Bobby Lee Childhood Story Time on The Fighter and The Kid

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MACK : only bobby lee can make a child molestation story funny!!!

CAIN T : This shit was hilarious!!!

SCShinsuke : "Did it look down?"

paul savage : listening to this podcast at work was crazy I was trying so hard not to laugh glad they made it into a clip so funny and crazy Bobby lee man he's had such a crazy life

OD Music : Absolutely fucking hilarious... and also seriously fucked up lol

StevenF Jaxsen : Hands down the funniest shit I have seen in a long time! I highly suggest you stop watching this clip and start watching it from the beginning of the podcast because the build up makes it so much better!!

Freddie Martinez : My mann Bobby Lee, looking like the Korean Wolverine

pat : What a dark story lol

theres nothing wrong with being 52 and looking 52 : Okay now i understand why he's so fuckin weird 💩😂

Makaveli_ben : He told joey Diaz about this on his podcast lol

AG john Jones : one of the most f_up story even worst than uncle Joey's but Still in a sick way hilarious

Alex The Beard : Everyday for a summer, I was brutally molested by a guy with down syndrome

Berserkramo410 : Bobby looking like Negan here.......Leegan?

David Y : LOL Bobby Lee totally owned both of you guys with his threats in the beginning hahahah LOL he was totally fuckin with you guys. That's why he's so awesome

Bruins man 1121 : I can't tell if Bobby was playing his "character" when talking about leaving if they smiled or if he's really that sensitive. Seems like comedians would understand why people laugh, I get it's a bad story but it seems pretty stuck up to threaten people for smiling it just goes against the fighter and the kids style. Idk I felt nervous for Brendan laughing cause I was crying laughing in class and I tried to make myself stop laughing and I just couldn't and I though Bobby was legit gonna dip.

MrOasis316 : I've noticed Brendan has been a lot funnier the last month or so than normal. Writing short stand up for the live shows must be working for him his delivery has gotten pretty good and so has his phrasing which use to be terrible. "Did it look down" was so much funnier and was delivered so much better than the shit he use to say.

TRUMP'S NECKGINA : i was never THAT into candy growing up...for sure *uh-oh hot dog*

Gene Smith : I had to put the weed down for a bit, LMAO!!!

dorothyvela : FUN DIP.

Don Mega : 1:30

Joshua Mourer : Plz plz make this into a cartoon plz 🙏🏽

DPER4 : this had me LMAO on the original broadcast that I woke up my roommates

Hee Kim : I watched the original entire episode and I watched this clip again. Laughed equally hard again. Fk this is hilarious.

Vincent Hu : this got me lol

harness79 : For those that think Bobby is hilarious...his brother Steve is even funnier #oilbrothers. Come visit Tigerbelly, a land full of Pink Dick, and where the lube flows like wine.

aaron johnston : Didn’t Bryan get molested lol ??

Dardan M : I think it's because Bobby says so much crazy shit you don't even know if he's just fucking with you when he says it out of the blue

Kevinb1821 : I feel bad for the guy laughing. We’ve all been there where we can’t control our laughter at the WRONG time.

goddammityamcha : 3:38 roganism

HTSoon : By far the best guest fucking hilarious

SELEKTAH : The first 3 minutes of this is some of the funniest shit I've ever seen.

BOOGER C : LOL this shit was toooooo funny

Bob Mattel : What kind of candy?! Lmfao!! Only Big Brown! 😂😂

Lucky Patrick : This and rappaport are a couple of the funniest moments ever. Hulk Hogan too

Julian Jennings : best show ive seen hands down. deep and hilarious all at the same time!

Graysheep 47 : I fucking love Bobby Lee! This is insanely funny on a crazy level.

famtime : funniest guest, funniest show, by far. rappaport finally got passed. I usually hate random comedians but this guy Chemistry is insane with you guys. first guest besides rappa that refused to be interrupted. and that makes the show much better.

Bluelemonzz : you guys suck as hosts. A guy is talking about being molested and your first reaction is just to laugh. Joe Rogan is the best at podcasts and unedited interviews. He's fuckin hilarious but also knows when to be sensitive of his guests depending on the topic.

Just Sumguy : Bobby definitely says "Dip'n Dots" before Schuab. Goddamn it Bobby.

Brian Tracy : Best/worst story ever

Eddie : Just for the record, Bobby definitely said dipping dots. lol

Inderjit Randhawa : Does it look down. Greatest line ever.

That Chrome Superbike Rider : "when I was 9 I was brutally molested by a guy with down syndrome" So you willingly prostituted yourself for candy everyday but he brutally molested you? Even brendan said "everyday? you couldn't avoid him? For gods sake?" Then he casually explained that he wanted candy so he gave the guy a blow job for it ....everyday for summer.

Plague Doc : This is imo the funniest moment on TFATK ..I have never replayed this as many times as I did when I saw the full podcast. It's so fucking funny.

TheOriginalCP9 : Best guest ever. Bring him back!

Joseph D'Ambrosio : bobby lee DID say "dipping dots"

spastikxchild13 : Bobby definitely said dippin dots

Robert Porter : Everyday for summer

Ciro André Machado : Joey Diaz #1 and Bobby Lee #2 are my favorites comedians.. bobby style cracks me up

Arlandah Goinkhoser : Brandon look like raider from mad max