Man buys His Wife a new car because she wrecked her first car BUT LOOK WHAT SHE DO

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Comments from Youtube

mireyaaa : “i’m to cute for this” nah sweetie you look ratchet af 😂🤣

Nucka Nick : Leave her at the dealership, drive off in the car. Double win

Garrett Fisher : If a girl doesn't appreciate what you do for her, leave her immediately. Don't stick around with someone that doesn't respect you.

Just An Owl : Wait, he found that for 1,000?! That’s good for that car, 2018 battery and stuff

Nick P : If she wants a 2018 car she can get a 2018 job

Esmee B : I would have been so happy with a man like him, Damn ungrateful girl..

Doepe Loepe : I feel bad for the car

herb lesdix42 : Car is car gets you from A to B

:] : Once she's walking she'll be wishing she was real grateful 💀

Just In : Aw buddy. You got a bad deal on that model. The woman. Not the car. The car probably has less issues than she does.

Lil, Charmander : *Is she really worth it* ? Do you really want to spend the rest of your life treating her like a queen 👑 while she treats you like trash? Nahh you are better than that and deserve better bro

floatpool : "there are just no good men anymore" Modern american women

king ofhearts : Throw the whole chick away bruh and the sad part is alot of black women are just like her which is one reason y most are single smh but I love my sistaz I just wish they could turn off love and hip hop and black ink and stop looking up to these ratchet ass stars as role models unless you're matching their success not their character

Clinton Pough : Then you can look cute all you want on the bus. 🚌

urmaker : Keep the car get a new chick. :)

Princess Penny : Marco, I will be your wife ❤

niyaa pooh : its a car at least you not walking many ppl walking rn & u being ungrateful

Queenzy Melanie : Damn so ungrateful 💯💯‼️‼️ drop this bish

Danny Lopez : Its his fault for probably spoiling her too much in the past.

Dave Partner : Dont marry her, dont you dare.

I’m icey : This girl can have any car she wants! Only if she had a job and didn’t get spoiled by her man.😬

Danielle _ Monique : Boy you need to break up with her she ungrateful

Ken Hoffman : Girl's complaining about a $1000 car, yet can't even afford a phone to connect hear headphones to

Big Boy : Let her walk. That looked like a pretty good deal to me.

Momo : Send that car my way ill take it a nice graduation gift for me...

AJ Rose : Too cute? 😂 I’m still looking where tho

CARIIEEXX-CAROLINA ESQUIVEL : Shit if I got any car that at least worked to go to the places I wanted to go I wouldn’t care I’d be happy imao

Teirdalin : Man, I feel bad for that guy. He needs a divorce bad. $1000 is such a good deal.

Uncle Putin : "I want a 2018 car" Well, better get you a 2018 job then, Honey.

RICH_BOI 3 : Girl:“I wanna 2018 car” Dealer:“I’m giving you a 2018 battery and it’s in the car” Sick af😂😂😂😂😂

userdetails1 : slap her then dump her

Mick l : I would've loved him even more. You wrecked your car and he bought you a new one, it may not be pretty but it's something and if he can do that for u then the most you can do is respect him 💯🙏

Rosali Love : I’d be blessed if my man bought me a car

G 30 : She can walk home bro

tt f : I wish more men were sweet like this. He bought her previous cars, deals with her attitude, and is still giving chances... and cars. And she AINT cute brody bro.

Vee Cadena : Wow so ungrateful! Man as long as it gets you from point A to B ! I wish I had a damm car!

PRINCESS K : See I want a Mercedes (white with RED interior) 💀..... but nobody got money for that😭 if somebody got me this I would be grateful.... even tho I wouldnt prefer it , it's way better then walking or calling a uber or taking the bus with crazy people and 😬 this is hella disrespectful.

Raymond Regus : Beater cars are the best. You don't worry about expensive insurance. You don't care when it's dinged up and no inspection if it's old enough.

Rick Petersen : Make her walk she’ll change her mind real fast!

Teeto Finesse : At the end of the day u still driving something🤷🏻‍♂️

Rocksand Anderson : DUMPED 100000% just ungrateful

Lorene Luiz : I really hope you were smart enough to leave her 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’m a bad Bitch : Mannn poor car gotta get rejected fo his/her looks😪💯

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Wow that's a keeper right there! Talking about the car.

Kinq Jay : I would drive the hell outta that car until i get enough money to buy a newer car

Tashawna Samuels : She rlly ungrateful if I was him she woulda gimme back my 1000 dollars

Queen Of You : i would've just took the car . like he said , they saving up . a car is a car tf , bling it out .


Ja Z : Bet she doesn't even work, and wants new everything. Crazy af.