Inside A Huge Bald Faced Hornet & Yellowjacket Nest. Mousetrap Monday

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Justin Y. : Man, those mice look a bit off

Charlie Jeal : I can’t wait until he catches a bear next.

Nepuutunes : Mice: "Just give it a little flip" Rats: "Just give it a little flip" Hornets: "Just give it a little shake"

imsorryclass : How were you able to climb up that ladder with balls that big?

TRIGGER WARNING : What do bees do? b e e s : I'm digging the variety on the channel. Great video

Valerie Russell : Cool video! But you do know wasps aren’t bees, right?

Kenden Turd : Kids: dad what’s in the freezer? Shawn: uuuhhhm.... I was just making hornet pops Kids: I wanted mouse pops Yummy any way

Psyk Kunno : What are they? Bees What do they do? Bees

DaKermitFrog : *rename the video* ""What's inside a bald face hornets nest" with the image of you being stung and it'll get at least 1 million views...

Strolling Shishilan : wasps: yeah this looks like a good spot. shawn: *exists* wasps: oh

Honey Bees Macro Close : 03:00 THAT is part of the problem. You refer to them as "Bees" as do lots of people who don't know any better. They are Wasps Shawn, please don't encourage "Bee" Destruction. I know you don't answer comments, but I hope others won't be confused by your statement.

xian catapia : 1:06 let them *BEE*

xian catapia : I am getting rat commercials now

Anees Ahmed : To bee or not to bee thay still died.

Recovering Soul : WHY would anyone want to buy this on ebay? Only thing I can think of is science teachers

iPepe _ : What did you expect the bees to do? Give you a hug?

H I : His kids are all so cuteeee!!!

Cursed gaming : The kid at the start is like I was paid for this!

slapshots1982 : Hornets and yellow jackets are not bees so why do you keep referencing them as such

Nic Jennings : "Honey, where is the ice cream?". "Oh, it is under the baldfaced hornet nest."

Wiston Clair June : 1:09....MMMMMMAAAHAHAHAHA type face lol

#Tangy Network : I'm really enjoying the yellow jacket traps Shawn! Keep em up if you can! Also ur baby girl is so c♡te!!

BEES R' FUNNY : Wasps and Hornets Dear Shawn.... bees are different! ;)

Aaron Cameron : He is working his way up to being Bear Grylls

BigBrotherMateyka : Can you please show us how to build an effective *_mosquito_* trap? This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Shawn Woods. You're my only hope.

Connor Duncan : There goes $350 on eBay down the drain!

BuckeyeBushcraft L. : Great to see you involving the kids to this project. Great family learning. Your a great dad. Thank you for sharing this. -Stephen, Ohio

C Lyka : Cute family!!!

ZonixYT : That's one beautiful family

xDieselv : Wasp Trap Wednesday

Antonio Melendez : I never thought I would like videos like this but wow I love them and I’m subscribed 👍😀

Dat1Guy : You have a beautiful family :D

Not A Person : I feel *vErY* uncomfortable.

Teufel Hunden : GOTCHA BITCH

Hudson Ball : Shawn's masive balls were making him unsteady on the ladder.

Nathan Rojas-Fonseca : 1:10 through 1:15 KILLED ME LMAO😂😂

Last Oh riley : 1:16 well this just turn into a horror movie._.

5000 SUBS WITH ONLY A FEW VIDS : I kinda got creeped out when peeling paper like they would come alive again and sting everyone in the house and take over the house Sub to me plz

Ethan Brown : Well now they have to make a new nest

Atomic Reverend Alexander : It is a good morning, a Mark Dice video talking about Trump derangement syndrome. and a Shawn Woods MTM video doing bugs that in So Cal I can only see on YouTube.(European paper wasp where I live).

War Against Myself : The bald faced hornets are so cool looking though, but yeah very aggressive.

MLG Vincent101 : There building up this year next year theres gonna be way more its gonna suck uve gotta get rid of them know before they double because they queen started prodcing early this year

Eskobyte : are you okay man? you look like youre forced to speak at gun point.

George English : It's like unwrapping a birthday present from Satan...

kebsis : 'this is just like Christmas morning' Not quite dude

Chain_ Sol : Man they have more guts then me😢😢😢😭😭😭

EdgyLemon : Surely their dead corpses could still sting your hand?

Bjørn Bøe : How many bees there is inside a nest like that? None

GeriatricJenga : Just give the hive a little flip...