Man Show - Guess What's In My Pants

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jujumediazone : Can imagine if this was done by some conservative. leftism is really odd.

Manuel Delgado : they need a microscope

Steve Jones : Jimmy needs to be stopped.

Duckie : "maybe it'll be easier if y ou put your mouth on it"   I love the hollywood elite!! they can do anything they want to women and then cry on TV about politics. God bless the USA.

Goblin GirlZappa : Can you imagine if the SJW crowd (who Jimmy is sucking up to these days with his political stances) saw this sketch? They'd try and get him fired.

Minego Boom : liberals get their news from this guy now

Aristotle : Hey, isn't this guy the new moral voice of the left?Ah ha ha ha.

Bin Young : Wow, what a pervert, and hypocrite!

Good Will : Here's you progressive liberal in action

TMoon2015 : not sure if abc wants anyone to see this funny shit haha

APAL880 : how could such a manly funny dude turn into what he is now. damn feminism.

PantsFreeZone : Can't wait to see Jimmy Kimmel crying about this video.

diane bald : Good fucking god. #1 who green-lighted this shit #2 Hollywood needs to stop lecturing my family on morality PS. You guys are all "Harvey Weinstein"

Kim Mozingo : And CNN called him America’s moral conscience.... give me a break! How dare he say anything about Trump! This is so demeaning to woman!

johnny le : Jimmy Kimmel is a coward. He lectures America about gun control but doesn't say shit about sexual harassment in Hollywood.

William Pittman : Trump was locker room talk and their acting like he’s a rapist!! Kimmel was out in the open clearly degrading women! it’s that nervous 😟 laughter from the women and him!!! Loser!!! Put your mouth on it! Clearly putting women down slut shaming actually putting himself down!!! He should be fired for this!!! But the women grope and 😆 laugh!!! And what was that you said about Trump? Uh huh shut up kimmel you’re the real abuser of women not Trump!!

IsaacH1273 : jimmy was kind of a dirty sunuvabitch back then.

JimboRustles : I guess they edited out all the ugly chicks.

shigsho : Not funny. Just perverted. Jimmy has some Weinstein in him.

Monscent : I want shows like this back please.

Krypton : HE'S A HYPOCRITE!!!

The Clintidote : Hey Kimmel - time to apologize and resign, you leftist democRat asshole hypocrite.

Carly Havlo : What a fucking creep

reefseeker : Hollywood hypocrisy is Amazing

Patricia Garrison : Mr. Morality himself? Figures , typical liberal

Jade Martin : pig

Hawks Fan : Anyone who thinks jimmy is a hypocrite needs to look at who the fuck you elected into office. This was a television show where the people had to sign a release agreement to do something knowingly where he DID NOT touch them but they touched jimmy, where as the fuck tard in office feels like he can go and grab women by the pussy cause he feels like it. And then has no problem walking into a girls changing room at beauty pageants and talk about dating under aged girls. So fuck off with your hypocrisy comments and take your troll elsewhere.

Drip System : no way she guessed that


iliketo comment : fucking pervert. yet he complains about what trump says and does.

OSVahn : Haha! I miss the Man Show. And itss even more funny with all the SJW snowflake idiots in the comments losing their shit.

PJ afterdarc : Video of Jimmy Kimmel before he chopped his dick off & became a woman.

Heather Towell : The only dick I can find is the one wearing your shoes Jimmy.

azul mantis : Jimmy SAY GOOD BYE!! This just proves how SICK you are!! And you are advocating gun control!! Seems like you need to take your own advice!! Keep it in your pants!! You are a JOKE!! TRUMP FOR LIFE!! WE WILL HOLD ON TO OUR GUNS AND OUR FREEDOM!!

Bill Orights : Sicko..

Joe S : Jimmy Weinstein going through Menapause now.

Arturo Pena : this tool should feel the burn for this crap, now let's see if he jokes about it

harley quinn : and he have the nerve to talk about trumps lockerroom talk which was talk on a hot mic and he did this on national tv. And he didnt even pay that slut who put her mouth on his pants he couldve gave her something.

footytang : Should post this on his twitter so his SJW fans can see what a "monster" this man used to be.

Ltscathogrls : FIRE HIM ASAP

tyler peterson : And this is a Guy trying to flip shit on Trump for treating women bad? What a Hypocrite, He's like the stubborn Turd in the Late Night Toilet Bowl that just won't go down. "Put your Mouth over it hahaha". What a D Bag..

mike gould : pig

Javier m : Harvey'd be proud of Jimmy!

david burrus : Leftist hero in action.

DeportAllIllegals ByAllMeans : Back in 2002, this was Jimmy then. Fast forward to 2017, it gets done behind the scene. This way, he can claim the moral high ground.

David : Polanski, Weinstein, kimmel ?

John Palermo : Someone should stop Kimmel's daughter on the street to feel up their crotch then post it worldwide for everyone to see. This guy like most Hollywood "voices of conscience" is a complete farce and basic lowlife c*nt! Yea Kimmel, your the Dad of the Year. A real role model...

Snick34 : Jimmy is a scumbag

Scott Greensboro : Jimmy kimmel is a perv

BebeBebe321 : Weinstein without the balls. Are you still asking teenage girls what's in your pants as a bit, liddle Jimmy?