From dad bod to beach bod daily time lapse 90 day transformation

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Programme "perte de poids 90 jours" : Voici la vidéo tansformation de ma perte de poids en 90 jours. J'ai essayé de me filmer tous les jours mais certains jours j'ai oublié. Ce qui compte c'est le résultat final ;-) Rejoignez moi sur les résaux sociaux : Si vous cherchez un bon graphiste pour vos bannières, miniatures etc n'hésitez pas à jeter un oeil ici :


My Makaveli 777 : You got a lot of underwear.

Adit's Guitar Lessons : Plot twist - the video was shot in reverse!!!!!

Jonathan Nahuel Machado : Lo intente todos los dias hice las mismas poses y no paso nada puta vida ajajaj

Urboyyycarlos : When you pick a character and check all the outifts in the game 💀

Adalrich García : Lo más increíble fue el cambio en la mirada, antes se le veía inseguro y después ya se veía con mucha confianza, excelente bro.

afiq jaffarran : thats a realistic transformation. well done bro.

Sf Ctk : You've introduced all of our boxer brands in two minutes.

Ale Bono : Cosa hai fatto per dimagrire così velocemente..

Hell Nah : Wyd dude?? Awesome transformation though!

ViniByte : Here i am living on 3 underwears since 2 years.

Mateen Ahmed : what an easy workout, just to move your wrist and get 6 packs :P

Бездоный : бля, кепки меняются чаще, чем картинки с весом

Yachu : This thumbnail made King of the Photoshop xD

Marcela Cardoso : Nossa que bacana, 🤔 preciso ficar magra tbm kkkkkkkk

Anakin Vader : You're an inspiration my dude!

Alexander Ličko : Congratulations! Big respect for you.

MnH aziq! : He willing to do it. He working hard for it. He got no excuse for it. And the most important things is HE MADE IT!

joao vitor lima : Esse vídeo é um ótimo vídeo motivacional muito bom

Luca Verruso : 90 days. Impossible

Compilation Zone : This video in reverse is my transformation

NickJohn : 90 días de fap y hasta se achico 🤣😂😂🤣

anjochubby : That's the guy we should het tips from. Not thoes guys whos already in shape from the start.

Cesar ospina : Good video you really catch the progressive the improvement.

ko.boytv : Nice video man~~~ and nice work I also tired 3 month body transformation challenge but it didn't go as good as you

Irene Manzano : How did u get that abs so easy? Make a video of your workout also please

Verflynx : Shaving his belly and chest hair made a bigger difference than the actual workout😂 (no hate ofc)

Angreuvargas Vargas Molina : Te pareces a Willy Rex

水方塊 : You know ?The word on your shoulder(有),is meaning (has)

Hyou Vizer : Fat = white guy skin tone Lean = hispanic guy skin tone How? Even tanning, white skin tone tans different color entirely

Azazel : Et les poiles tu les a perdu en même temps que la graisse?

OvO Jumpman : Dude did the same pose for 90 days, that little jerk off wrist pose lmao

El Rulas : Eso es a lo que yo llamo fuerza de Voluntad!! Tener huevos!! Hecharle Ganas!! Felicidades brother! Mis Respetos!!

Gods World : Nice job 👍🏼 I did the same thing, 9,000 push ups later. I’m on 18,000 quest for 3 months now 😎

Wodan Walhalla : Respect 👌🏻👍🏻

Руслан Гелаев : КРАСАВЧИК! Респект И уважуха тебе..

jukungtabalek 23 : I see your face look more baddass after 90 days

dam's owen : Génial ta vidéo... Respect 😜

ATOM 03 : Can I know how many hours u worked out per day for 90 days straight pls

Sebastian Fogliatti : nice motivation, thanks for sharing.

Franklin Amanda : Hard work pays off people. Great job bro 👌🏼

Gabriele Briziarelli : Soundtrack?

Kris is Mia2 : I felt like I was going through characters to choose for my xbox game😂but i loved it, great job💪🏼

mohamed el baroudi : Good for you man Inspiring 🙏🙏🙏

Kuduku : finally a dude who doesn't use roids great job dude, nice body transformation

FerchoTMW : Alto Photoshop la miniatura xd

Nihal Kadar : Amazing transformation bro

Faza ibrahim : How long do you working out per day when you do this diet??

RAJITECH : impossible 😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

TheLegit TUBER : what hell did u do bro!!!!