PRINCE dominates the American Music Awards 1985

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prince dominates the American Music Awards, Los Angeles 1985


XxShadowGTxX : Seriously.. I didn't even realize the awards used to be that damn divided at that time. Shit, hearing them say "Black Single" made my white ass uncomfortable lol

FREEBIES & WINS : "Thank you very much." Walks off stage. The look on Lionel Richie face killed me. LMAO

Gina Sousa Branco : Prince vs Michael Jackson Purple Rain vs Triller If there was Twitter in 1985, the social networking platform would have broken for a week

Angel B : I love how they kept talking about "black album" this and "black songs" and he walked up there wit his WHITE bodyguard lmao he knew what he was doing! Love him rip

annettemint : bahaha..Prince's face at 4:30.."Yall asses better get in line!!" I'm going to miss this genius..gone way too soon!!

nuwavegurl : Goddamn it Prince & the Revolution were just so cool. They didn't look like no one else, they didn't sound like no one else and maybe that's because they weren't like anyone else. They were a force to be reckoned with and if I was ever in a band, I'd like to be in one like this. Absolutely amazing! I miss Prince but I thank him for introducing us to some awesome musicians along the way. And thank you for sharing, purplesnowlove.

Hi_Shadow : I bet the same girls in the audience screaming for Prince in 1985 were the same ones in the audience screaming for Michael Jackson a year prior in 1984. #TheseHoesAintLoyal LOL

gnewt75 : Black single??? Wow. Great decade for talent emergence but the white supremacy was overt!

Marq Mac : I didn't know purple rain beat out thriller

robyn noyes : PRINCE PLAYED OVER 27 INSTRUMENTS ...all of them on his albums ,  and they say better than anyone...PRINCE was considered to be the best or one of  the best guitarist in the world , PRINCE produced and compose his own records with no help from anyone....PRINCE  MADE 39 RECORDS...HE also wrote all his songs alone some came to him in dreams ....PRINCES VOICE had huge vocal range from low to high and everything in between ... and the man could dance !!!!  TRUELY A ICON AND A MUSICAL GENIUS AND MENTOR TO OTHER MUSICIANS.....YOU ARE HUGELY MISSED AND LOVED !!

Monica Osborne-Johnson : Prince had the whitest person to carry them black awards..... I loved it

Deb Taylor : RIP Vanity and Prince!!!

darius scott : this man was everything.

Steph Fair : Went back in the audience to his seat like a BOSS!!!!!

lounicks78 : liked how he let his white band member accept the the black award

Jerissa Martinez : "Life is Death without Adventure"-Prince I will carry that with me always...

Ian Leo : Man I love prince so much. Man of very few words but his music speaks for him. Ridiculously talented and I will miss him so much

Marzstar : Prince was a new sound, lyrics, with strong/sexy women who played instruments. Kept us guessing, artsy, sexy. I like his views of life & spirit. RIP

ToonieMama : Prince cleaned house!! Love how Wendy held his hand.

tina : Our sweet Prince.  He deserved it all and more.  What a talent.  Nobody can compare 2U Prince.  We love and miss you.  And, thank you for all the joy you brought us.

nulezie : Why is he bringing along santa clause every time? lol

kyla poole : Lionel was a haterrreeee

Carolina Martucci : well..when you beat something like definitely are the best of all the best ones. well done Prince.

Arolyn Rias : 80's was the best era for music! love it!!!

deomartinez77 : Lionel Richie's reaction to Prince winning everything is classic. He was either jealous or pissed lol.

Kristin Hammond : A few moments that I love from this video... seeing Prince walk onstage behind the Revolution made such a huge statement for him, which continued throughout his career (i.e. "I didn't do this by myself; I'm here to showcase the incredible talent that surrounds me; it's a blessing to be part of something larger than myself..."). And seeing Prince with his "bodyguard," his petite, womanlike frame, but he was the most dominant and masculine man in the entire world, then and always... that resonates with me. And lastly, how Wendy grabbed his hand and spoke on his and The Revolution's behalf... I thought that was incredibly touching, and showed the unbreakable bond they all shared as a band, and as good friends.

Tricia Star : Lionel Richie was hating on Prince.

SephoraMAC : RIP Prince "Life is death without adventure" You will be missed. Sad Day

Jay Lee : Wow Black was a music genre in 1985 LOL. Ridiculousness


MsVanillaSugar : Prince, your passing saddens me deeply😟....but GOD gave you to us to entertain us and now your work is finished. May your precious soul be truly at peace now. Love you always, Sweet Angel💘📿

Ruby Lioness : Favorite "Black" Single.... I'm trippin of that right now...

Romero : Wow they broke boundaries for the upcoming generations.

Elizabeth B. : That was fun seeing Prince beat Thriller!! Didn't know that. Big year1985!

DetroitLives313 : Sometimes I cannot stand Lionel Richie

Sandra Basket : man of very few words

Stephanie Merrow-Steward : Our Modern day Mozart, I loved him so much, he had the divine spark.

brenda jackson : Competition was stiff in the 80s. All those artists were worthy winners...but there's only one Prince😊

SuperStig23 : Maybe somebody can help me, I'm pretty sure it was on one these late 80's MTV live award shows that Prince did  "Sign O' The Times live"  and made everybody else look like they were at a high school battle of the bands, anybody old enough to remember back then ?  I can't find the video clip anywhere,  I must admit I "didn't get it" till I saw that performance, he stole the show, a true musical genius,  gone well before his time, the most exciting performer I've ever seen, he could play guitar almost as good as Jimmy H and put on a live show that would make even James Brown proud.

breanna S : I felt like they was being disrespectful and rude to him with their smart comments

Mamakatster : Black single struck me too. But I like his Viking bodyguard, lol!

86 GrandNational : I remember the rumor was...Michael Jackson was pissed he lost all night to Prince. They had a lil comp with each other back then. Maybe they rockin' heaven tonight, R.I.P. Prince & MJ

Stacey Sing : Damn he went up against some HITTERS!!

James Wade : This was the Prince I loved the most. The big white body guard , the soft voice , the eyes that wonder unconsciously through the crowd. Man Love this guy. Money don't matter tonight, Because our Prince has passed on to the next life. Were on were own.

trn17 : Am I the only one who thinks that for the entire video/ night they were throwing shade at Prince. He also seem pretty pissed off about it as well.

The Matt : The 80s were a great decade -- MJ, Prince, and Madonna -- magical time that will never be duplicated.

dinard38 : Haha........Prince was such a diva back then (and weird).  But he's one hell of an artist!!!

Loakum : Prince definitely deserved all of his wins, because "Purple Rain" was and still is a Legendary Album. Timeless. Looking at the artists that was there that year, puts today's artists to shame! Seriously.

rashb : Here to present your favorite Black single is ... Huey Lewis?  LMFAO.  The funniest thing about this is he comes off as whiter than white in this.