Post Malone - Congratulations ft. Quavo

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EggsHaveShells : My mom said if I don't stop listening to this she will smack my head on my keyboard, but i think she's just hgaytwefcsihawkefeoohrgfkhgdahergjgae

Pasipic Otian : Imagine playing this song on your Highschool Graduation... Them FEELS wil hit you, but them MEMORIES will always be there...

Jonathan Torrez : When your crush lets you smash on the first date.

Keenan Ohanlon : The beat dropped harder than my Kahoot score

Lionel Messi : When you win the ballon d'Or 5 times

Shawn Pamplin : when your in kindergarten and get a smiley face on your paper

tamara homer : when you beat the smartest kid in class in a test

smile its gonna be ok : When you get the netflix password before they break up with you

Eber Vazquez : When you accomplish your goal whether it be graduate highschool, college, promoted, got the job, made your parent's proud or made someone smile.

Ayden Slaick : when ur roblox girlfriend lets u oof in her

Question Mark : When your dick is still hard after u cum

Shadow Games : When SpongeBob gets his license

Alex Gutierrez : When you finally get out of bed

smile its gonna be ok : We all know post malone is the only white guy who can master the lit black guy voice!!! 😜😜😜😜😄😄😄

1547 Likes : Anyone notice quavos shirt blurred?

Autumn Gianna : I showed this to my dog and 3:47 later i had a wolf.I don't care Post Malone buy youtube views from *AUTHENTIC* *HITS* *dot* *com*

K Dog Killer games : When that one girl you like let's you smash

Shriek Supersuit : When you play yourself

Mustafa Ucar : FUCK JAKE PAUL!!!!

Zoe Romeu : fuuuuuuck my life🙄😂 I was so close to graduate but I failed 1 fucking class🖕🏽😫

Asian Jew Force : Just dropped a parody to this called *"You're So Savage"*, check it out on my channel if you want a laugh, chuckle, or giggle shart

Freddie WALKER : so many rappers these days just say nibba over and over it's boring thats why i like post malone.

onota joseph : how imma be when i graduate in 7 years lol

Bruce Yan : When a member of the squads crush texts them first

Presence Raps : This song is in my recommended nonstop...

Lps Kawaii : I would love to hang out with him. He's so chill

Dragonfly Gaming : When someone says something you don't care about at all 😐________.

morgan dodson : Who else's class song was this? #classof2k17

farreldjo fifahd : playing this song while playing fifa packed messi and pele

kashmir sccypion : it's funny cause this came out on my birthday

Dogoff Studio : Esta canción es la verga!

Ikey Gavino : When you finished college without learning anything

black jiggaboo nigger : when you finally seduce a girl while blasting Tomas the tank engine.

MichealAngelo Wavy : This song is inspiring honestly. I'm saving this track for a goal I'm working on...

charlotte white : y'all better grow a pair and scroll up to the fuckin video

KM2s : When you finally kill that fly that's been flying around

Tierra Young : When you make 30! What up Cancers?! Congrats!

Jorge Gomez : When u finally make a meme for the first time

Luis S : When you reach your AR goal

sea : why does this have almost 300 mil views.....?

Devin Cart : I'm gonna bump this when I make it everyone here celebrate with me

Ozone 872 : When you get the high score in kahoot

slogokid : the part I like is 0:07 through 0:21

Kermit the Frog : When you move out of your parents house

Jesus Gonzalez : when u finally get the mcdonald wifi password

J_bailey7 : When you complete a heist with randoms without losing take.

My parents told me to not give out my real name : This dude just post molonded his own song

Syanidez : I like the Minecraft version better.

Dylan McFadden : When you get your test back and you got better then the smart kid

s_24_lightner : When u finally catch a Charizard in Pokémon go