Top Bear Attack Human - Best Compalition 2016

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Dj Stregmabohn : first one is fake

ed renkor : Bear 1 "hey you dropped your wallet"

Vitali Eisenbraun : If you meet a bear. Do not run. Go a step forward and talk loudly or shout on him. Take a stick of there's one. Take something, helmet, keys, stone, toilet paper. 🐻 are very intelligent and know you could have have something in your hand, that could hurt them. If its not working go slowly backwards, but still try to look strong/big and still with a angry, loud voice. Its like you met someone not friendly in Compton.

3RaNded Lowkey : If i was that bear chained up being fed like that and inhumane i would have attacked that person also. People think bears are a joke and cool to have as pets if you arent trained as a bear handler or wildlife rescue then dont get involved with wild life simple as that.

Jed Bell : Hey what are ya doin there ? Bear - Oh excuse me sir i didn't know you where there. Ill just ne leaving now.

Alex Summers : Holy crap that bike rider was lucky

Monica Carolina : No offence to Russians but they have an extremely bad attitude towards wildlife and nature. They have that stupid ignorant and macho behaviour. I hope that poor bear will maul those people who chained him. Totally without any respect! 😡

Daniel Flöarn : that last one was cute

RTD : And one simple instruction people. Don’t keep them in captivity


LateKnights X : Yeah throw a orange at it why don’t ya

MsMonsterV : I found the last one tense. That one thing you don't want it to do is use the ladder, then it starts doing it. I'd freak!

Nano Fearl : Those chained and trapped bears are punished by mental ones, their attack is natural and explainable. When they are punched for that, I want to vomit

T8 : 1st one looks fake

Pnut P : 6:17 black belt has balls of steal got the bear in a head lock

MsMonsterV : 2:42 thank heavens someone had that good aim. Can't believe the power of these animals.

GoldenDragon : 4:52 That's what she get. She shouldn't mess up with a bear lol #GetRekt

Maria Solis : The second one was terrifying

Дмитрий А. : 0:54 я уже подумал, что пизда велопидисту... а камеру потом нашли и выложили видос

alexa * : That first bear got some pigmented ass highlighter, dang

Steve S : The third bear cannot run for political office now.

富豪大 : the second one, what was he doing?

PMC05 : Why did the biker get off his bike? I would've booked out of that forest asap while dialing 911 all at the same dam time

Adri Crespi : hope the humans died

Firey Pheonix YT : Number 1 fake

Darren 'MCTAPPER' Till : 1:30 Khabib and Conor 😂😂😂

Tyler Gilbert : Stay strapped out there people, anything, knife, gun, bear mace, etc cause somethings better than nothing.

Ganja : 4:52 totally deserved it,imagine you are kidnapped from your home and chained in cage for no reason and then you are fed pieces of food like a dog by others.

dreamisolympia88 : You mess with the bear, you get mauled by the bear..

WOLFZILLA : There's ALWAYS a 6ft fucking branch laying dead center in the path of every trail I've been on. THIS is why I always move it off the path.

theselecta : 6 min, stupid humans

William Wisloff : 1. Fake

Carlenna Brattin : that scary

Jane Doe : Ok... So if I'm ever confronted by a bear I should say.... "Hey!!! What are doing ?" Thanks!😘

Just'a wild life herper ́ : Poor bears

Andrew Hodges : Oooooooooo sooooooo cute 🐱🐱🐱

Qais Almutahr : How is the first clip is fake why everyone saying is fake seriously I don't understand can someone explain please

Anthony Gudgeon : 4:27 who else watched that one hoping SOOOOOOO much that the bear would break the chain and tear them all apart!

Carlenna Brattin : it scary bear is near by

Osvaldo Ortiz : mejor video de osoos!!

Hannibal : Khabib is the only human alive that make a bear tap out!

Susana Mejia : First one is sooooo fake you think you have 199999 like

Jessica Halverson : 2 My HAND!!!!!!!!

Cymon Bandula : Baliw Hindi to too yan

Thorne K : "let's get physical playing music...i like that thought"

lukas1010 likas1010 : The first one is really fake

Kevin : Wow Intelligent bear knows how climb the ladder

Jay Lynchey : 3rd guy actually died 4th girl actually got pregnant off the bear

Samuel Vaškeba : No fake

Mr. Opinion : Just throw your picnic basket at them.