Incredibly rare and radioactive elements ☢

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Plutonium, Uranium, Holmium, Neptunium, Curium and many more. We're at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in Tennessee. More links and info in full description ↓↓↓ ORNL: Our thanks to Rose Boll and the team. Our videos on all 118 elements: Our previous video from Oak Ridge (the Thorium Cow): Our Dubna visit: This video features isotopes of Plutonium, Uranium, Neptunium, Americium, Protactinium, Actinium, Technetium, Berkelium, Holmium, Californium, Curium and Polonium. Support us on Patreon: More chemistry at Follow us on Facebook at And on Twitter at From the School of Chemistry at The University of Nottingham: With thanks to the Garfield Weston Foundation. Periodic Videos films are by video journalist Brady Haran: Brady's Blog: Join Brady's mailing list for updates and extra stuff ---


Tonnaowkung : I've always called it pink. - Rose, 2019

VivaFeverFifa : Technetium - 99… *phone rings* Prof. Martyn: "Hello." Idk why that's particularly funny to me XD

Necronomicon : Rumor has it, none of the workers are plutonium deficient.

Razor : My late grandmother worked at Oak Ridge during WW2 making fissile material for the atomic bombs, although they wouldn't tell her at the time what they were doing. She said it was a really fun job, and compared it to playing a video game.

Shnick : Tell the Queen she will have to call you later... 4:53 LOL

Gareth Evans : I've had Technicium 99m injected for a bone scan. It's a little strange when you see the scans and realise YOU are the Gamma source. Fun fact: Each of those gold bars is currently worth £400,000!

Earl Lemongrab : I love this because most of these samples look very, very unremarkable but when you know what you're actually looking at, it's one of the most interesting things you can see on the Internet.

kalebisawesome : What do you when someone is sick? “What?” Well, if you can’t helium and you can’t curium then you got to barium. Don’t y’all just love science puns?

Gravel Left : 1:47 *Sees vial labeled NPO2* Oh, nitrogen phosphorus dioxide, that doesn't sound particularly dangerous.

Nonofya Bidnez : With such small amounts, how do they make sure they get everything out of the containers? I feel bad for leaving tiny amounts of jam in a jar and that stuff is cheap...

James Smith : Give us Neil's workout routine!!!!! His arms make us envious.

evilferris : ‘Dosey’. Love it!

mgss : Love when I open YouTube and there is a new PT video ❤️ Thank you all for the excellent content. Hugs from Brazil

Gaston The Dank 'Tiel : 4:08 that 3rd glove is for poor 3-armed Garry who got exposed with too much radiation and developed a third arm

Shaman Bhat : Uploaded 9 seconds ago Hello Professor and Braidy

Thomas Majewski : 8:42 That is a dose alarm from her SLR (stimulated luminescence dosimetry). If it did not go off for 800mr i wonder what that sample was reading.

Dominic Aspden : "Ahh bugger im sorry" Love this guy.

Kennedy's Locksport : With how the professor quickly answered the phone, you would think he was

Mono Kendo : is possible to find this elements in Mars and Pluto?

Axel M : 7:17 I dare you... Drop the bottle. 😂

Kasa Jizo : Do a video on Veritasium

Cody Munday : A fair lady hopes that a gentleman comes along to appreciate and court her in the way Sir Martin admires the plutonium oxide. Haha

Señor Hilter : Californium for 119? AWESOME!!!!!

m4c1990 : Half-Life 3 in 20 Years confirmed!

AvyScottandFlower : What happens if they drop one of those jars? Seems like a LOT of handling, with very thick gloves.

kaesaecracker : In Germany I just see "video not available". Hope it's not some geoblocking thing...

davolente : Perhaps there will eventually be Poliakoffium!

Asc Asc : My day is made when this channel uploads!

BiRDiE : I have never clicked so quickly on a video in my life.

DutchPhlogiston : There is (almost) no publicly available footage of these elements and their compounds . Very cool! Also interesting to see how they are handled and stored. Too bad they can never be part of my element collection.

Nemzeti TVBS SKVT Csatorna : What a delicious video! It’s ever so much fun to see these elements in their pure oxide/chloride forms. Thank you.

avada : WTF. Was that some affirmative action development center?

Rich Marceau : "Periodic Safaris" might make a nice travelogue series for Brady... more focused in the history of any given element, visiting places of discovery, etc. PV already does some of that, true.

Sannesthesia : I experienced the same, thinking the elements of the bottom row of the periodic table would be colourless or black. But those elements were also printed in gray outlined instead of solid black like the rest. Furthermore, i thought most of those elements were back then either still speculation, or if being made very short lived and barely visible. The periodic table we had ended at element 108. So it is a great time to be alive to actually see these elements, or some salts or oxides from them. Every of these videos is like a Christmas present. Thank you. These kind of videos is what internet is truly useful for.

Andrew Borne : I really enjoy these videos on nuclear chemistry. Great work, Brady & Professor!

Clark A : 4:35 are those the same kinds of filing cabinets that Dr Feynman would play with in Los Alamos?

5thgearouttahere : What an exciting and wonderful thing to share. The Neptunium solution I thought especially cool. Thanks!

Orella Minx : 4:06 So that is what the Ooze was that made the Ninja Turtles.

Lol : I love your videos, they inspire me to read more on chemistry and, potentially, persue a career in it!

Doggo Awesome : incredibly common and radioactive things: roblox community

acoow : This is the first time I've seen that much U233 or U234. A higher concentration of Np237 is a beautiful dark green.

mavos1211 : Thank you Professor, I was blown away by your statement at the end about how these ( to me ) tiny samples constitute the majority amount of these elements in the world. I didn’t do very well at school and up until that point I wasn’t that impressed as I assumed they just chipped a bit off a much larger sample. I know I would have done so much more if you were my teacher back then. Although now you have given me a passion for chemistry and the sciences in general so for that I want to thank you.

Josephi Krakowski : Thank you for that really informative video!

Alison Cleeton : I suppose the heavier, radioactive elements put on a fantastic show of radioactivity if only we could see it , so I suppose it makes up for them being a dull, grey colour. I wish I was an alien, then I could see it. Elements, God's Lego bricks 😂

Brad Martin : What a great video to have not just one sample but all the individual isotopes of a particular element is unbelievable

Dill Funk : If i was the son of this genius , i would continue his legacy , i mean even the office looks like science

JP Stone : Prof. Poliokoff missed your voice. I always enjoy chemistry more when you explain it. Quit fond of the Periodic Videos and love science. Cheers to all you guys there at the University.

huldu : I'm curious to how they taste.

David Buschhorn : 8000 * 250 = $2 million just for shipping something you could pile on one fingernail. :-O