The Truth About Veritasium

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SmarterEveryDay : I think it's wise to focus on family. Love you bro, great video.

Jackman Works : And the funny thing is that you'll look back at this video in a few years and feel uncomfortable. Never stop growing! :)

pseudomino3 : I usually don't comment on youtube videos, but that one got me in the feels. I am following a path which is kind of the opposite of yours. I'm almost graduating in Filmmaking, but I'm really interested in Science. You'll probably not read my comment, as it will be far down the comment section, but I wanted to leave this here anyway. I wish you the best.

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : Fantastic video! So well done. "and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Kevin Yeoh : Winderrific!

Physics Girl : You’ve always been a gigantic inspiration to me. I owe a lot to you and the other Edutubers who paved a little bit of the way for us. I’m glad for your growing family too, though, because Aunt Dianna needs some test subjects...

Nick Uhas : This is so great man, hearing your story makes me love this channel even more...your work is very appreciated and meaningful so please continue sharing your thoughts via YouTube!

Jonah Holman : Who dislikes this? seriously, why would you?

Charlotte Fields : Your ability to do what you love is really, really. inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Eugene Rider : Jesus christ the young Derek was handsome af.

My Mate Nate : absolutely looooved this video!!

Ben Heal : Video idea: why do we get tingles? (Because I got some watching this)

A Soulful subscriber : *you are the man whom I have first seen on youtube as a creator,,,a learner student,,guide..romantic and a good sense of life.Thank you veritasium for giving the real exposure of science.The basic science practical is still alive with you.carry on👏👌✌*

Mind Power : I 0nly saw 0ne person saying he lo0ked like EL0N MUSK when he was y0unger, *I D0 SE3 HIM LIKE EL0N MUSK SPECIALLY HIS M0UTH AND JAW B0NES ARE TO0 SIMILLAR*

Solo Axe : I didn't know you were married Derek! I've watched your videos since I was a kid and they didn't seem that awkward to me, but I have seen the improvements. Late congratulations!! Beautiful family :)

Peter Brown : Nobody starts at the end. You're supposed to be bad on camera in the beginning! It's been fun watching your journey.

This guy : You looked even more related to Elon Musk when you were younger.

Ian Colquhoun : South African, went to Queens... Coulda been Elon....

Cinfoni Spatium : Your story tells how can a simple choice change all your life, really *really* nice story, love your work Derek! You are mt true inspiration. p.s.: sorry for beeing a week late, i have the bell but sometimes Youtube just doesn't want to tell me.

Ian Colquhoun : Meeting your wife, proposing, having kids... I almost had a feeling! Damn you!

TierZoo : Well this was really sweet, you're the coolest Derek

Follow Media : i didnt know you already have 2 kids! belated congratulations! also the first time i've noticed your beard is greying. god time flies. i miss the old format where you went around asking people random physics questions. it was so simple it structure but i learned so much from those clips. you also taught me that misconceptions must be exposed and broken before real learning can happen--that PhD was definitely not a sidetrack, it made you and made this channel. your thesis will always be my memory of this channel, i think that is invariant at least, regardless of how your schedule or video formats and styles have changed and will change over time. i'll always look out for new content maybe because updates are so rare these days, but maybe also because each is a gem. thank you and good luck.

Aarav Ahluwalia : You are amazing 👍🏻

Serhan Rodan : i cri everytim

BiZx Lasko : I loved this video. It is really inspiring and heartwarming to see someone succeed in such a manner as you did. I really wish you the best going forwards and want to let you know that your videos have changed my life and my mind about schooling and science. I would not have such a rich appreciation and understanding of physics if I had not discovered you or your work.

Macerly : WAIT A MINUTE Did you propose to your wife outside my goddamn house in Oslo!!?? How did I not know of this, omg, minor heart attack, okay I´m fine.

Fuzz Challenge : I live in Australia Sydney 😂

Salman Memehood : 2:50 🌶️🌶️🌶️

thrilledburst : I cri

Kreativity Boost : *Veritaserum* #HarryPotter

SlimThrull : If everyone realized how bad they are on camera when they first start, youtube wouldn't exist. I'm glad you stuck with it. (I'm also equally glad you got a lot better. ;) )

Bogdan Lyashenko : Thank you for your story! It is inspiring me to go towards the ultimate truth in the world..

Agent Ham : 1:26 Veritasium on salvia?

15october91 : If you don’t try you can never be successful, but if you do try you will probably fail.

Stefan Krantz : Thanks for Shareing, entertain and learn us! You are so inspireing, keep going!

Because Science : The world is a better place with your science videos in it. Keep amazing us Derek — Kyle

Itsiwhatitsi : Science is a little part of what Art is

Casey : This is a very beautiful, inspirational story.

Sairam Niranjan : Speechless... Simply speechless.

Harvey Sapigao : This is really uplifting and relatable. I'll take up physics when I get to college but I have an interest on animation and graphic design. Thank you for making this video!

Ciência Todo Dia : Derek, I think this video was one of your most beautiful videos so far. I just wanted to say I'm from Brazil and you were a great source of inspiration for me to start making science videos to the Brazilian community. I'm still an undergrad in physics, which I decided to pursue because of you and your work. YouTube changed my life, I've always wanted to be a filmmaker. Making videos changed who I wanted to be in the future. It changed my career. It changed everything! I love your work and I want to tell you how much of an inspiration you were to me. How your videos changed who I wanted to be. Who knows how many other lives and people you have inspired? Your videos are definitely making a change in the way we teach. I love your work! Thanks for everything you've done and accomplished. YouTube is a better place because of you. From a Brazilian fan.

Vinnie Martin : Who Dislikes This Video?

Manas Pratim Biswas : Such an inspiring video...really loved it....

Max P : Im not crying... youre crying! (ok maybe a bit)

Lawbringer Prestige 30 : tfw he said that I couldn’t undo the photons but I’m looking at a time machine

Crucial Muzic : Wow what a wholesome video. You can see how passionate he is with everything he does, and most importantly he always had a pattern: shift to something else when deemed necessary. And now he's shifting his time to spend it with his family, which I think is the most important thing shown in the video...Seriously loved this video so much, thank you

Sal De'Friez : This is the 4th time I'm watching this video in the last week. Lol

Selenophile : From Yemen,Thank You Derek . Respect and love , we owe you. Keep it up.

dherfurth : I liked this video very very much. I've been struggling my entire life to find something I feel passionate about and make a living out of it. It's very nice to see that you have accomplished it and am very happy to watch every one of your videos. The attitude that you invest on things is great and the content is great too, of course. Congratulations and please keep producing this great videos! : )

dnyalslg : OMG, I always thought you were gay! Lol Such a revelation