Bobby Lee Childhood Story Time on The Fighter and The Kid

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MACK : only bobby lee can make a child molestation story funny!!!

CAIN T : This shit was hilarious!!!

SCFack : "Did it look down?"

kringlebert fishtybuns : >every day for summer holy shit i laughed so hard i hurt my throat

Freddie Martinez : My mann Bobby Lee, looking like the Korean Wolverine

paul savage : listening to this podcast at work was crazy I was trying so hard not to laugh glad they made it into a clip so funny and crazy Bobby lee man he's had such a crazy life

StevenF Jaxsen : Hands down the funniest shit I have seen in a long time! I highly suggest you stop watching this clip and start watching it from the beginning of the podcast because the build up makes it so much better!!

dorothyvela : FUN DIP.

pat : What a dark story lol

Alex The Beard : Everyday for a summer, I was brutally molested by a guy with down syndrome

Makaveli_ben : He told joey Diaz about this on his podcast lol

AG john Jones : one of the most f_up story even worst than uncle Joey's but Still in a sick way hilarious

Berserkramo410 : Bobby looking like Negan here.......Leegan?

MrOasis316 : I've noticed Brendan has been a lot funnier the last month or so than normal. Writing short stand up for the live shows must be working for him his delivery has gotten pretty good and so has his phrasing which use to be terrible. "Did it look down" was so much funnier and was delivered so much better than the shit he use to say.

Gene Smith : I had to put the weed down for a bit, LMAO!!!

TRUMP'S NECKGINA : i was never THAT into candy growing up...for sure *uh-oh hot dog*

Kevinb1821 : I feel bad for the guy laughing. We’ve all been there where we can’t control our laughter at the WRONG time.

aaron johnston : Didn’t Bryan get molested lol ??

Bruins man 1121 : I can't tell if Bobby was playing his "character" when talking about leaving if they smiled or if he's really that sensitive. Seems like comedians would understand why people laugh, I get it's a bad story but it seems pretty stuck up to threaten people for smiling it just goes against the fighter and the kids style. Idk I felt nervous for Brendan laughing cause I was crying laughing in class and I tried to make myself stop laughing and I just couldn't and I though Bobby was legit gonna dip.

Joshua Mourer : Plz plz make this into a cartoon plz 🙏🏽

GoogleJim : once you’re told to stop laughing, it’s so much harder to freaking stop!

Hee Kim : I watched the original entire episode and I watched this clip again. Laughed equally hard again. Fk this is hilarious.

harness79 : For those that think Bobby is hilarious...his brother Steve is even funnier #oilbrothers. Come visit Tigerbelly, a land full of Pink Dick, and where the lube flows like wine.

DPER4 : this had me LMAO on the original broadcast that I woke up my roommates

Vincent Hu : this got me lol

goddammityamcha : 3:38 roganism

South West Lunker Hunters Swlunkerhunters : Pore Bobby man. How can you even laugh at that. That’s horrible

Jon Ray : 1 minute in and I was crying real tears of laughter

Derrick Wardell : did it look down...dead

SELEKTAH : The first 3 minutes of this is some of the funniest shit I've ever seen.

Chris Paulino : This was pure gold

Robb 87 : 🤣 did it look down

Paul James : Bobby Lee needs to be with Joey Diaz on their own podcast. 😀😂😂

Lucky Patrick : This and rappaport are a couple of the funniest moments ever. Hulk Hogan too

Gero Merca : Turned something bad into his bad ass life

Vlad Stone : Verrry funny but also eye opening. Why do we react with laughter about something terrible, that was done by someone suffering from a disease? I still laughed hella tho not gon lie. Bobby is raising awareness on issues we're just starting to understand.

James Yawn : Havent laughed this hard all season

Demosolon : That sounds like a fun game to play with your mates actually. Tell a story about you being molested with as much sincerity as possible and the first person to laugh loses.

Julian Jennings : best show ive seen hands down. deep and hilarious all at the same time!

Bailey Mitchell : They couldn't even look at him lmao

steviefranchize21 : Lmao why is bobby dressed like negan??

Canada's truthful : That's rough!

Bob Mattel : What kind of candy?! Lmfao!! Only Big Brown! 😂😂

Mollie Stratton : omg I could not NOT laugh at this. 😆

Ciro André Machado : Joey Diaz #1 and Bobby Lee #2 are my favorites comedians.. bobby style cracks me up

Gary Donoghue : Lying cunt

Arlandah Goinkhoser : Brandon look like raider from mad max

RoidWatch : Lame story. About as funny as pancreatic cancer.

Steve : what kinda candy we talkin?......that was f'kn funny!

The Jetavana Grove : Schaub’s “does it go down” line was not meant to be a joke. He meant it literally which made it all the more funny.