DragonBall Z - English Intro Rock The Dragon - HD [Remake]

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Godot : I listened to this while working out in the gym once and ended up beating everyone up; now I’m in jail for assault

Objective Ninja : Man... I remember getting over-excited hearing the beginning of this song (about the first 5 sec) at 8.30PM after completing my homework. It would just get me so hyped. I still remember the narrator going "Previously on Dragonball Z, ...". Those were the days...

DropPodStudios : I played this song to my cat, it's now a tiger

The Aaron the Black Mage : You know, looking back, this opening kinda spoiled the whole Super Saiyan thing, like, reeeeeally early.

Idlemage : I like how half the scenes are from the movies...

Drado220 : man I remember coming back from school looking forward to this every day

Kenya Robinson : If this intro didn't get you hype when you were a kid, I have absolutely nothing to say for you.

Tsubasa Reservoir : 8:30 AM-Beyblade 5:30 PM-Duel Masters 6:00 PM-One Piece 8:00 PM-Ultimate Muscle 8:30 PM-DBZ Man i miss those dayss...😢

Wispy : dbz never gets old.... EVER!!!


CarbnXL : and they say americans cant make a good intro

A Tuck : Best dragon ball z intro.

Daniel gallego ortiz : spoiler level god

LolDarrellLol : Oh man, I loved coming home from school to see this.

brutalmetalhead : So what got you in metal and hardcore music? Me: Plays the opening of Dragon ball Z

Tyrone Foulkes : I remember watching the intro, then thinking "Who the hell is the Blond guy who just took Goku's place???"

futureshock : Dragonball DBZ Gundam Tenchi Muyo Rurouni Kenshin YU YU Hakusho Outlaw Star Those were good times

Athena Andersen-Sparrow : So much nostalgia..

Adam A. : In hindsight, it's pretty awkward that this opening showed the Super Saiyan tramsformations, Trunks, and Vegeta as a good guy, considering that none of that stuff would happen in the English dub until several years after this opening was made.

Shenea Cooper : I wish they kept this theme instead of using the other songs...

Abner King : Who remembers this one being the Midnight Dragon Ball z cartoon network intro? Matter of fact this brings back memories of me staying up late waiting for this to come on then watching Japanimation on the Action channel...oh yea late 90's early 2000's.

Tejbeer Singh : Still watching this in 2016

Dar Lew : This is what did it for me, opened my world to anime. 

Bupo cunning. : Nothing is more Mid 90's to early 2000's America like Rap-Metal

Fruit Farm Factory : 0:54 Trunks is looking at Vegeta while everyone looks forward. Ooh my goodness. I just realized that after 15 years being a fan! Whoa!

Mr Carriere 69 : Never understood why 98% of this intro was made from the Tree of Might movie mean while this intro was meant for the tv show. Great none the less.

SlowMotion : Idc what anybody says but this intro was awesome back in the day, every time I heard it as a kid I couldn't wait to see the show. #DBZ

Red Mushrooms : I always wondered as a kid why I never saw most of the clips in the intro in the anime. Now I know it's the non-canon movies.

Huey Freeman : Oh god the nostalgia..

Anthony White : best intro of all time

Javier Escuella : Who else prefers the 80's art style over the current one?

Joshua Orro : mind if i compare this to the original show from the 80s Dragon Ball's intro told a significant story Dragon Ball Z's Intro is just non stop mindless action with no trace of a story whatsoever

SpiritEssence : Back when ripping a fighter jet apart like it was wet paper was cool. The anime that a whole different charm to it, and this intro marked my favorite cartoon when I was a kid!

Claudio Torres : 0:17 when I was a kid, this was the point I'd go full mortal kombat on anything near me lol

patrick smith : Miss this intro it made DBZ more awesome and could not wait too see next week episode.

Chowder908 : Why couldn't we get this intro instead of the kai intro on toonami :(

Michael Davis : Only footage from movies in this intro???

XGP : Every anime snob making this intro out to be bad. I've always liked it, it pumps me up.

Ivan • : intro still pumps me up to this day

MultiPhatboy : this shiit is da bomb, best intro song ever

Deodar : Most simple yet iconic anime intro ever xD

rock lee : Best dragon ball z intro

Jessie Villarreal : I can watch the intro a 100 times a thousand times and never get tired of the intro. ITS THAT BAD ASS 🙌🏻

KingKien1 : Pretty sure this opening is 50% of the reason it got so popular internationally.

Jaxionisnum2 : I love how trunks is in this opening but we don't see him for a LONG while lol

Conor James : As kids, we probably all had the same thought: "This is so awesome I gotta punch someth- who's the guy with purple hair?"

Tttt : Como siempre los estadounidenses cambiando todo horrible

60473hellraiser : The only DBZ intro I accept

zex marquiz : Goku: the worst father of all time. Did not raise not one of his kids found every excuse in the book to not be home. "Hey Piccolo,raise Gohan for me,ima train in other world" "Hey Porunga,tell chi chi and the others im not coming home even tho i beat Frieza,i'll stay out in space and train" "Hey Gohan,raise your little brother for me,im dead for like the 5th time"....come to think of it,at the end of DBZ Goku prolly was the same age as his kids cuz he stayed dead..a lot..

Diego Melendez : Dragonball Z makes these other cartoons look like a joke