Top Ten Disneyland Desserts

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Manda Taylor : Wow, what a great video!! We love Disney. And desserts. You covered both. Keep these videos coming you are amazing at them!!

James Howard : Wow, that is a lot of food!

moonlitkaiser : says "the holly jolly cafe" the sign was literally in your face

MrTruthislight : never trust a guy with no lenses in his glasses.

TasteTheRainbows XD : How is this man not fat? xD

Disney Lost Boys & Girls : Those are some fantastic desserts! We need to try some of these. Some of our favorite are the Grey Stuff, Churro, Mickey Beignet, and of course the Dole Whip. We can't wait to try the Adorable Snowman's Lemon Flavored ice cream the next time we visit.

ScottDLR : LOL, did you do all these in one visit? Must be 16000 calories!

Greg DeBacker : The Dole Whip is amazing but not sure if its worth the wait. Ill try the other side next time

Dylan Specials : 6:27 #thug life lol

David Ray : I know someone whose last name is Gray. That's how it's spelled, so even Europeans will have to learn to spell names like that correctly. For me, an American, the only way to spell "gray" is that way.

David Ray : The Disneyland Dole Whip is the only pineapple-flavored thing that I'll ever eat. And it _must_ be the Disneyland Dole Whip.


MYDOGMARSH ANDME : No no the best desert is the pickled cucumbers and I say it like that because that’s what they are Video was amazing just did that because I wanted to

Let_me_be Yt : Something I thought u should no is during the summer if u want a sweet treat but at he same time something cool go over to the marry popins cafe and get the banana foster cake. It is such a amazing treats.

Joshua Burch : AWESOME! I need Disney food!

Dave Strange : Only one I would have added is the Creme brulee from Blue Bayou

Angel Lu : Walk out there gaining 10lbs

Zach Cipriano : Only guy I know who goes to Disneyland in a tie...

Sarah Nade : The original candy apple is my absolute favorite ever!!!

Carolina De La Torre : How high on sugar were you???

CWRegret : In the video you said you can only get funnel cakes at Stage Door Cafe. You can also get them at Hungry Bear Restaurant. They have a regular one, a seasonal one and Churro funnel Cake. If you havent tried the Churro funnel Cake I'd suggest it because it really good.

Safiyah Lakhany : when was this filmed? I heard the lightsaber churros were only for a special event!

A Dog That Blogs : Zeolite whip

A Dog That Blogs : DOL whip

Luna1693 : Just watching this video gave me diabeetus :p I want one of those churros though

Angela Lake : He looks like a Mormon in Disney land

James Porter : I've watched a lot of Disneyland tips and hacks videos in preparation for my trip. This was one of the more entertaining. Well done.

David Ray : As much as i love the Dole Whip, I'm a chocolate person, so that dessert at the Golden Horseshoe (not the one you ate) is my personal favorite. I also love the chicken strips there.

David Ray : I hope to see Dole Whip!

Lil Penguin : I like the cookies n cream churro in the cozy cone restaurant

Oslet Playz : You probably made this vid because you wanted somthing sweet XD id do this lol they look SO GOOD mmmmmm I'm getting hungry ,the next time I go to Disney I know some good things to try thanks 😅

Chloe Aala : How did u not feel sick???? I some how feel bad for u and at the Star Wars Churro, u looked so sad eating both of them 😭 rip

Chloe Aala : How did u eat all those deserts and still look so happy? I will be probably throwing up and want to go home! U sure are magical, just like Disney! 😂❤️

Joshua Burch : For Christmas this year I received the book "Eat Like Walt" it tells the culinary history of Disneyland. You might check it out :)

Potatos and stitch make meh ;3 : Number 6 is really funny at the end xD

Stephanie Powell : Love this video! Number 4 is my favorite dessert! Eat my way through DisneyLand! It's the best! You are very entertaining! Give us some more tips and tricks!

Co-host Amanda : Perfect list!! Disney and desserts are a match made in heaven.

Denny Wanlass : This had to be an expensive video. $100 in desserts?

John Love : Great call - doughnuts are a great secret

Pattygo Amanda P. Woodruff : I need to eat them all .

Doug Powell : how can someone eating that many desserts be that thin?!?  Disney desserts rock!

Glitter Corn : Every time we go to Disneyland we always get the Mickey beinyay.

Withered Toy Freddy 1991 : i just learned there makeing a toy story themed dessert for toy story land

AZ Life : For some reason 6:28 is my favorite part. LOL! My current favorite dessert is the Grey Stuff Twist found at Maurice's Treats near the entrance to Fantasy Faire. I always get a Grey Stuff dipping sauce with it too. So good! Shhhh I'm supposed to eat healthy.

Kris Power : Hi! I know this may be late but have you been to Disney world? If you have, do they sell the Mickey beignet? (sorry if I spelt it wrong) there? Thanks!! ☺️☺️

Lulu bunny : When you can't eat chocolate.....😫

Jokeal : The beingets at Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney are 5 times as good as the ones in the park