"Tron: Legacy": Zuse Chapter - Fight and Elevator Fall Scenes ("Derezzed" and "Fall") [HD]

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Some great scenes from "Tron: Legacy" featuring the songs "Derezzed" and "Fall" by Daft Punk, both available on the official soundtrack.

Comments from Youtube

Zohaib Khawaja : 2:01 Admin has entered the game

alucard624 : This scene, once Derezzed started, got EVERYONE in the theater I saw this at pumped up.  One of the best moments of the entire film.  Daft Punk killed it with their awesome soundtrack.

Jokrz : Was I the only one who thought this movie was amazing?

Will Drosche : This whole scene was gold. The music with the fighting and when Flynn's father busts in like a god. Perfect 🙌🏽

SevuhnElevuhn : tron version of david bowie


CDR. Xreon : You know you did something bad when the SWAT team comes thourgh your roof. XD

Jzilla : 2:06 THAT BADASS MOMENT!! Everything stops, EPIC MUSIC!

TeamGavino : Not gonna lie, I haven't seen TRON or TRON Legacy, but I have never seen someone who in a movie I've wanted to die more than the guy with the laser cane.

Triple H : I thought it was funny I saw the girl crying while holding her boyfriend's pile of shattered pixels. 😱 😂

george boukarim : daft punk killed this movie. this movie is the reason why im in love with them

Arbitrary Me : Am I the only one that finds 0:47 funny how Zuse says 2 song names from the soundtrack?

Khongor Tumenbayar : Does Zues remind anyone of David Bowie from the Ziggy Stardust period?

J S : when god says "Lets split man"

Dark - Nightcore : I like how that bald guy got down on his knees and started praying lmao

Hermann Fegelein : 0:47 -says "the game has changed" -plays derezzed instead (in case you didn't get it, "the game has changed" is the name of another tron song)

Validifyed : Probably the best scene in the movie. The most interesting thing in the entire film and franchise is the concept of a god that is omnipotent in many ways, but not omniscient.

Hauler24 : Micheal Sheen is boss!

ウィスカーANN : Honestly couldn't tell if Castor was bad or not when I first watched this hahaha

Mark Mitrani : 2:39 doesn't the disk need to turn left/right before being taken off? You know, for "safety"

Dinglie Danglie Doodle : 2:01 End Of Line Club channel: Moderator online

Shadowkey392 : 0:22 looks like Disney was crazy about Star Wars even before they decided to buy it.

Davis Jackson : Kevin Flynn thinks that he is Jesus at 2:31 to 2:37

Spirobrine : Crazy David bowie commentary makes the Sean so more funnyer

Aaron Newell- Tutu : 0:45 how tempered glass shatters.

Danny DeVito : The cane guys a bad ass

tquinton1 : "This is going to be quite the ride..."

Eric Griffin : This is by far the best scene in the entire movie.  Daft punk brings it to another level.

JohnnyShagbot : Deus Ex Jeff Bridges

agxnt.umbrella : these are the best 2 songs in the movie!!

Ryan Darko : Scene changed my life in all aspects

Hubert Maliszewski : There's a lot of personality in the character and design of everyone, but fight-wise these are kinda limp

Elizabeth Herrera : Castor is handsome, enigmatic, sensual in a dark way, Uffff!

World Wide Web : Great scene, probably one of the best in the movie.

Heavenlyhounds96 : This may have been only one scene, (plus another clip on here), but Castor is one of the fun parts of this film. :D

chris atkinson : Think about it though, 2:08 Kevin is like god to us so have the people in the room took a few seconds to reflect before going full "GOD WILLS IT!" on red guys.

Sxardeath Kingsfire : Player 2 has entered the game

W Kitch : 2:01, the feels you get when you join your squad on battleground and players are in awe of your pro level skills.

Drunk Welshman : the dude is our lord and savior

Neutral Peace : The scene with the parachute styled troops is EPIC!!

Narcissism : All that laughing and goofing off stopped as soon as he saw Flynn 😂 He was shook!

Barış Övün : How many nerdgasm I can have in three and half minutes? A LOT!

Luke 2C76 : I want an identity disk

Scott Burns : What I love is that thanks to Castor, Clu's men get the jump on Sam and the resistance, essentially killing 2 birds with one stone, fight ensues. But! When...and only when Flynn shows up, a man seen as god by many programmes on the grid, the tide of the battle turns in the favour of Sam and the Resistance <3

A Nightmare On Pokéstreet : Wow. Castor/Zuse really reminds me of the Riddler from DC Universe. Mostly because he certainly seems wacky enough, has that fancy cane, and has a funny walk and/or dance.

Dragonsamurai14 : Kevin is like the wizard of TRON legacy.

Alex Can : 2:22 nothin to see here

G0lden Ra1den : 2:03 me when I come in with a tank and blow everybody away in gta5.

T. Christopher Larr : BEHOLD THE SON OF OUR MAKER!!