Bill Cosby's Special BBQ Sauce

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markatl84 : Special Recipe: 2 quaaludes, 10 Benadryl, 24 Xanax, and a dash of BBQ sauce. Be VERY careful not to add too much BBQ sauce, however, it totally ruins the "flavor," if you know what I mean!

YouTube Kids [DROIDZ] : *Pill Cosby's Special BBQ Sauce*

BMeister22 : He has a cup of his sauce right now in his jail cell next to his bed...breathing.

SpetS : creepy shit

marksmorphs : Was Bill Cosby chloroforming Bud with that rag?

alex kot : The recipe if anyone wants it. 1/2 cup ketchup 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon cider vinegar 1 dash hot pepper sauce 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon mustard powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 3 crushed pills of quaaludes

JM Revelo : oh I get it now

BooRadley3400 : Pill Cosby

chilltown majors : at least he had the decency to take that bbq sauce away from that kid lol

Christopher M Hansen : I'm gonna rewatch this show again. But now with his perversion it will be funny in a whole new way.

zachary smith : i wonder what he was thinking while doing this scene

Edward Pignataro IV : Bernie Kukoff wrote the funniest scripts.

James F : Poor Theo is all alone at the end of the table

Matthew Ackerley : This is sooooo fucking creepy. Even without context, the way he plays this is creepy as FUCK.

a Will : i thought this clip was hilarious. i don't believe bill ever raped anyone. this is his life's work and should still be respected regardless of being accused. i still love the Cosby show.

Tracy Stout-Powers : he's been telling people what he's been doing for decades.

Ronald Atkinson : As a kid, I never understood the ending on why he snatched the chicken out of Bud's hand and wiped his mouth. But now that I'm older, I fully get it.

banana rama : creepy af

C0sm0sTheM0use : No need for the BMeister treatment on this one. Although when Cosby leaves the scene I imagine I hear... "HELP ME! ANYONE!"

Rick hctep : Say what you like about Bill but non of you can prove he did anything wrong so pack it in making him guilty until you can prove anything, was you there when these things were supposed to be happening, no of cause you were not so all of you zip it, most of these accusers are just after money as usual.

Oliver Neilson : can someone remove the laugh track and recut it into a psychological thriller?

James F : I hear his BBQ sauce is real popular in Se-aaaatt-ttllleee

MattHawes : Wow! Definitely has new meaning now!

Levi : Damn I will never be able to eat BBQ sauce again

Ted Style : I bet he wrote this episode.

Sa Sa : raping drugged up women keeps the family together


Arun T : Everything's so blurry

Tim O'Brien : I always found this seen a little creepy,  Now it's even creepier !!

jetvette66 : Dr. Fuckstable dipped his "puddin' pop" into the sauce. Now there's "Hell-o" to pay.

tstochuj : LMAO

Ronald Weasley : oh my god

ArkhanNightman : That's quite a slowburner of a joke considering how long it took for the punchline to manifest.

xanderluv : Anyone have the recipe for Cliff Huxtables BBQ sauce?

BooNube : "Huggy buggy" - who the fuck talks like that? We all should have known he was a revolting creep.

666skinnyboy : the old rapist

grease58 : HOT DOGS ANYONE?!!

SAMdroid One : I can't stop laughing at it and watching it again, its like the matrix, each time you watch it you think something new.

Troy B : oh I get it, he jizzed in the barbecue sauce

Teeb Seeb : Rape.

Randy Mitchell : Ignoring the obvious, can we talk about the fact that Cliff and Claire were going off to fuck in the middle of a family barbecue? What kind of hosts are you? Also, were they just going to drink the sauce straight from the bottle when they went upstairs?

keith8880 : Bill Cosby is innocent

Isaac Chay : BBQ sauce is a hell of drug

BooRadley3400 : Pill Cosby

Jocelyn Paul : To all the people that says he's a rapist know all the facts before you judge

Akua Layla : I will always love the Cosby show & A Different World. It was some of the best to watch.

stan smith : We now return to the Cosby Show, knowing what we know now - Family Guy


J F : Bill juiced in the special BBQ sauce.

Latasha Harvin : The funniest part was when Cliff ran and took the chicken and sauce away from Kenny. I keep rewinding that part.