Inside A Huge Bald Faced Hornet & Yellowjacket Nest. Mousetrap Monday

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Justin Y. : Man, those mice look a bit off

Pinguboi : 1:16 well this just turn into a horror movie._.

Cursed gaming : The kid at the start is like I was paid for this!

Storm Plorm : Idk if you guys have triphobeia, however you spell it. Auto correct wanna stay silent now... smh

The_weird_world 97 : His kids are all so cuteeee!!! : I'm digging the variety on the channel. Great video

Eternity’s end_ _ : What did you expect the bees to do? Give you a hug?

Teufel Hunden : GOTCHA BITCH

MEMES YEAH YEAH YEAH Manga : Imagine one being alive and u cut open and it just starts flying in yr house

Cel : idk why but i flinched on how he touched the larva

Recovering Soul : WHY would anyone want to buy this on ebay? Only thing I can think of is science teachers

ZonixYT : That's one beautiful family

Dr De-dre : Ik I would be scared myself and I’m a cry baby about wasps but I would still take a sting for my son and protect and remove wasps for them

playz & palz : rocco : He said the kids are exited but they looked dead inside

#Tangy Network : I'm really enjoying the yellow jacket traps Shawn! Keep em up if you can! Also ur baby girl is so c♡te!!

Strolling Shishilan : wasps: yeah this looks like a good spot. shawn: *exists* wasps: oh

iSienna : Won’t the bees wake up after they warm up? Cuz I saw videos that they freeze it so they don’t move so they can like idk put a leash on it lol. Or did you just freeze it for a long time.

Raz & Daz : 1:59 *oof*

Lord Zamasu : Just saying I thought bugs defrost and survive

류기현 : This video was released in my birthday.

BigBrotherMateyka : Can you please show us how to build an effective *_mosquito_* trap? This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Shawn Woods. You're my only hope.

Pew die Pie : 4:06 am I the only one who thought the nest looked like a demon pig?!!

Buttox Pepe : Those kids look uninterested and I mean really uninterested. I'm not the only one that has noticed that right?

Ronnell Mcconneghey : GLOVES????

RaimondGFX : The adults don't cover up the chamber. The larvae do

Nic Jennings : "Honey, where is the ice cream?". "Oh, it is under the baldfaced hornet nest."

Jonah : Dude looks like Ethan Klein

Yassir : 2:44 “My boys are very excited” Can I see right because they look like there not...

Samuchi Gupta Kotha : are you ok

Peyton Peace : Hmmm I started by watching a song and now I'm here. HELP ME

xDieselv : Wasp Trap Wednesday

Infinite List Minni : Was a yellow jacket nest under my house

CheezyTube Gaming : B E E S

Ethan Brown : Well now they have to make a new nest

Wyatt Gutridge : Your kids are so cute!

Hudson Ball : Shawn's masive balls were making him unsteady on the ladder.

JAMI LYNN JOHNSON : Orange boy brave blue boy scared

The Indoraptor Likes Tacos : The kid is like "I totally regret this."

21 Savage : you are as white as it can get

Luiz Almiranez : Are they dead??

George English : It's like unwrapping a birthday present from Satan...

月の子Boba child : 1:13 Well that’s not terrifying at all Lel

Not Important : Such a lovely family. I have a hornet nest somebody gave to us.., it was in a trash bag in the back of a truck my husband bought off a friend. Interesting to see what's inside. Bonus for us when you mentioned what these things cost. 😲🐝🐝

Frogmaster : 1:00 dear god go to the dentist

Tino Martinez : Daddy can I see a dead body?

GeriatricJenga : Just give the hive a little flip...

The Guy, The Josh : Those are some brave boys


Siennaaa Love : *Bees*

Keiden Portobanco : That was funny when he got stung Hahahahahahhahahaha:)