Waratah 622C processing 2nd growth fir in Central Landing on Van Isl
Remarkable logging machine tree processor

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622C waratah processing head on a John Deere 2154D in 14 sorts 2nd growth fir. Central Vancouver Island Landing. I count the shorts as another sort since necessary for loading pups. Some of what I say isn't accurate. I didn't remember who and to what the 90 number described and the landing trial has more than one cost restructure. I'm not as keen on editing anymore.


Justin Voisine : Do you prefer the 622C over the B model? I know it definitely seems easier to work on and has better hose routing. How does it do versus the B in all stem sizes?

MrNFortune : its good to see you back! great videos!

Tax me I'm Canadian : You should come down and Visit us in Victoria, I think we have the most southern cut block TImberwest has going right now. 10 mins from Langford. Lol

trancehi : As long as they replace a new sapling to flourish for every one that's logged then all is fine.

Curtis Morton : Looking good partner

Tax me I'm Canadian : FMA looks to be separate? Have you dropped your Coastland Peeler sort yet? CoastLand was cut off on South Island due to oversupply and we went all Export.

Skidder Kev : Cool video man!

dj videos : Turn off the radio next time.