Top Ten Disneyland Desserts

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Stephanie Powell : Love this video! Number 4 is my favorite dessert! Eat my way through DisneyLand! It's the best! You are very entertaining! Give us some more tips and tricks!

AZ Life : For some reason 6:28 is my favorite part. LOL! My current favorite dessert is the Grey Stuff Twist found at Maurice's Treats near the entrance to Fantasy Faire. I always get a Grey Stuff dipping sauce with it too. So good! Shhhh I'm supposed to eat healthy.

James Howard : Wow, that is a lot of food!

Joshua Burch : AWESOME! I need Disney food!

Safiyah Lakhany : when was this filmed? I heard the lightsaber churros were only for a special event!

MrTruthislight : never trust a guy with no lenses in his glasses.

Zach Cipriano : Only guy I know who goes to Disneyland in a tie...

Joshua Burch : For Christmas this year I received the book "Eat Like Walt" it tells the culinary history of Disneyland. You might check it out :)

James Porter : I've watched a lot of Disneyland tips and hacks videos in preparation for my trip. This was one of the more entertaining. Well done.

Amanda Provost : Perfect list!! Disney and desserts are a match made in heaven.

Denny Wanlass : This had to be an expensive video. $100 in desserts?

Pattygo Amanda P. Woodruff : I need to eat them all .

Doug Powell : how can someone eating that many desserts be that thin?!?  Disney desserts rock!