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LOL Population : Its going to be fun watching Marc grow well past 100k by the end of this year.

NeverenCH : 14:40, damn that hit hard.

Ryan Chmura : Wow the mom song was so emotional and powerful, I love all the goofy stuff but I would love a sadder album filled with stuff like that! Thanks for pushing out SO MUCH stuff to listen too!

Don Coleman : yay! poop'n and loop'n

djsnakeyes : This guy is quickly becoming my favorite producer.

dbowman pigeons : So begins the reign of loop daddy

Josh Adams : Is this actually the guy that waited in line for an iPhone

Deon van Gorsel : Good stuff dude, NYC suits you well! Loving the wall too. Brick is IN.

Logan Daniel : Marc, you inspire me and I'm definitely going to get a loop station at some point.

chunder chunder : Loop di-di whoop! Whoopty loopty poop! Poopy loopty loopty whoop!

Karalyn Goldberg : You are brilliant!! So glad I discovered you and your Youtube ALL from a “re-post” on reddit about a lady who tried to buy all the apple phones! ❤️

Mika Tarkela : Damn! You're apartment looks cool! At first I thought you were at some bar :) Awesome stuff as always!

marchestral : Welcome to NYC! Have your neighbors banged on your ceiling yet?

Mike Iervolino : love you marc!

boominginthegallo : And so it begins...

Ben Hoskins : So sad I missed this yesterday! So glad you posted it though. Really caught me off guard that Mom song. Good job man.

Preston Brownlow : I CANT EVEN LOOK AT YOU MAN!

siamiam : Wonderful

Splasher : The Hide and Seek song was incredible !

Bad Finger Productions : This is absolutely fantastic. I think this is a wonderful concept, you calling your fans to interact with them during a live stream. So bad ass!! And the songs you did were epic as always. White rights, the mom track, friggin Creed 😂😂😂😂 thank you Marc for adding Joy to my life, the world needs more characters like you.

MMALifee : Holy shit. Mango baby.

Nick Deuel : That mom part(as well as all of it) was kick ass dude

TheNewbKiller21 : you are a sauce lord

TMG252 : JarJar just needs some of the JarJar suck 1:07:26


MoxxyPrime : Two types of people, creators and consumers. Thank you so much for choosing the former.

Kev : Come to the UK GOAT

nimblemix : Good show man! Wish you well on your New York adventures!! Poop on it!

Dave Gould : Honestly who downvotes this content FFS?!?!?

Tomah I : Woah! fkn hide and seek got dark

The Bearcat : Well... thanks for making me cry on that mom track.

TargusSongs : Hide and Seek was amazing hahaha. The raging dad voice had me in stitches!

Matthew Watson : Unreal set man! Keep it up :) Jar Jar Binks song made me laugh out loud in work, that was pretty hard to explain so thanks!

Maggs : Trip hop trip man

Travis Casnave : My man congrats on the move loving the tunes. Keep kicken ass mate

GoshDaneIt! : At 28:04, im pretty sure Marc had no idea what that man was talking about.

AlienAshtray : Keep on shining bright Marc

Soylantis and dadfrica Harding : Remember

funkadunk8 : Why can’t we see comments from the stream any more?

SuperJNEWSOM : Crazy insane creativity G!!!! Chi-Town represent

Vinny Edwards : You're a national treasure.

squiziph : Hide and seek was beautiful.

hooblagoo : mango baby

Tom Porter : HELL YEAH REBILLET !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerome Destacamento : Thanks for this!

Rotten Luke Beats : Cant stop watching

dante`afk : ofc brooklyn :P

HDF Production : I'm french and i find the first loop represent so much well my personnal representation of NYC

David Alexandrovitch : My man you remind me so much of e-dubbles freestyles

22shkhan : Hide and seek is about to go platinum