Post Malone - Congratulations ft. Quavo

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JX Beats : Nice ! Trap On My Channel !

Michael Setzer : Hardest beat metro made so far in 2017

JX Beats : Nice ! Trap On My Channel !

Alexis Lenhart : When you just realize this guys white

Unimaginable Gaming : Lol this whole song is when your bae texts back

D.M.C.H Memers : he is the only white rapper who sounds like a african american rapper

It's your Girl ash : Man Post Malone songs got me dancing at 3:00am in the morning this is my song he lit

Kimberly Little : He cute

420DARKFLAME : who's listening to song while scrolling down the comments

ben pitchford : How is he fat and skinny at the same time?

Evan Man : Who else loves the verse at 1:25-1:40? That shit snaps :)

Hugo's World : FREE REPLAY HERE 0:00 0:00 0:00

YoungA170 : Im a rapper trying to get recognition, can you guys give my music a listen

Jermaine JJ Johnson : Who see post funny dance @ 1:56

ididnotknowthatgoogleletyouchangeyourname hehe : if this gets 1 thousand likes i will go 3 months without jacking off.

Christian Denton : LMAO He be lookin like a damn penguin at 3:15

Lane Frost : When Call of Duty drops the World War 2 trailer....

Sharo Cardenas : dope🔥this is fire

Tanisha Mahin : Smoking is harmful for health.

Killuminati : Why did they blured out pac's face?....

Bertha Brooks : Grеat videо! Whо alsо liked this vidео, сlick "likе"))

Tide Bleach : i didn't see any comments about him being white at first *put your lighter in the sky if you agree*

Braydon Black : quavo has the ricegum flannel on


Ramses Cardenas : 0:28 his outfit tho

Entoqz • CS:GO : *Congratulations* to Trump for beeing the biggest faggot on earth

Rebecca King : What do you even call this fashion style? rapper dad?

Daniel Mcintyre : When you take Uzi's flow and make more money.

Cuber's Ideologies : Why does he have a gaming laptop to edit a music track?😂😂😂

Luillie : Why is Quavo shirt censored tho?

Supply Drops : I thought he was black when I first heard and then I saw the video and I'm like...he's fucking white, he's fucking white...someone kill me.

Azuk -_- : I'll be honest it's a fire ass song, but post Malone about ugly af

SAVAGE KiNG : I dont know what to say it was a little cringy but it was ok

D Murphy : I love post Malone he needs to fix his hair

Baby Alondra : This is a white boy song every white boy listens to this song

samuel aular : Some of the best sing with an extraordinary style.

Gr8eRKaI06 : they did really bad censorship on the logos you can clearly see thats a RAZER logo

Albicely Martinez : me and my mom love post molon

Thalia Perez : Him & Russ would do some damage

Cool Bottle Flips : Looks like and gangster Jesus

Jozée Cyr-N : put it at 0.5 speed sooo trippy while high

Meechy Bags : This my shit 🔥💯 keeps me grinding

Kedar Chantilope : my favorite song for 2017💲💲💲💥💥💥💥

Alejandro Suarez-Reese : "Congratulations" Post Malone!!!

TwisteDGlunt : i know thats a razer laptop!! xD i love that

Mike Wolski : "Malone, I gotta play on my phone" - Quavo 🔥🔥

Nathan Gonzalez : anyone watching 2017 april

Girrafe things : Play. This. At. My. Funeral.

aris rosario : Nike Air Jordan 6 VI Retro Black Cat ☆ FREE SHIPPING

GamingwithJay 435 : 2nd best white rapper after Eminem