Bill Cosby's Special BBQ Sauce

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markatl84 : Special Recipe: 2 quaaludes, 10 Benadryl, 24 Xanax, and a dash of BBQ sauce. Be VERY careful not to add too much BBQ sauce, however, it totally ruins the "flavor," if you know what I mean!

The Piper Report : It's insane how this clip foreshadowed the future. Bill Cosby truly did have a special BBQ sauce and it did in fact work. It didn't work well enough though because the women still remembered the after-effects of the sauce, but the sauce got the job done nonetheless.

DROIDZ Gaming : *Pill Cosby's Special BBQ Sauce*

ArkhanNightman : That's quite a slowburner of a joke considering how long it took for the punchline to manifest.

Ted Style : I bet he wrote this episode.

BMeister22 : He has a cup of his sauce right now in his jail cell next to his bed...breathing.

Jason Street : zip zop doopity rape

Oliver Neilson : can someone remove the laugh track and recut it into a psychological thriller?

dinoscare : This, this didn’t age well, did it?

Tracy Stout-Powers : he's been telling people what he's been doing for decades.

Aeschlimann1 : If you think Bill Cosby is bad wait until you learn about the rest of Hollywood.

chilltown majors : at least he had the decency to take that bbq sauce away from that kid lol

zachary smith : i wonder what he was thinking while doing this scene

alex kot : The recipe if anyone wants it. 1/2 cup ketchup 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon cider vinegar 1 dash hot pepper sauce 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon mustard powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 3 crushed pills of quaaludes

Large Marge : This isnt acting, this is the real Bill Cosby.

Ciaran Gallagher : How was this ever NOT creepy as hell?

Isaac Chay : BBQ sauce is a hell of drug

Rhino 'n Chips : They get all huggy buggy, then they get all sleepy weepy, then _I_ get all huggy buggy.

Ronald Atkinson : As a kid, I never understood the ending on why he snatched the chicken out of Bud's hand and wiped his mouth. But now that I'm older, I fully get it.

Thurnis Haley : Did he expect her to, like, *drink* the cup of bbq sauce?

marksmorphs : Was Bill Cosby chloroforming Bud with that rag?

banana rama : creepy af

Christopher M Hansen : I'm gonna rewatch this show again. But now with his perversion it will be funny in a whole new way.

Chris Everitt : What's worse is the way he is saying it, he sounds and looks creepy.

AgiiTV : h3 podcast brought me here

Laser Ninja : Well this clip didn't age well

dynamitejimi : Lmao oh my goodness. This now has an unintended sinister undertone.

JM Revelo : oh I get it now

James F : Poor Theo is all alone at the end of the table

Brian Mead : I'll take Lines That Aged Poorly for 300, Alex!

Arun T : Everything's so blurry

BooRadley3400 : Pill Cosby

UDONTCME111 : “It’s on the nightstand... I left it breathing.... “ wft?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Silas ofNj : He won't last a month in Prison. Said it here first.

Jason Downs : Even without knowing what we know now, it's still a creepy ass scene. Why would a father give sauce to his kids to make them horny, even if they are grown?

Warped : The ultimate troll...Pill Cosby!

Tim O'Brien : I always found this seen a little creepy,  Now it's even creepier !!

MattHawes : Wow! Definitely has new meaning now!

Latasha Harvin : The funniest part was when Cliff ran and took the chicken and sauce away from Kenny. I keep rewinding that part.

Nansi : Rudy and Bud are gonna get it on.

James F : I hear his BBQ sauce is real popular in Se-aaaatt-ttllleee

Sa Sa : raping drugged up women keeps the family together

Nathan Lewis : This show is forever ruined

Scooby the bull terrier : well, you know what they say, write what you know.

RAIN : Its a shame because I love this show

DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿ : 1:20 - Kinda looks like Malcolm-Jamal Warner was the one actor who was disturbed by this scene. (Maybe Bill spilled a few stories over liquor and cigars.)

Michael Johnson : Bill Cosby gave the special BBQ sauce to the women while they were asleep.

Eclectic Media : I tell you what, I strongly, strongly suspect Phylicia Rashad's reaction at :43 was unscripted and real. Her reaction and laugh was entirely too genuine to say that it was acting. She looks so surprised he said that, she even put her hands to her face.

Rhynn Ontiizaaniiuus 死神 : How was this NOT a red flag?

Oliverio Carbajal : can't believe this is still on the YouTube after everything that happened