Restored Apollo 11 EVA

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Alexander Brown : Whether intentional or not, your question implies that we haven't been back because we're no longer able to do it now. The primary reason we haven't isn't so much capability but money. NASA's budget is currently about 0.5% of the federal budget. During the height of the Apollo program that figure was about 5%, with the vast majority being funneled directly to Apollo. Throw enough money, national pride, curiosity and anti-Soviet sentiment at a problem and it will get taken care of in a hurry. It was the right time; a perfect storm, so to speak. The goals, among other things, were making sure a human being could survive space travel and then, hopefully, to send a few to the moon. Those were accomplished (and, to be fair, the fruits of that labor continued to serve us well into the future). The problem was that after these were accomplished people began to wonder why we needed to continue funding the same mission over and over again. An expensive mission. Adjusted for inflation, each Apollo landing (not mission, but landing) cost roughly $20B. To put that into perspective, that's more than NASA's entire budget this year alone. A human standing on a surface other than the Earth is a truly amazing feat for not only our country but our species as a whole. But, as amazing as it is, it's also extremely pricey and extremely dangerous. A lot of what we need to do in space can be accomplished at the ISS, and a lot of what we need to know about the moon can be accomplished with a probe. We need a more pragmatic purpose to justify the costs.

carella211 : Im such a nerd, im gonna watch all 3 hours of this and enjoy every minute!

The Presidents of the United States of America : wow how long I was looking for such an official original. Thanks NASA employee!

americaneagle2076 : After 45 years, I STILL, and ALWAYS WILL remember this Great Day!!!!!

lotanerve : If this were done today...NIKE would be all over that space suit.

Sea Wolf : I vote the moon for president!

Michael Marlow : The stupidity of the American people never ceases to amaze me. They understand so little there are actually people that believe this didn't happen. It is really rather sad. To sum it up the nice thing about science is it's true if you believe it or not.

Jon O : Have you ever noticed that most of the people who insist the Moon Landings were "faked" -- also tend to be the same people who insist Bigfoot is real.

spearhead787 : Every time i watch it i go right back to the moment in 1969. A six year old kid sitting up open mouthed with mum and dad, well past his bed time. Watching on our 20 inch black and white TV here in England. It was INCREDIBLE .!!!!

Yancy Oliveros : "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" 3:30

ZCE305 : There are no words to describe the courage of those 3 astronauts

TheStevenCord : Humanity's greatest achievement.

F. Matthew Fagan : Thanks for uploading this. Trolls notwithstanding it's sad to read comments from close-minded ignorant people who still believe this was faked. Even though each and every "fact" supporting a fake has been technically and scientifically refuted in each and every way from such sources as NASA, MIT, Popular Mechanics and even TV's Mythbusters!

O Mundo de Ed : Se realmente foram até la, porque nunca mais voltaram???

Steve Kilpatrick : The level of ignorance in these comments makes me sad... I'm sure some are trolls, but still...

Snoxicle : Why does everybody think this is fake?

Paul Martin : It's very difficult to believe Neil is gone now.  What an amazing guy.

kaypiob : Denialists need only a powerful telescope and the ability to look up to learn a thing or two. Some would rather bury their heads in the sand looking for conspiracy than honor mankind's curiosity and advancements. Others would have us back in the stone age.

zgrillo2004 : EAT IT CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!! This is proof right there that we DID go to the moon!

Snake's Raven : No matter how many footage, pictures, ... I see of the Moon landings, i still find it amazing and beautiful to watch. Thank you!.

NateThatsNasty : this is when we finally learned that the moon is not made of cheese. :')  

b000ring : I've been looking for this kind of footage for a loooong time, thank you

dave Jones : they must have spent billions on getting men on the moon & all that technology  , but they skimped on high grade video cameras..wonder why

RedhotIta1 : WOW! The best thing that i could wait for! Thanks alot NASA! Thanks for this awesome 45th!

Jean Philippe : It's amazing how people seem to believe that NASA actually landed man on the moon. All you need to know is simple science and astronomy to realize that they never went there.

EUSSR : So, where are the stars? Or this is a Hollywood studio without stars? )))

EmmaInCandyland : Why do they look to be translucent?

Jacqueline Mora : Man went to the moon, totally agree, but for example, the ISS is protected by the Electromagnetic field of the earth, do not suffer radiation, how the crew of apollo 11 do it with out this help? Because that can help for Mars mission

westie18 : It all happened. It was and is real. It was so fantastic that people don't think it really happened, but it did. People can believe whatever nonsense they want, they can stay rooted in their supersition and paranoia, but the evidence is still up on the Moon, and still on the Earth with pounds and pounds of Moon rocks and dirt, and astronauts who walked on the Moon and looked back at Earth and remember having done so. Maybe non-believers should stop looking at conspiracy videos and books and talk to the people that took the trip, that made the rockets, that made the crafts, the Lunar Modules were made not more than an hour away from me at Grumman in Bethpage, NY! The people that worked on them know what they did, and where they went! Why do people choose to live in stupidity and believe in nonsense?? It's fact, accept it. We went, we saw, we did it all.

Soldier Of Yeshua : no stars ?oO

JoJo McJoJo : Life on Earth is a hoax.  Apollo was one of the few truly real things ever to happen.

Svonkie : They said they put a man on the moon, but NASA so bungled the video of the landing that they claim they indadvertedly "erased and reused" the original footage of what is considered to be the most monumental feat in human history.  And people why trust in government is at an all-time low. 

FlexZ : "One giant leap for mankind" and poses the US flag.

Chris Kingery : It was a soundstage on Mars.

Timestoppa : Why is it that EVERYWHERE I go on YouTube that is the least bit moon-related, there are hundreds of comments saying "fake!!!"?

westie18 : What I find amusing is how truly silly is the list of "evidence of fakery" that these Moon landing conspiracy nuts usually provide. All of what they say is easily debunked as paranoid assumptions based on lack of scientific and photographic knowledge. 

Kiko Arquer Thomé : Congratulations to show the greatness. Thanks to ascend the human species. NASA lit the imagination of billions of people. Created hope and beauty.  

Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar : Directed by Stanley Kubrick

netsite69 : How can an astronaut lived on the moon while the temperature extremest hot (250F to 300F)? That is impossible!

Егор Декстер : I"m  delighted that We're on the moon ! Yay !

L'élite de la nation : buzz aldrin et amstrong de très bon acteurs moi je trouvele plus marrant l'ordinateur de bord du LEM aussi puissant qu'une calculette de chez lidle ah sacré américains ils nous font bien rire avec leur canulars bidon !!

SpeedBird The Hog Driver : Still for ever the biggest humanity archievement ever!

Alan Redmond : I believe we went to the moon. Neil and Buzz are two of the most amazing human beings who have ever lived. Not a single astronaut has ever said we didn't go to the moon. Several astronauts have talked publicly about aliens and advanced technologies that NASA deny, but no astronaut has ever said we didn't walk on the moon. We've not been back since the early 70's so its understandable why people are questioning if we ever went at all. For me the biggest tragedy is the fact mankind has never explored the solar system further than our own doorstep since Neil and Buzz showed mankind what we are capable of.

Lucca Isse : Thanks NASA for sharing this moment with us, the humanity!!!

Hamza : 3:30 to 3:37 "One small step for giant leap for mankind" :D

jpamusher : Forget Skylab,the Shuttle,and ISS,we should have continued Apollo and Apollo Applications! We likely would have had a small lunar base by the late 70`s!

SCARSAC : wow so awesome thanks nasa for the eva in its entirety

Bob B. : I would think they would have better cameras 30 yrs after,say,The Wizard of Oz?

TheRootsMan : OK, guys - I have been wondering for my entire life about that occasional "beeping" sound that you hear coming over the Apollo audio . . . Can anyone enlighten me about that? What was the purpose of this "beep" ? What was it indicative of? Did it come from the earth or the moon? (Insane curiosity going on here . . . )

John Rios : No puedo creeer que los gringos sean tan imbeciles para tragarse esta mamada