Post Malone - Congratulations ft. Quavo

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Dilka : When you finally find something on Netflix...

dat calculation tho : *Papa has surely blessed Post Malone*

Janderson Gamer : *CADÊ OS BR NESSA POHAA ❤❤!?*

KD Snake : When all the comments start with *When

Joshua Pierce : This song is the perfect song to celebrate too 🎉 I hope one day I can make music like this 💫

Dilka : When you find a Restroom after driving for 3 hours...

Tuna : After you pass the Asvab with a good score 💯

Enrique Jr : when starbucks actually spells your name right

Antonio Hutcherson : im playing this at my graduation 🎓

Sudad Sabit : 2018???

Nomyad Nerks : When you stop the microwave at 1 second

ِ : *When you finally solve a difficult math problem*

John The Tampon : When you make it out the storm in Fortnite

Carter Craft : Hello everyone! My name is Carter just a few years ago I was in a state of depression. I lost everything.. :( but.. I continued to chase my dreams and the only thing that kept me sane, sober and safe was music. I cherish the power of melodies and channel the smoothness of my rhythm to re-create the tensions of my past. I bring my soul onto my records no matter what the criteria. I believe in myself more than anything. Please give this post a like so I can finally make something of my talents. I'm almost to the finish line i can almost see the tape! I'm ready for my Congratulations. Thank you to anyone reading this post at this time. It means more than you know <3

Jim Ommeren : When your phone was 1% for 5 minutes and you finally find your charger

Mark Boomgaard : When you write a full on bullshit answer on a test and it turns out to be correct

Mr sinampal na dragon : Few more months this will be my graduation song 👌

G. Ono : When your dog poops on the right place.

Nathan Gill : When you finally “know de way”

Crazy Monkey : When you get first place on fortnite

King JME : When you graduate pre school 😂

Pluto Wah : When ur gf was creampied but She didn't get pregnant

gonçalo d4vid : Wuant

Willplace Games : 2018??

Finn Bálor : When you find a hundred dollar bill on the ground

Uriel Lugardo : when u don't have to go to summer school

Eagle 11 : When the McDonalds doesn't screw up what you ordered

Acidicslayer Acid : When you reach the end of the week without any homework

IDGAF : when you see "when you . . . " comments...

Oo Oo : When you go to school and there is a substitute in your worst class

Sanket Bhagat : When your phone battery is 90% at night time 😂😂

mads ahren : lost my virginity to this song, congrats to me


Ryan Barra : e foda porra 😎😎 sou rico

sp toots : Esse cara parece o wuant kkkkk

TH1N3S : when you plug in the usb correctly on the first try

WEHANDLEIT : When your crush says she's home alone..

ATANAS14 : When u GRAI3b good ass


ATANAS14 : When u are home alone

vlinnstone 69 : When Trunks finally freed the future from the Androids.

deep store : Lucas gay

Rio Brown : Why is Quavo’s shirt blurred

Oscar Villarreal : When you hit a car and don't press charges...

Connor : anyone else looking at post muffin top hahahaha all that money and man don't get lipo haha

Jonathan Gamer : When you pass your exams that u didn't study for -_-

Jeff Channel : when you have a impossible dream,your friend will not believe on you.But when you succeed,your dumb friends will come to say congrats to you one by one.

Bangtan Jungkookie : They played this during graduation and I thought the whole time he was saying graduation

Thang Tuang : this the original version Haters may say it's fake.

ETHAN MERAVI : When You Get Your're Award For Like.. Perfect Attenedence