Top Ten Disneyland Desserts

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Peter Brown : Oh man, that churro scene was Oscar worthy!

Manda Taylor : Wow, what a great video!! We love Disney. And desserts. You covered both. Keep these videos coming you are amazing at them!!

MrTruthislight : never trust a guy with no lenses in his glasses.

moonlitkaiser : says "the holly jolly cafe" the sign was literally in your face

TasteTheRainbows XD : How is this man not fat? xD

Robert Wasenius : I just wanted to thank u for always being yourself and making your viewers fell just like they are at the park. You have inspired me to make my own Disneyland video when I'm there for the time I will be. Keep up the good work - sincerely < the chorro hero >👍👍👍👍👍 #provostparkpass

CWRegret : In the video you said you can only get funnel cakes at Stage Door Cafe. You can also get them at Hungry Bear Restaurant. They have a regular one, a seasonal one and Churro funnel Cake. If you havent tried the Churro funnel Cake I'd suggest it because it really good.

James Howard : Wow, that is a lot of food!

James Porter : I've watched a lot of Disneyland tips and hacks videos in preparation for my trip. This was one of the more entertaining. Well done.

ScottDLR : LOL, did you do all these in one visit? Must be 16000 calories!

Hannah Banana : He looks so happy eating those desserts

Jonathan Parks : The trick to a shorter line for the Dole Whip is to get it at the Dole Plantation in Oahu where there is a considerably smaller line.

David Ray : The Disneyland Dole Whip is the only pineapple-flavored thing that I'll ever eat. And it _must_ be the Disneyland Dole Whip.

Denny Wanlass : This had to be an expensive video. $100 in desserts?

Greg DeBacker : The Dole Whip is amazing but not sure if its worth the wait. Ill try the other side next time

Stephanie Powell : Love this video! Number 4 is my favorite dessert! Eat my way through DisneyLand! It's the best! You are very entertaining! Give us some more tips and tricks!


A Dog That Blogs : DOL whip

Darcean : 5:55 love that smile😂 looks like some fancy lipstick

The Amazing Mallory : I love love love The Gray Stuff!!! And the Dole Whip!!!!! Also if your watching this is June you need to try the Pixar fest food it is super delish!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍

jond2614 : It looks good but this video cost $50 bucks at Disneyland in $5 worth of snacks. Only at Disney. "See you at Disneyland. Bring Money!!"

Robert Wasenius : Hey it's your chorro hero and I saw u wearing a sandiago padrays jersey and guess what I'm a padrays fan to!!!!!

Carolina De La Torre : How high on sugar were you???


Michael Barbu : Guess you hit the gym a few extra times after this

Dublynn Enright : Oh my good so good

MARIO HERNANDEZ JR. : Woah, did you eat all of these back to back?

David Ray : I know someone whose last name is Gray. That's how it's spelled, so even Europeans will have to learn to spell names like that correctly. For me, an American, the only way to spell "gray" is that way.

Glitter Corn : Every time we go to Disneyland we always get the Mickey beinyay.

enderman sparkelz : i had micky beignets with my mom!

Sarah Nade : The original candy apple is my absolute favorite ever!!!

Anna Farnham : I have had a Olaf candy apple at pooh corner.

Dylan Specials : 6:27 #thug life lol

Disney Lost Boys & Girls : Those are some fantastic desserts! We need to try some of these. Some of our favorite are the Grey Stuff, Churro, Mickey Beignet, and of course the Dole Whip. We can't wait to try the Adorable Snowman's Lemon Flavored ice cream the next time we visit.

Producer Zach : Only guy I know who goes to Disneyland in a tie...

Doug Powell : how can someone eating that many desserts be that thin?!?  Disney desserts rock!

Juz4Fun Vid : Disneyland has the best desserts Universal has the best food

A Dog That Blogs : Zeolite whip

Lucky Lee : I am craving those desserts now!

Emily Marie Stehr : They also have funnel cakes at Hungry Bear in Critter Country

Blue Pillow : Omg those churros are creative😋

Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987 : i just learned there makeing a toy story themed dessert for toy story land

Dave Strange : Only one I would have added is the Creme brulee from Blue Bayou

SMX Sonic : THOSE DONUTS! I WANT THOSE DONUTS! *Sigh* When I get a proper Vaction I'll go get those disneyland donuts.

Joshua Burch : For Christmas this year I received the book "Eat Like Walt" it tells the culinary history of Disneyland. You might check it out :)

Pato swag /thestopmotionguy : First video

checkboard : I am a foodie. There. I said it. I lived my first 33 years in Australia, but have lived for the last 17 years in Europe. As a foodie, I find USA food fascinating. (Oh, the calories! The portion sizes!). I understand that your vids are for a USA audience, which is fine, but a little history on each food item (Google it on your phone before the monologue) would be nice. I have never seen a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, much less tasted one - but I see on Google that they are the most sold candy item in the USA! Lots of things you mention as though "it's obvious" are unkown to your international audience. :)


BikerDad's Random Videos : How many separate trips did this take? I can't even imaging trying to eat all that food in one day! LOL! And we all know what happened in the Churro Challenge video... :) I am so glad I decided to re-watch all the videos again! I had forgotten about the Disney Doughnuts!!

Erik Lohne : Loved the Top 10 deserts when we went as kids we would start our day with Mickey mouse pancakes for breakfast if your on Facebook you should check out my group called a fan of Disneyland