Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) [With Commercials]

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1903tx : EVS brought me here

david mcfadden : How good was the cocaine back then?

Roy Loeffler : I was 12 year old when this came out, I remember being so made the next day in school when I miss it, I saw fior the first time about 8 years ago it took me like 6 time to get through it. ten minutes at a time OMG -- it's bad now I know why G. L. tried to destroy all copy's of it -- LMBO

Hulk Smash! : Better than Last Jedi at least

Causti : A Wookie watching a transwoman cooking show, this special was ahead of its time.

Ballet Dancer NJ : R2-D2 as R2-D2 😂

Steelebourne : I've never been able to find this with the original 70's commercials before! Thanks!!

w23857980 : This is the prequel to Spaceballs.

Scott Dixon : The Sith were behind this. I can sense a disturbance in the force.

IndieDaveComix : Chewie's dad was that demon thing from Big Trouble in Little China.

Pete Johnson : It's better than the last Jedi at least

newvids818 : Happy Life Day everyone! May this day be filled with peace and harmony!

Malcolm Scrawdyke : George Lucas stole a lot of ideas and characters from this for his film, which is just called "Star Wars".

Jett : I think the sith made this.... its pure evil

sebastian gall : The original 70's commercials are really great! XD

EaZy DuzZlT : Look at the make up Luke is wearing lol

Jim N : This is the most uplifting experience I have ever witnessed. Roundhead Rian Johnson will never take Star Wars from us. This better than "The Last Jedi"

Gerry Wayne : COCAINE IS A HELLOVA DRUG... lol

HeWentThattaway : We extrapolate a cool name like Chewbacca out to Itchy and Lumpy? What was the thought process?

Nicholas Eickman : Everybody saying this is better than The Last Jedi... you’re lying to yourselves. TLJ has its problems, but it is NOT this.

Dave Loro : what a piece of junk

David Carpenter : Sometimes I get genuinely nostalgic for the 70s. Then I watch something like this...

Robert Goldie : I smoked way too much weed as a kid. I actually paid £10 for this on some dodgy VHS in the early 90's.

Ballet Dancer NJ : Luke “What’s Up Chewbacca?” 😆

Russ Tanner : This is so bad it's good. Actually, it's just bad.

J Evans 1972 : The grandfather Wookie looks like an early version of the alien in the Predator movie.

MonkeyspankO : The 70s were a scary time.

Jade Pixie : Chewie's Dad is watching porn.

Judy Chen : 2:17 2:18 2:19 Oh that’s real nice give the guy in an air conditioned monkey suit credit but the poor underpaid dwarf who’s got a roast in a tin can all day screw him

MercenaryX21 : Still better then last jedi and force awakens.

Corcon : Donald Trump suggests we rake Chewie so that he doesn't catch fire.

Gary North : Far superior to the last Jedi

Jay Bee : How did they get this to stick to the screen?

StinkyMcStinkington : Tobor brought me here.

82706527 : w/the commercials?!?....that's Groovy AND Outa SIGHT!!!

Ben Buyer : What real world holiday was this released for, if any?

James Whitehead : This is just.... painful..

Turbo Donk : 🥧🥧🥧

Monsterforge : #betterthanthelastjedi

EaZy DuzZlT : Lumpy and itchy scare me what have they done lol

FIAhead11 : It's ironic that Lucas would care enough about the integrity of the Star Wars universe that he wanted to destroy this Holiday Special, which was made to cash-in, but then sells the franchise to Disney to cash-in.

Miguel Almanza : This is awesome. I didn't know ELLEN was in this! @ 01:53

Aditya Agrawal : This is what happens when George Lucas is given full control. He needs to be surrounded by intelligent people who can suppress his bad ideas.

Gopher Byrd : All this needs is jar jar binks

videodoe : These comments are the absolute BEST!!! 🤣🍿 They are almost as hilarious as the holiday special itself. Thanks, Everyone. 😄 And oh... the COMMERCIALS. Most of them are totally jaw-dropping. 😝 The ‘70s was such a wonderfully craptastic decade in so many ways. 🥰 Oh... and watching Harrison Ford endure what I know was a painfully embarrassing experience for him is also entertaining. Poor guy. I’m fairly certain he hated this thing more than the Ewoks. 🧸🧸🧸 LMAO!!! 😂 Thanks again for uploading this gem. 😁👍

Gregory House : Rifftrax used a sentence, that to me encapsulates the special, in their riff of this: 'It's not every day that you see the stupidest thing you've ever seen.'

BrickPicture Productions : O lord lol

Mr. Konczal : Where is the Death Star when you need it?

ur mom big gae : The writers must have been trippin balls

Tami Augustson : LOVED the old adverts but I found that the most amazing thing about this vid was the newscaster actually JUST READING THE NEWS and NOT making their own editorials about the headlines. Especially loved that bit about the lack of a baby boom because all the men had been shoveling snow. Guess they were too tired!!