Cuphead: Hype Culture

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SLAXER : It's just like dark souls

Dennis Fluttershy : What's his cup size? 171 ml?

Dennis Fluttershy : I prefer glass over cups/mugs.

Dennis Fluttershy : I don't like how it say MCMXXX instead of MMXVII (0:41) I can accept that 2000 made it so easy to write "MM", and 2002 is just a boring looking "MMII" compared to 1938 with "MCMXXXVIII". But, "MCMXXX" (1930) and "MMXVII" (2017) have the same amount of digits/letters, so I don't see why they didn't use the correct year.

sladikk : It's better than most games

Krzysztof Dolecki : Finally Maybe some devs will try other styles like astroneer etc because try hard to get Real life graphic that most likely looks bad or average isnt nice thing

Jo King : More money should be used for the actual quality of the game, not the hype machine.

scrubbleboy : I agree with you for the most part, hype culture does kinda suck, but the idea of cuphead becoming "just a solid platformer" after you remove the visuals/OST (literally the key selling points of the game) is a tad bit silly. I imagine if you were to take away the main hook, or even better yet, just the visuals and the soundtrack, from literally any critically acclaimed game released this decade, it just becomes a well-executed set of mechanics that have already been done 20 times over, but maybe with a fresh coat of paint. Cuphead was designed from the ground up with the intention of being an homage to the 30s era rubber hose style animations, so why criticize the game for not holding up as well when you remove what is essentially the foundation of the game?

Depressed Optimist : _A game is a mesh of multiple things, whether anybody likes it or not visuals are a key part in a game. The reason Cuphead is getting critically acclaimed is its way of mashing the three things to make a game (visuals, music, gameplay) in such a perfect way it feels amazing. Yes its just a platformer were you fight bosses but the game with its looks, its catchy music and its fun yet challenging gameplay really ties it all in and makes you invested. You could really say this about anything but at the end of the day its people's decision to listen to the masses, and I hope those people wont be turned off the game in 2 weeks just because of that._

Grandis : To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Cuphead. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of aesthetic design most of the jokes will go over a typical gamer’s head. There’s also Cuphead’s vintage outlook, which is deftly woven into the characterisation- The games philosophy draws heavily from 1950 black and white TV cartoon culture, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about STYLE. As a consequence people who dislike Cuphead truly ARE idiots. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Moldenhauer’s genius wit unfolds itself on their computer screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂 And yes, by the way, i DO have a Cuphead tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

Crazelord91 : That's a great point. A similar thing happened to Bioshock Infinite, which stressed Ken Levin to a point of almost quitting the games industry, and now it's more popular to critisize the game than to praise it.

RebelBeamMaster X84 : What's a "masterpiece?" What definition are we using here? My definition is something that is very good, and is masterful in all areas, and blending all these ideas perfectly. So yes, it falls under the definition of masterpiece in my opinion.

Nookie : I feel like this game is gonna die fast

random scrub : cups, amirite?

Cold Coffee Gamer : Where there is hype-culture, there will always be anti-hype culture for things that get too popular. Moral of the story: Enjoy what you like and don't try to take the joy from what other people like.

Nunu Rats : This is just the first hyped title that wasn't shit upon release, everyone is excited.

Dagnir Ren : *You're just a special snowflake hipster.*

HappiestSadGuy : Cuphead will never be as good as No man's Sky lmao

Windows 69 : He’s a cup. That’s pretty neat

DoctorMario606 : A Hat in Time is better tbh

Zachary Lancaster : Rick. And. Morty.

TheAmazingFreddy : I love the game cause it teaches you a lesson you can’t win everything

Hero2BDetermined : Angry Joe gave it a 10/10, that means ITS FKING AMAZING. I bought it and its my favorite game of 2017.

jazzy : Headcup

Do You know de wey : It’s literally just cuphead and rick and morty I can’t go a day without getting informed about

CheeseburgerKitties - Food enthusiast : Cuphead is gonna be like Undertale. Gets so much love then months later gets so much hate.

Cheshire Hat : Every Mario and Zelda for the past five years only rides off of blind /hype/ another 10 out 10 from Nintendo, you can't disagree.

WoollyOne : Really well thought out and informative video. Good job! :)

Linking-Yellow : You are ignoring the fact that that kind of hype draws a larger audience than it could get otherwise. Nothing helps a game as much as purchases, and hype will only add to those overall. If someone is too smug to play a game because it's popular, that's their problem. We shouldn't think less of a game because someone else has more ego than reasoning.

Gabriel Ribeiro : It's like, an American culture that when there's something good, raises a couple of douches that turns it down, just for the sake of it ? Same thing that's happening with Rick and Morty. Just piss off mate

mnn_art_game : My opinions on cuphead and other seriously overhyped games/shows: cuphead’s visual appeal is amazing, love the unforgiving difficulty and the satisfaction for completing stages other than today’s modern games like shooters and sports games. The hype was pretty darn horrible but then again, played the game when it came out to not make any false judgement on it.(btw all of the games I mention I had the luck of playing before hype(except bendy) and could make pretty good judgements on them. Firstly, my thoughts on Fnaf. Fnaf was basically a small horror game which had adrenaline and fear pumped in. Then all the unnecessary theories(ESPECIALLY GT) just make it so darn mind-numbing. Played all the 4, was all mediocre and only liked the 1st. Skipped Sister loc. Overall TOO MANY SEQUELS. Next:Undertale. Not many of my friends ever talked about undertale(THANK GOD) so I played it with an open mind. The concept of rewarding for doing acts of kindness and outright blaming for bad is morally a good thing, however, in Undertale’s case it kinda took it really darn far by totally changing the game files after only ONE genocide play through. I find the gameplay alright at best, but some RPGs do it better. Lore for undertale is pretty amazing but it was what caused the CANCEROUS FANDOM. Overall, Undertale is where overhype totally kills the story. Next, RICK AND MORTY. The show responsible for the recent riots for MCNUGGET SAUCE. FREAKIN MCNUGGET SAUCE. The rick and morty fanbase is utter garbage with the whole “you need to have a high IQ to understand rick and morty.” The fanbase has honestly taken it too far. I watched the premier of rick and morty on Adult Swim(thank god) I thought the jokes were pretty funny and some of it has deep meaning but that’s all I’ll say to it. Next, Steven Universe. The show currently on hiatus cos of CN’s huge bias to TTG. Steven universe is a descent show, but then again, the fandom totally shits on it’s legacy. The suicide messages were just taking it too far for CRITIQUING A FREAKING ART DRAWING ON TUMBLR. Ironically, Steven Universe teaches the exact OPPOSITE MOTIVES OF THE FANS. Not saying I hate Toby fox, Justin roiland/Dan Harmon, Scott Cawton or Rebecca sugar, because it’s totally not the creator’s fault that the fanbase is cancerous. So please, if you’re saying a game/show sucks, just remember that you’re shitting on a creator’s legacy and getting an 8 year old in the comments riled up. It’s okay to express opinions, but do so in a more polite manner with evidence. Wow, that was a Long one. Hope you guys can discuss what you think by replying. Good morning/night!

Youtube Watcher : Yeah its hyped now but give it a few years and everyone will say its over rated and hate it and that it has the most "cancerous" fanbase.... *Cough* *Cough* UNDERTALE!

Mr. Magic Man : Maybe if I include “cup”, I shall get noticed. I hate drinking with cups.

Gadlajk : I played this game for 1-2hrs, then 90s called and wanted its game back. Seriously 2.5d run and gun platformer with 8 directional shooting getting this much hype in 2017? Sad.

CraftKitty : Call it a masterpiece or not, I'd give it praise for serving a forgotten niche. Not my niche, mind. But it's awesome to see such a unique title come out.

ThatDopeChannel : Yeah but the difference between Avatar and Cuphead was that Avatar was fucking atrocious.

The Cliffton : Man this looks like such a fun and good game, a game where I actually want to invest time in, a game where I would actually laugh when I die, man I can't stress how much I really wish they made this for ps4

John Werner : Game is waaaayyyyyyy too short

Stefanos Panagis : i dont like cuphead

Benjamin Murry : 😂👌💯

SuperBeanTea : Cuphead, Cupbrain, Cupnose, Headcup, Cupdick.

KeybladeKnight14 : *Cough* Like Persona 5

ETHAN : You brought up some really good points, maybe that's why I've been beginning to turn my head on Cuphead... 🤔

Elcage Ura : is cuphead a spin off of undertale? was undertale overhyped?

Mark Woollon : Annoyed by the thumbnail, but it turned out to be quite a clever commentary on the piercing smugness of a lot of extreme reactionaries. They're entitled to their opinion but there's a slant on certain things that makes them actively damaging to the property they are either defending or attacking. Great little video.

mononoke : Ah yes, I agree, we all have a crush on Cr1tikal

Daniel Zambrano : I feel like you can apply this to any game.

Ana Kadela : Cup for a head lmao

amr mohamed : Is this like Aztrozist's second channel? He sounds exactly like him!

david cadena : You said probably/you love it, then say it's hype culture? Also comparing Avatar to cuphead? You're making excuses for content, ran out of ideas, complaining for complaining's sake.