Top Bear Attack Human - Best Compalition 2016

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Dj Stregmabohn : first one is fake

ed renkor : Bear 1 "hey you dropped your wallet"

Vitali Eisenbraun : If you meet a bear. Do not run. Go a step forward and talk loudly or shout on him. Take a stick of there's one. Take something, helmet, keys, stone, toilet paper. 🐻 are very intelligent and know you could have have something in your hand, that could hurt them. If its not working go slowly backwards, but still try to look strong/big and still with a angry, loud voice. Its like you met someone not friendly in Compton.

3RaNded Lowkey : If i was that bear chained up being fed like that and inhumane i would have attacked that person also. People think bears are a joke and cool to have as pets if you arent trained as a bear handler or wildlife rescue then dont get involved with wild life simple as that.

Monica Carolina : No offence to Russians but they have an extremely bad attitude towards wildlife and nature. They have that stupid ignorant and macho behaviour. I hope that poor bear will maul those people who chained him. Totally without any respect! 😡

RTD : And one simple instruction people. Don’t keep them in captivity

LateKnights X : Yeah throw a orange at it why don’t ya

Jed Bell : Hey what are ya doin there ? Bear - Oh excuse me sir i didn't know you where there. Ill just ne leaving now.


Daniel Flöarn : that last one was cute

Alex Summers : Holy crap that bike rider was lucky

MsMonsterV : I found the last one tense. That one thing you don't want it to do is use the ladder, then it starts doing it. I'd freak!

Nano Fearl : Those chained and trapped bears are punished by mental ones, their attack is natural and explainable. When they are punched for that, I want to vomit

T8 : 1st one looks fake

MsMonsterV : 2:42 thank heavens someone had that good aim. Can't believe the power of these animals.

Adri Crespi : hope the humans died

Pnut P : 6:17 black belt has balls of steal got the bear in a head lock

Gg Solace : The second one was terrifying

GoldenDragon : 4:52 That's what she get. She shouldn't mess up with a bear lol #GetRekt

Дмитрий А. : 0:54 я уже подумал, что пизда велопидисту... а камеру потом нашли и выложили видос

Anthony Gudgeon : 4:27 who else watched that one hoping SOOOOOOO much that the bear would break the chain and tear them all apart!

Darren 'MCTAPPER' Till : 1:30 Khabib and Conor 😂😂😂

Tyler Gilbert : Stay strapped out there people, anything, knife, gun, bear mace, etc cause somethings better than nothing.

Just'a wild life herper ́ : Poor bears

Steve S : The third bear cannot run for political office now.

Ganja : 4:52 totally deserved it,imagine you are kidnapped from your home and chained in cage for no reason and then you are fed pieces of food like a dog by others.

富豪大 : the second one, what was he doing?

theselecta : 6 min, stupid humans

PMC05 : Why did the biker get off his bike? I would've booked out of that forest asap while dialing 911 all at the same dam time

Jane Doe : Ok... So if I'm ever confronted by a bear I should say.... "Hey!!! What are doing ?" Thanks!😘

WOLFZILLA : There's ALWAYS a 6ft fucking branch laying dead center in the path of every trail I've been on. THIS is why I always move it off the path.

William Wisloff : 1. Fake

dreamisolympia88 : You mess with the bear, you get mauled by the bear..

Carlenna Brattin : that scary

Qais Almutahr : How is the first clip is fake why everyone saying is fake seriously I don't understand can someone explain please

Andrew Hodges : Oooooooooo sooooooo cute 🐱🐱🐱

Carlenna Brattin : it scary bear is near by

PooleSilly : I am grateful to say that I am a born again Christian and have been since I was 19.......I am also grateful that we can see all the different animals God created! A lot of animals are precious pets and then some animals can be dangerous as depicted in this video! But let me tell you the most dangerous of all and that’s Satan!!!!! 1 Peter 5:8 says be sober be vilegant and be on guard because your adversary Satan walketh around like a roaring lion seeking to whom he may devour! Folks if you don’t know Christ as your savior then it burdens my soul to think that you are already in the lion’s trap and you are headed for a terrible place called Hell where the Bible says the fire is never quenched and the worm dies not! Folks you are not promised tomorrow! 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Hannibal : Khabib is the only human alive that make a bear tap out!

Osvaldo Ortiz : mejor video de osoos!!

Mr. Opinion : Just throw your picnic basket at them.

Jay Lynchey : 3rd guy actually died 4th girl actually got pregnant off the bear

Susana Mejia : First one is sooooo fake you think you have 199999 like

Kevin : Wow Intelligent bear knows how climb the ladder

Samuel Vaškeba : No fake

The Kross : "let's get physical playing music...i like that thought"

Jessica Halverson : 2 My HAND!!!!!!!!

David Ward : 0.55,time to change my underpants!

lukas1010 likas1010 : The first one is really fake

DBZ FutureFighter : First is fake