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My Makaveli 777 : You got a lot of underwear.

afiq jaffarran : thats a realistic transformation. well done bro.

Mateen Ahmed : what an easy workout, just to move your wrist and get 6 packs :P

Little Binch : Could you share your diet and routine? I would greatly appreciate it.

wasiBOOM : Juste génial mec tu as tenu le coup ! franchement BRAVO ! Continue t'es vidéo je l'ai adore ! (je me suis lancer un défi : dans 6 mois être énorme et sec !) 💪💪💪💪💪

jack2016 : the million dollar question that all want to know is how the fck did you do that?

François MT : Je fais 1"80 pour 67 kilo, j'aimerais prendre des kilos ^^

ovoX GT : Dude did the same pose for 90 days, that little jerk off wrist pose lmao

TheLegit TUBER : what hell did u do bro!!!!

Luke Harris : Great video bro, check mine out

Azazel : Et les poiles tu les a perdu en même temps que la graisse?

Redstone GamingLV : wtf is going on with that hand all the time. gj tho

Бездоный : бля, кепки меняются чаще, чем картинки с весом

unniraja c : Bro plz help me i also want to loose my weight and belly plz tell me how u did it

bosniak badamm : tu me motive plus que tibo

Joseph Hinlanjegaardien : Je rêve où en deux jours t'avais déjà perdu... Ah mais oui c'est vrai, tu vends ton programme 20€, du coup faut de la bonne communication 🤣

Phelipe the mad lad : This guy got a mind of steel! Strength of a lion!

Vladimir Putin : nice motivation, thanks for sharing.

Gio Albarran : wanking off transformation

Sikandar Khan : Hey brother, much respect. Would be really thankful , if you share your diet plan. and how much treadmill did you use ? or cardio ?

Malika PERELLO : respect !!! j'adore tes vidéos. Bravo pour tes efforts, ta persévérance et ton naturel. Continu comme ça, je pense que tu seras un modele pour beaucoup.

Kuduku : finally a dude who doesn't use roids great job dude, nice body transformation

Raghan : Bravo pour cette belle transformation et ce courage. Moi, j'en suis à mon premier mois de muscu.

rose bonbon : Incroyable

David Copperfield : so, you have 90 different trousers ? right ?

Angreuvargas Vargas Molina : Te pareces a Willy Rex

Max Brown : Ahah that hand tho aha

hellr505iegel : انا اشهد انك ذيبان

gomes cedric : Un gros soutien à toi mec ! Tu as accompli beaucoup et vu ta détermination ce n'est que le début ! Seul le travail et la détermination paient !

hab ib : perfect

Emxam m : 1m85 62kg ça marche aussi dans l'autre sens ? Je veut prendre du poids en muscle

Valentino : ugh I know the struggle of having big love handles....ugh

Alberto Alvarez : Song plis!!

umair rahman : that was hell of determination n hard work bro

Romain snake : Puree les gens vous êtes naïfs ou quoi ... En 90 jours c est impossible ... Faut rester lucide avec ce genre de video

Cream_ Bunny : how did u plan the diet?

Robert Juresic : Hard to find But cool to see when someones having the same body type 👍 this really Motivated me thanks for the video 👍👍👍

AlphaPouet et : Je suis gros mais je perds très vite j'ai déjà réussi à perdre 20kg en un mois, et là ça fait depuis lundi que je suis vraiment très motivé et je mange des légumes verts et du poulet/dinde 2x par jour avec un muesli au matin et 4 thés verts par jour et regarder tes vidéos me permet de ne pas craquer, merci!

Loïc M : Respect j'ai déjà perdu 5kg moi ça avance :)

François MT : Franchement respect !

Khalid Q : I'll do this challenge starting from next week , 👌🏻

Josh : this is so damn motivational thank you guy

طارق الغزواني : Woow Frye good 🙋👌.

Rossly Miranda : So handsome! Before and after 😊😍

te0pa0k : for people that dont go to the gym and dont know how things work , this man either : 1) was pretty fit before he got fat and decided to loose the weight again , 2) this took a lot more than 3 months or 3) this transformation isnt natural... basicly u cant get from where he was before he started to the final image in 3 months naturally , especially if u havent trained consistanly before. im not claiming this isnt real or natural , im just saying its probably one of 3 examples i presented before

Robotastic - War Robots : Why are you not talking about your 90-Day-Plan. I think you would help so many, many, many(!) people with that- pls share it with us. Thanks.

Aldo Blue : Bravo pour la perte de poids ,mais tu es un menteur tu n'es pas parvenue à cette transformation en 3 mois, j'en ai la preuve : comparer ses vergetures d'avant à après , pour atténuer de telles vergetures il faut au moins un an et là il ont totalement été atténuer (de mauve à blanche), même une crème en 3 MOIS ne fait pas de tels résultats . Bref semi fake .

Katniss Fray : Congratulations!

Mil Pat : Good to see your story, mine [34 y.o /5 ft 11 in] was similar I was 300 Lbs and it was a hard life, mostly the walking was painful. My Doctor was worried more about my knees other than anything else. I have tried an endless number of things but nothing worked better. I absolutely got frustrated with the gym schedules the calculations of calories intake and what not, but I was determined to shed off the weight and that too forever. I had lots of diet plans but nothing worked better than this, and what more I was assured about is they never said it can be done just by controlling calories. They always focused on healthy weight loss. I was advised not to go weak while dieting and increase a risk of damage to muscles. I followed some simple exercises and stuck to the given diet plan, within the first month I had lost 13 Lbs. it was unbelievable. It's a good feeling to be energetic and also lose weight at the same time, this worked for me and it has literally changed my life a lot. If anyone is interested, find the guide here

dadi : thank you, for a realistic transformation video.