Cuphead: Hype Culture

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eli morhayim : It's just like dark souls

Casual Commenter : Hype kills games Hype ruins their communities And for me it almost ruined Undertale. Still a special game, but I would have loved it a lot more if I heard nothing about it save a friends recommendation. 2 other games I would recommend. Rivals of Either-if you like smashbros/traditional fighting games, at all. One finger death punched-so good

thetrollwhisperer : A game for chads. Built by chads. Best game this year, end of discussion.

S.M. grimbldoo : People are just excited because the artists threw hours down the drain with paper drawings. A good tablet and a solid program would’ve produced the same exact results.

Commenter O' Truth : Its not a masterpiece.

Churin Arts : You stole someone's art, at least credit them for fucks sake.

Liam OCearuil : Avatars plot is good. I genuinely like the story and don't find it generic at all.

Juan Valdivia : Avatar is a bad normie movie.

Jehova's Abettor : Oh, come on, when was the last time you saw a decent platformer? Trine? Unepic? Or way back to Megaman? Masterpiece enough for me. Its "from the creators of cuphead" and "a cuphead-like games" that will annoy people to no end

Hoi Dere bich : I don’t know why but it is satisfying for me to say cups Cupsssssssss

Anti-Joke Man : Is Cuphead overhyped? I haven't kept up with games as much as I used to.

XLX Studios : *This already happened with FNAF and Undertale.*

oreofudgeman : cuphead is a fun game if you like old school style boss fights and difficulty with mild bullet hell peppered in. its challenging and a lot of fun. this game was never hyped to be more than what it is, it delivered on all of its promises.

Dick Savage : Cuphead is overrated and overhated at the same time

Terribadguy 1 : If I hear that Cuphead is like darksouls one more time

Shadicgunman : No Man's Sky = hype culture

RockinDbop : You just described Rick and Morty

Nathaniel Donley : I disagree with Cuphead being categorized as a “platformer”. It has some platforming elements, but I think a run and gun boss rush is a better way to describe it. I haven’t heard anyone refer to Cuphead as a “masterpiece”, maybe I’m not on the Internet enough. I think Cuphead lives up to the hype. Style meets substance, I beat it 2P with a friend and had a genuinely good time from start to finish. Can’t ask for more than that. I think it’s a safe assumption the visuals are... timeless, for lack of a better word. Great music, well-designed and inspired bosses

vtec just kicked in yo : You purposefully put Dark Souls in view on your steam library, didn't you?

Crusading Mischief : Holy shit I thought this was ass resist.

wonderguardstalker : Im surprised this is the game you chose to spring into hype culture. I see a lot of people saying it's good, has good art, etc. Haven't seen a lot of "masterpiece." That said, I completely agree with yer talk of hype. My enjoyment of JoJo was hurt severely by people not shutting the fuck up about it, for example.

FulgerTheDude : cough* no man’s sky

Blake Grimes : But it’s the dark souls of contra games

Federico Leandro Rodríguez : a masterpiece for kids that didnt saw 30s cartoons on tv or played any of the late 80s shooters

BlueYamato : what the fuck was the point of this video

David Vlasov : i like mika's effective use of a chewing sheep to emphasize a point. style points awarded

Pokey : what font do you use it looks really nice

Golden Legacy : It’s gonna turn into undertale fuck

slush guts : *A E S T H E T I C*

asianrokkz : This is an important video good job

TOUHOU CLASSIC REIMU : weeaboos and lesbian atheism girl's ruined this game

Tyquaan Staton-Fuller : Wait so you agree this game is masterpiece but your real gripe is hype culture? This game wasn't really hyped up. In all honesty it was released a year late and people forgot about it. But after it was released and people played it was hyped up and for good reason. You can't take away the music and art of a game and say it's been done over because you can say that about any game. And no I'm not defending hype culture and dick riding cuphead tho growing up on boomerang cartoons I do enjoy the make of it. I just don't think your argument was too valid. But hey let's agree to disagree we both love the game.

96Jambones : Totally agree. Just like Ocarina of Time. Didn't help it one bit down the line.

Александр Михайлов : cuphead sucks . . . all signs of depression out of player with it's mesmerizing visuals and fun engaging gameplay

Sharpevil : Cuphead desperately needed all the hype it could get. The creators basically bet their own souls (or at least their worldly possessions) on it, mortgaging their homes to buy themselves more time to finish it.

Iván Macinich Torres : I very much agree with you. This happened to Undertale on a extreme level.

KLOWNEFACE : The hype for this game A FRESH PAINT JOB.....on a dull FPS GTA style market that needed something different. This game is awesome. I've been gaming since FUCK all the critic's..this game is worth all its praise

Hermit Wizard : You helped me find my spirit animal:A smug goat.

火星カトー : Notice how the game was on top of Dark Souls in the library? 🤔

IkkezzUsedEmber : i didn't experience any of the hype, i just went to sleep once, and woke up to an inbox spammed with cuphead, it was literally an overnight sensation

Joe Schmo : I just can’t wait for Tumblr to get it.

Ben Lloyd : Eh that logic doesn't make any sense to me and here is why... Firstly, if a game is hyped (especially after release) and reviews exceedingly well, then the sales for the game will reflect that, and we will get to see more of that franchise/game; further cementing the original in history as a great game. Secondly, you shouldnt care what others think if you like something, regardless if they feel more cultured than you or any reason; not liking something just because someone else doesnt it pure stupid. And if an individual misses out on a game because of that attitude, then frankly, they dont deserve to play it. Thirdly, even if the game does have a hate culture, that wouldnt factor if it stands the test of time, only if its still relevant and fun to play can determine this. Seems there isnt really a basis for this video? Is it just controversial for the sake of controversy? Or more realistically for views?

SENATORPAIN1 : Cuphead is a visual master piece.

The Cleverly Named Channel : Its beautiful but meh. The gameplay is basically the same old shit dude, the design is what sells it. Aside from that, who cares. Lol

The Flash : Where's the Zelda one lol game is so fucking overrated. Welcome to 2010 Nintendo nice of you to join us... Well kinda...

Offensive Phenomena : The gameplay is God tier levels of fun

Imperator Augustus : Yeah, A Hat in Time! Anybody? No? OK...

amr mohamed : Is this like Aztrozist's second channel? He sounds exactly like him!

RadicalTundra : How have I never seen your channel?

DankJesuz : Its a new favorite of mine for sure