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Duckie : "maybe it'll be easier if y ou put your mouth on it"   I love the hollywood elite!! they can do anything they want to women and then cry on TV about politics. God bless the USA.

Kreemerz : Can imagine if this was done by some conservative. leftism is really odd.

Manuel Delgado : they need a microscope

Steve Jones : Jimmy needs to be stopped.

Minego Boom : liberals get their news from this guy now

Goblin GirlZappa : Can you imagine if the SJW crowd (who Jimmy is sucking up to these days with his political stances) saw this sketch? They'd try and get him fired.

Aristotle : Hey, isn't this guy the new moral voice of the left?Ah ha ha ha.

Good Will : Here's you progressive liberal in action

PantsFreeZone : Can't wait to see Jimmy Kimmel crying about this video.

Kim Mozingo : And CNN called him America’s moral conscience.... give me a break! How dare he say anything about Trump! This is so demeaning to woman!

APAL880 : how could such a manly funny dude turn into what he is now. damn feminism.

shigsho : Not funny. Just perverted. Jimmy has some Weinstein in him.

Triumphant Ape : Where's Weinstein?

John Palermo : Someone should stop Kimmel's daughter on the street to feel up their crotch then post it worldwide for everyone to see. This guy like most Hollywood "voices of conscience" is a complete farce and basic lowlife c*nt! Yea Kimmel, your the Dad of the Year. A real role model...

reefseeker : Hollywood hypocrisy is Amazing

JimboRustles : I guess they edited out all the ugly chicks.

Jo Bckts : Jimmy Weinstein going through Menapause now.

Laurieforjustice : and he thinks he's a moral compass ! Typical left hypocrite !

Patricia Garrison : Mr. Morality himself? Figures , typical liberal

DeportAllIllegals ByAllMeans : Back in 2002, this was Jimmy then. Fast forward to 2017, it gets done behind the scene. This way, he can claim the moral high ground.

Monscent : I want shows like this back please.

flightjam : People talk about Jimmy being a hypocrite and degrading women. Well what about the women? They are having as much fun as he is lol.

Javier m : Harvey'd be proud of Jimmy!

Alana Matthieu : the Girls signed a release form and got paid for guessing what's in his pants...   HollyWeird

Bill Orights : Sicko..

Krypton : HE'S A HYPOCRITE!!!

Arturo Pena : this tool should feel the burn for this crap, now let's see if he jokes about it

Winnetou64 : Look at all those SJWs in the comment section. It's so sad.

R Crouch : Democrats are all the same - Jimmy Kimmel, Larry Flint, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton they all EXPLOIT women... and they all mindlessly Hate on President Trump and his erudite deplorable supporters.

Jade Martin : pig

Edrow72 Sexton : Uncle Jimmy's lucky that wasn't one of my daughters he's on the street with that day .if it was they be digging something out of his ass right now .sad thing is this man has children. someone should make sure your Uncle Jimmy isn't touching his children.

david burrus : Leftist hero in action.

Jose Salazar : What happened to #metoo

XVIVX : Polanski, Weinstein, kimmel ?

Drip System : no way she guessed that

footytang : Should post this on his twitter so his SJW fans can see what a "monster" this man used to be.

Ltscathogrls : FIRE HIM ASAP

Will B : Paying women to grope him in public. The moral compass of America.

Suhail Al-Zarouni : Why doesn’t anyone get that this is a joke, and that the participants agreed to do it

ErisLee : Gross, but locker room talk is so offensive 🙄

luvvideos07 : Hypocrite

O.K : Hahaha ever since Weinstein got expose people are going on the HUNT!! Looking for every Men that touch, felt, smell, look at, bite their lips at, thought dirty thoughts about, said "Hi", accidentally bump into, touch their hand while going for the popcorn, ask to borrow a pencil, watch from the side, look through a window, look through a phone, look through another person phone, look through phone that has picture of a man holding A phone and the man is looking at at the phone of a picture of her, and secretly had a pic of her hidden in their bottom from the left drawer. Those journalists are gonna make some money trying to find the next Weinstein. The scavenger hunt has begun!!!!

Josh Reed : Wait, now why did they choose this guy as the poster child for the progressive movement? Flip to the oscars 2018

John Burns : The Lefts champion of Women..... Lmao

Mike Melina : Remember when...Hey folks, Jimmy Kimmel Used To Be funny!

Chris Manning : The kettle call the pot black.....

wendyw : you couldn't bring ben stein his slippers..................

bruce allen : how does jimmy still have a job

DJ Johnson : This is such a SAD state when we have come to this as HUMOR! Johnny Carson, and those who came before should roll over in grave. CANCEL this clown!

Debbie Olivares : This is so disrespectful of those girls . Jimmy Kimmel should be fired for using girls for his entertainment .