Making a Turn-Table For a 15” Narrow-Gauge Railway

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15” gauge railways used to common but they’re very rare now. Ours is now around 125 feet long and is the longest we know about in the whole county. We think it will be very useful for moving large or heavy things up and down through the barn.. Thanks to Christine and Bridget!! They are the other half of our Meitheal Group #2 and help us with all sorts of things often : - ) R-Tech plasma cutter CNC machine available here.. Ok, here are some important website links. Please check them out.. Here's Tim's amazing guitar machine.. here's our online store where you can see some of the craft things we make and sell.. and here's our Patreon page where you can see more of our plans and dreams. (Remember even 5 dollars would make a BIG difference to us and we'd be very grateful.) and finally our FaceBook page (Not quite sure what to do with this but we put photos and extra comments when we get around to it..) Thank you! Sandra & Tim Copyright WayOutWest. All rights reserved. Please share if you like, but don’t copy or use without permission. Just get in touch via email blowinblog @ Don’t steal our stuff!


Sungwo Cheung : Glad to see Bob is still on duty.

Paul Mcguire : are you going to join your local rail road union or are you just going to scab it.

iheartigloos : I'm always in awe of the things you come up with and craft! It's awesome to watch it all come together : )

California 707 : That was amazing. You are a true craftsman. 👍

Calvin Witt : Proper job there mate! My only comment on the turntable is it would have been handy if you made a small "detent" for the ball bearing to roll into to help "locate" the turntable in action. Otherwise very cleverly done and it looks like it is serving the job it was intended for nicely!

clanline35028 : Simplex engine here we come: (vague) Parts List: 1 small petrol engine 1 disused trolley 2 gears 1 length of chain

StreetMachine18 : I think one of the first videos i saw on this channel was of your railway!!!

nice nice : genius at work, amazing stuff

Kirsten Whitworth : I love, _love, _*_love_* the railway videos.

Helen Parry : Brilliant as always Tim, works a treat 👍🏻

Alastair Chestnutt : Especially enjoyed watching your railway builds. Good job.

jetownsend1 : The first video of yours I saw was on the "mangolator," and that made me subscribe. I have wanted a garden railway ever since. (And I don't even have a garden to put it in!) I'm really excited to see you continue to improve your rail system.

Katie G : I so love seeing your low tech engineering at work. Simple principles that make your work a little easier. Just genius! But the project that taught me the most about the power of "using your head to save your feet" was the monorail.

kearney family london : Always inspirational Tim. Keep it up. Best. PEK.

Frank B : Brilliant- as usual.The plasma cutter is splendid.

Eye Toldyoosso : Great design...I would put a sheet of rubber or something to keep the bottom steel disk from been on the concret floor all the time ...Water will get in there...may be a sheet of tin plywood, something

GingerJames : Tim, You know you will be smiling when at 75 and you are still using this to transport the harvest into storage, what an energy (back) saver. Brilliant idea, great solution…. Now I see another video there I need to look at 😊 😊 Great work!!

berrybuena : Tim, I greatly admire your Inventor's Mind. Great Video, and Hello Sandra 👋

kae4466 : i remember seeing small railroads (railways) like this where they were so small that the trains ran in buildings . i even saw one on a ship. they also used turntables like yours to turn or shunt instead of points in tiny places . (wharehouses , constructions sites , etc) job done.:) almost .

The Motivated Gardener Gardening channel : Well done good sir and team quality 👍👍

Spaide man : 6:30 a very diligent inspection dog ;) dog: ok, good to go.

The Masons : Love it mate. Couldn’t help but imagine one could make a ‘station’ at each end that allowed those lower bars to rest, thus allowing the operator to park it level.

Vitor Madeira : F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! No words to describe the felling about this idea. Greetings from Portugal.

MrVailtown : Gald to see you back in action ! Well thought out n works smooth.

Sarah Longshore : Well done!!! You are always amazing!!

camo hawk : now i want to make a mini railway on some property

Forest Reese : I always like the railway videos. Keep it up!

Carsten Andersen : Very cool, thank you for sharing your story. God bless you and your family

Gilson : Fantástico o seu trabalho. From Brazil, all good.

Krai : Just awesome! I hope to build a narrrow gauge railway like yours someday, it looks so useful!

Zombie_ Gusher : this is amazing i am thinking of doing the same thing but with my wine yard

Scott Gray : Congratulations! This is brilliant!!!

Moreteavicar FromEngland : I'll send you the tidy up fairy over to your place ,when she done at mine !!

Anon : Yay! the railroad is back! Ive missed it and oddly enough, its what brought me here in the first place.

Stakman1-Stacey L : It seems it takes very little effort on your part to move the loaded trolley. Neat idea!

Sir Skrallex : please make more videos like these, love it when you build stuff

hugh mc grath : Well done next project steam train for the tracks

Duncan Mac : Nice! Thanks for the video.

Widdershins : Bloody brilliant!!! :)

Brian Mulligan : You're not only pretty but you're smart too! A good plan Tim. Makes life easier.

Theorimlig : Ingenious and beautiful in its simplicity, like all your inventions (well, someone else came up with the railway turntable...but you made this one!).

Gurwinder SRAN : Nice work very good🌷🍁🌹🌺💐🌾

RoseThistleArtworks : That worked out really well. You are so inspiring with all the things you invent. That whole railway system looks fantastic!

Lia Summers : You should do voice over work

Brian Philbrook : Good job you’re one smart guy👍

AgressiveDog : Just discovered your channel and its awesome i love your vids keep it up mate

OMNIVISION : You guys are so smart. I could never make something like that.

Chefchaot : I had known it for a long time: I need a plasma cutter!

momtomtse : What a wonderful railway 😊