Man Show - Guess What's In My Pants

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Duckie : "maybe it'll be easier if y ou put your mouth on it"   I love the hollywood elite!! they can do anything they want to women and then cry on TV about politics. God bless the USA.

Shlomo Goldrememberthesixgorillionbergensteinbears : Back when Jimmy Kimmel made jokes instead of constantly crying on national television.

kevin baker : Thank you, Jimmy and your liberal friends ...... for always sticking up for women and never degrading them. Without such integrity your wise words on the subject of healthcare would mean nothing.

Krypton : HE'S A HYPOCRITE!!!

Jona Denz-Hamilton : Hilarious! But pretty sad that people try to make this about abuse. Geez! Everyone's getting the joke except the haters.

Big Pun : Jimmy Kimmel, the Harvey Weinstein of comedy.

EUPRI : Disgusting. Arrest him!!!!!!

Kim Mozingo : And CNN called him America’s moral conscience.... give me a break! How dare he say anything about Trump! This is so demeaning to woman!

OSVahn : Haha! I miss the Man Show. And itss even more funny with all the SJW snowflake idiots in the comments losing their shit.

Sherree Adams : Another Hollywood pervert. Cry about politics, cry about the conservatives, cry about our President, cry about healthcare. Cry me a river. You should be crying in jail you sick piece of garbage.

steve White : All the girls look like wannabe actresses. Not one fat ugly one. So bless the little darlings this is obviously the way to get on the screen.

Joel Craig : So its a video about women grabbing him by the pussy.

Javier m : jimmy before he went through sensitivity training?

Eddie Figueroa : Wait this is the guy they are making out to look like a creep on the news, dnt see that in this

Jeje The Human : Have any of you ever heard of a fucking joke?

mistercoors : You SHOULD be in jail instead of on a pathetic late night liberal show you perverted POS.

Mike Melina : Remember when...Hey folks, Jimmy Kimmel Used To Be funny!

Sweet James : His son will be so proud of his dad some day..!

Heidi Reis : Discusting

Vale Bene : This scumbag of Kimmel! A sanctimonious asshole full of shit

no google I don't want to use my real name. : You guys do know that the man show was a sexually focused late night comedy show, right? The content were pretty lewd, but nothing was done without consent.

Ed O : He is one of many of Hollywood's biggest fucking hypocrites. You Criticizing Trump, Hollywood makes a movie about shooting and killing people, People come watch your movie. BUT your against guns. Hollywood makes movies about rape, OH Harvey Wienstein the biggest rapist in Hollywood. Yet in Hollywood' everyone makes money. WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING TWISTED PEOPLE!

White Kracker : Jimmy is a disgusting creature. Go back to hell jimmy.

viola F. Link : He is a filthy man

AlJalandhari : Out of curiosity are there any non-trump fans out there who feel Jimmy doesn't have the right to call out sexual abusers because of this totally consensual game show?

ooopaulo : This is Jimmy before they started giving him estrogen.

I Just Don't Know : Too bad a decent female didn't pull out a gun and blast this sex pervert right in the balls. Sickening goddamn pervert.

The Rambler : trump got crucified for an old recording like this, but I guess if you're a liberal you get a free pass

bohemethnemeth : I don't like how outspoken Jimmy is with his political opinions, and how preachy he's become. But as someone who leans conservative, the narrative about this is totally backwards. This was, and still is, a hilarious bit. There's nothing wrong with this at all, and this has nothing to do with the Weinstein story. I just wish he would focus more on funny things like this and little less on preaching to his audience.

shigsho : Not funny. Just perverted. Jimmy has some Weinstein in him.

Bruce Kao : more humor than 99% of the late night shows these days

Kronos92 : Jimmy is a pathetic liberal piece of shit. To bad his son didn’t die and he had to pass on his nasty ass genes

Sj Sadler : I hope Our President chimes in on Jimmy ..people that live in glass houses Jimmy know the rest pig.

Alana Matthieu : the Girls signed a release form and got paid for guessing what's in his pants...   HollyWeird

Eddie Romero : Jimmy kimmel, guess what I have under my pants??? A BIG DIG 4 YOU AND HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITICAL LIBERALS

iliketo comment : fucking pervert. yet he complains about what trump says and does.

harley quinn : and he have the nerve to talk about trumps lockerroom talk which was talk on a hot mic and he did this on national tv. And he didnt even pay that slut who put her mouth on his pants he couldve gave her something.

John Sands : Hypocrite, looks like self Gratification to me.

JEAN SPALDING : And Trump is the mysogynist??? Where is the outcriers on this? How many of the liberal left loons (notice, I am not saying all liberals...just the loons) watch his show? So sick of the hypocrisy!!! Ashley Judd, " the nasty woman", was a victim of Harvey Weenersteen. Where was her voice then? Where was her voice calling out how terrible Jimmy is? Where? Why did it take Killery not even a full day to start spouting off about gun issues after LV, but 5 full days to open her pie hole about Weenersteen and his disgusting nature. She freaking knew! She loved this guy. The Obamas praised him. People who aren't "in the know" knew, so how did people who are "in the know" NOT KNOW?

William Stewart : He also called the women on that show "The Juggies".

TJ Heitor : Weinstein supporter right there,and a bunch of Attention Whores as well...

CjL716 : This is DISGUSTING !!! HE IS A PIG AND NEEDS to go to the Harvey Weinstein Predator Camp !!

Justin Tyme : Do it with a man, you fukin fag. You know your liberal buddies would love that shit. Smh

DJ Johnson : This is such a SAD state when we have come to this as HUMOR! Johnny Carson, and those who came before should roll over in grave. CANCEL this clown!

MGTOW : Typical Leftist, this guys nest worth in 4 million Dollars and he is crying saying his child needs Government Health Care!

bivio1 : This is the conscience of America folks!!!

Tom D : Comment and like to get this video trending

William S : Now he learned the fine art of pandering to the left, with his forced crying and his make myself feel good monologues. The highest goal in life is to have a viral video. He really cares!

Adam A. : I can’t help but laugh at all the Conservatives pretending to be outraged by this.

PAUL R : the level of intelligence in the USA today can be measured by the ratings for the big bang theory.