUTE!* 😍

/ CloudTopDizzyToons \ : Shawns house: *exists* Wasps, mice, rats, moles, voles, hornets and yellowjackets: *it’s free real estate*

bigliftm : priceless family time and biology lessons . 👍

xDieselv : Wasp Trap Wednesday

WarzoneBETA : Hold up.... you can sell those for actual money?? *stares outside at several nests lining the tree line* I guess living in the middle of the woods was a good idea...

Mr_ Last5000 : Is it just me or I really really want those wasps to stab the kids😂😂

Buttox Pepe : Those kids look uninterested and I mean really uninterested. I'm not the only one that has noticed that right?


Pinguboi : 1:16 well this just turn into a horror movie._.

Life of Zackiya : Shawn:go ahead open it up bois Also Shawn: slowly walks back

Keenan Staves : 2:45 yeah, they look excited

spaceraderHarvey McDonnell : Are...bless um

Mariah Kyde : These kids are brave I would be jumping around like crazy if I was taking the nest apart

George English : It's like unwrapping a birthday present from Satan...

János : Dude looks like Ethan Klein

Lord Zamasu : Just saying I thought bugs defrost and survive

Gerard Obaya : Its like opening a chrismas present and finding a bunch of dead hornets Edit: dangit you stole my joke

MauriceUSA : Very well-behaved children. Good job Mom and Dad.

Charlie : I can’t wait until he catches a bear next.

wwwcheryls : That's kinda mean Edit: you broke there nest how would you like someone to break you home just to look at you Edit:I think you killed the eggs

Eleven These Days : Wasps: OOH PERFECT SPOT TO BUILD A NEST! Kids: AHHHHH (exits)

manny : 2:45 "My boys are very excited for this." *Has head resting on hand*

어.빌리의 아보카도도 찾았 : Teacher:Ok today we will be disecting a fro- Shawn:Ha!Who does that? Lets disect a hornet and yellow jacket nest! Class:......

Recovering Soul : WHY would anyone want to buy this on ebay? Only thing I can think of is science teachers

captkcp : This is a great educational video awesome to see your kids get involved

Plushfox9597 : No no no this is how you do it. Step one: get the loose cannon step two: get a pocket medic step three: tell him or her to use kritskreg: step five:FIIIIIIIIRREE

TaterCat : Ok but don’t kill anymore, they have a heart to live pls.

CDP Vlogs : Parents. Here's your Christmas present Kids. Oh it a hornet nest thank you Parents. We're are you Gannon put It Kids. Burry it