Bill Cosby's Special BBQ Sauce

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markatl84 : Special Recipe: 2 quaaludes, 10 Benadryl, 24 Xanax, and a dash of BBQ sauce. Be VERY careful not to add too much BBQ sauce, however, it totally ruins the "flavor," if you know what I mean!

BMeister22 : He has a cup of his sauce right now in his jail cell next to his bed...breathing.

YouTube Kids [DROIDZ] : *Pill Cosby's Special BBQ Sauce*

Ted Style : I bet he wrote this episode.

Jason Street : zip zop doopity rape

Randy Mitchell : Ignoring the obvious, can we talk about the fact that Cliff and Claire were going off to fuck in the middle of a family barbecue? What kind of hosts are you? Also, were they just going to drink the sauce straight from the bottle when they went upstairs?

SpetS : creepy shit

marksmorphs : Was Bill Cosby chloroforming Bud with that rag?

alex kot : The recipe if anyone wants it. 1/2 cup ketchup 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon cider vinegar 1 dash hot pepper sauce 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon mustard powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 3 crushed pills of quaaludes

zachary smith : i wonder what he was thinking while doing this scene

JM Revelo : oh I get it now

BooRadley3400 : Pill Cosby

BooNube : "Huggy buggy" - who the fuck talks like that? We all should have known he was a revolting creep.

Christopher M Hansen : I'm gonna rewatch this show again. But now with his perversion it will be funny in a whole new way.

Gregory A. Parker Sr. : Innocent until proven guilty. I do hope this is still America.

James F : Poor Theo is all alone at the end of the table

C0sm0sTheM0use : No need for the BMeister treatment on this one. Although when Cosby leaves the scene I imagine I hear... "HELP ME! ANYONE!"

grease58 : HOT DOGS ANYONE?!!

Tracy Stout-Powers : he's been telling people what he's been doing for decades.

Matthew Ackerley : This is sooooo fucking creepy. Even without context, the way he plays this is creepy as FUCK.

Edward Pignataro IV : Bernie Kukoff wrote the funniest scripts.

Jinxxed0 : The funny part about this is that he tells her about the sauce. In real life he offered the women the drugs. They said *yes* and took the drugs on their own. Then they had sex. Women are basically children and had zero responsibility for their own choices, so of course everyone hates him for *offering* them drugs that they accepted. Try actually reading about the case before jumping into a mob mentality.

Ronald Atkinson : As a kid, I never understood the ending on why he snatched the chicken out of Bud's hand and wiped his mouth. But now that I'm older, I fully get it.

James F : I hear his BBQ sauce is real popular in Se-aaaatt-ttllleee

Ciaran Gallagher : How was this ever NOT creepy as hell?

Arun T : Everything's so blurry

chilltown majors : at least he had the decency to take that bbq sauce away from that kid lol

Oliver Neilson : can someone remove the laugh track and recut it into a psychological thriller?

banana rama : creepy af

Akua Layla : I will always love the Cosby show & A Different World. It was some of the best to watch.

MattHawes : Wow! Definitely has new meaning now!

Levi : Damn I will never be able to eat BBQ sauce again

Sa Sa : raping drugged up women keeps the family together

jetvette66 : Dr. Fuckstable dipped his "puddin' pop" into the sauce. Now there's "Hell-o" to pay.


tstochuj : LMAO

xanderluv : Anyone have the recipe for Cliff Huxtables BBQ sauce?

ArkhanNightman : That's quite a slowburner of a joke considering how long it took for the punchline to manifest.

dynamitejimi : Lmao oh my goodness. This now has an unintended sinister undertone.

Tim O'Brien : I always found this seen a little creepy,  Now it's even creepier !!

a Will : i thought this clip was hilarious. i don't believe bill ever raped anyone. this is his life's work and should still be respected regardless of being accused. i still love the Cosby show.

SAMdroid One : I can't stop laughing at it and watching it again, its like the matrix, each time you watch it you think something new.

Ronald Weasley : oh my god

BooRadley3400 : Pill Cosby

Troy B : oh I get it, he jizzed in the barbecue sauce

Isaac Chay : BBQ sauce is a hell of drug

The Muffin Man : I'm triggered by this video. Delete it now. #BlackLivesMatter

666skinnyboy : the old rapist

Teeb Seeb : Rape.

N1GHT 2H4DE : huggy. fucking. buggy.