Davy jones scene 'price'?
Whenever a customer asks me what the price of an item is

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Price? XDDD


The Wizard of Booshay : Bill Nighy did such an amazing job on this character.

Levo GAMES : This scene is priceless >:D

abcjc1 : i do this right before i take a crap

TheNewWierdo : I like how he does the prop sound.

Koalaqock : haha the best davy jones scene!

ladisneyprincesse : Everyone laughed at that popping sound! Oh how I miss watching this in theaters!

WookySnacky666 : Price... plorp!

Joker : PRICCCEE??.... XD

CharlieeLove : Omg! Me and my friend have bbeen looking for this for months!!!! THANK YOU! p.s we thought it was "Piize! ty for putting it up on youtube

LtDamonBaird1 : heh heh