Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) [With Commercials]
Star Wars Holiday Special Complete 1978 With commercials

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With commercials.


Ballet Dancer NJ : R2-D2 as R2-D2 πŸ˜‚

Steelebourne : I've never been able to find this with the original 70's commercials before! Thanks!!

w23857980 : This is the prequel to Spaceballs.

Scott Dixon : The Sith were behind this. I can sense a disturbance in the force.

sebastian gall : The original 70's commercials are really great! XD

IndieDaveComix : Chewie's dad was that demon thing from Big Trouble in Little China.

newvids818 : Happy Life Day everyone! May this day be filled with peace and harmony!

J E 1972 : The grandfather Wookie looks like an early version of the alien in the Predator movie.

Causti : A Wookie watching a transwoman cooking show, this special was ahead of its time.

Jett : I think the sith made this.... its pure evil

1903tx : EVS brought me here

Roy Loeffler : I was 12 year old when this came out, I remember being so made the next day in school when I miss it, I saw fior the first time about 8 years ago it took me like 6 time to get through it. ten minutes at a time OMG -- it's bad now I know why G. L. tried to destroy all copy's of it -- LMBO

EaZy DuzZlT : Look at the make up Luke is wearing lol

Gopher Byrd : All this needs is jar jar binks

the hobby shop of elyria : shorten the wookie scene and add subtitles ,and do some major editing it would be watchable

Jay Bee : How did they get this to stick to the screen?

David Carpenter : Sometimes I get genuinely nostalgic for the 70s. Then I watch something like this...

StinkyMcStinkington : Tobor brought me here.

82706527 : w/the commercials?!?....that's Groovy AND Outa SIGHT!!!

J E 1972 : Even Ed Wood couldn't watch this without cowering under the living room couch.

Miguel Almanza : This is awesome. I didn't know ELLEN was in this! @ 01:53

HeWentThattaway : Whoa! Mark Hamill's eye makeup.

HeWentThattaway : We extrapolate a cool name like Chewbacca out to Itchy and Lumpy? What was the thought process?

Penis De _Milo : It's hilarious how everyone is comparing it to the last jedi

matt smith : Rian Johnson has nothing on the holiday special.

Malcolm Scrawdyke : George Lucas stole a lot of ideas and characters from this for his film, which is just called "Star Wars".

Russ Tanner : This is so bad it's good. Actually, it's just bad.

44excalibur : Boba Fett was a badass in this!

Ben Buyer : What real world holiday was this released for, if any?

Turbo Donk : πŸ₯§πŸ₯§πŸ₯§

Ballet Dancer NJ : Luke β€œWhat’s Up Chewbacca?” πŸ˜†

Robin Chiang : "The Wild Geese" is an awesome movie.

Creeper Studios : The trail tracker toy sounds Impressive for its time.

Corcon : Donald Trump suggests we rake Chewie so that he doesn't catch fire.

Matt Kimberly : I'm only 11 minutes I to this and I can see why it never aired again.

Jeff Estes : The cartoon at roughly 55min in is arguably the best part

MonkeyspankO : The 70s were a scary time.

EaZy DuzZlT : Lumpy and itchy scare me what have they done lol

Andrew Worley : guys.. im 42min into it. I've... I've seen things.. it's too late for me - SAVE YOURSELVES

Night of Storms : Bruh how this in -240p

WORSTXB1PLAYER Tyler Tee H C : 1hr32minn was all I could stomach.

WYDAWG 127 : Did I mention that watching this will result in Immediate cardiac rest

Robert Goldie : I smoked way too much weed as a kid. I actually paid Β£10 for this on some dodgy VHS in the early 90's.

BrickPicture Productions : O lord lol

michael staten : I’ve never been able to make it more than 3 minutes into this....

Broken Oak : It's alright.

videodoe : Thanks so much for including the commercials here too. The total package is an absolute hoot! πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

bobbietuff : The Goldberg's brought me here.πŸ˜‚

Dave : Wow, that "Flying high" 1:36:18 commercial wouldn't fly with today's hand-wringing over anything remotely offensive.