Post Malone - Congratulations ft. Quavo

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Lop2dope _fr : Found out I wasn't the father came straight to this song

Connor MacDonald : I'm 27 and i have to transition into a wheelchair today... This song is bringing me some comfort... Thank you.

Kenneth : When you finally lose your virginity.

Chubbs : I love this man

Sosa_the_goat : This help me when I'm going threw something

JX Beats : Sick Beat ! Trap On My Channel Too !

Hugo Lopz : Played this song after I finally passed a huge shit

ant jj : i swear they needa make a album together this song was the best who else agrees ?🤔💯

SickleThits : Played this for my grandpa... He still dead :( song lit though

JX Beats : Sick Beat ! Trap On My Channel Too !

Jyma Warren : I will work evry day till I achieve my goals

Don't Read My Profile Picture : Dont REÂD MY NAME

Dope Tech69 : Micheal Jackson Created the Book, Tupac followed it. Biggie edited it. Eminem finished it. Bruno Mars followed it detail by detail, Lil Wayne couldn't read it. Rick Ross ate some pages. 21 Savage shot it. Lil Uzi Vert laughed at it. Lil yachty didn't understand it. Soulja Boy wanted to fight it. Iggy lost it. Wiz khalifa rolled it up and smoked it Kendrick Lamar fixed it. J Cole edited it, The Weeknd Finished it.

christian 1 : I freaking love this song post Malon us great

Zakir Hossain : Never give up-- This song inspired me to do greater things in life now so it can help you to---- Thanks: PostMalone ;)

angel williams : This is my graduation Anthem c/o 2k17 😍💯

The Real Hillary Clinton : This song went Platinum. I'm so proud.

Dean Natoli : when you get laid for the first time

Madd Ambler : Why the dislike bomb? This shits fire, people just love to hate on Post.

Nicol Rozo : when i heard this song i thought he was black

daniel bonilla : Who came back after the live performance?!😂😂

YoungA170 : Hello i make music myself i will appreciate if you can check it out on my YouTube channel thank you.

NoJed : Loved the video just not the cigarettes. Disgusting

Philip Bichon : Blasted this song in my car after getting 34 on the ACT

I'm Edgy : woah, that logo on the laptop is blurred out so well, what brand is it :O

Zgialanella : Everyone please that sees my comment please if you want to go subscribe to my channel and I'll subscribe to your channel.

jaywowwOFFICIAL : Hey if you like Post Malone, then this song is worth checking out!

brownkidsTV : I got hooked on Post Malone with white iverson. Btw, we are 2 Indian rappers remixing popular songs, please check us out in our channel!

Dollar Diva : Yassss ✌🏼️

IMFΛLLINGBΛCK : y is his shirt blurred

b3cky RLS : why do they sometimes blur out the brand of the shirts?

Fuzion : 3:38 got me fucked up if u keep looking at it OMG.

Sabrina's Perfect : tryin so hard to be black. Try harder

Brian Young : Played this to my numb nut now it has the feels

Sliphn : Its a whole different song on 1.25 speed

Pond Punya : I love post malone but why does he always seem like he needs deodorant

Muesli : when you finish placements and you get bronze #leagueoflegends

Percy Jackson : I'm still patient waiting for that day when I can say "I made it".

AtomicPlanet : It is funny how he is smoking a cigarette instead of a joint

Kyston Pender : this is a great song bc me and my boyfriend have been dating since 5 months, he's mine forever! I love him, I hope he is reading this. also, this is the song I told him to listen to bc it was on our first month but now its our 5th month. COMMENT AND LIKE IF YOU HAVE A REALTIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE!

Cork : if you like this song you'll like joey bada$$ devastated

Blurry lemming24 : when it's finally your birthday you start to here this song

LandonLoL : Post Malone is the ugliest mother fucker out there. His music is great though.

Liz Sim : i smell weed everytime i hear this song.

Thomas Stevens : Never knew he was white

The Not So White White Guy : Who in that 69 million gang 💯

Claire Higgins Hart : His braids give me life is that just me

Miu Sage : The fucking blurred out razer laptop

Travonne Noel : when u finally get paid

Specialist Snowflake : kids be taggin my town with #postmalone everywhere lol no other rapper has yet to have that privilege