Man buys His Wife a new car because she wrecked her first car BUT LOOK WHAT SHE DO

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Just In : Aw buddy. You got a bad deal on that model. The woman. Not the car. The car probably has less issues than she does.

Nekminit101 : What an ungrateful, I’d be happy if someone bought me a car

Lewis Chave : Make her buy her own car

John Dyer : Let her walk. She don't want it, let her walk.

Pablo Ramos : Dam bruh if you still with that ungrateful chick than your a buster

JMC RSA : She deserves NO MAN

Nickey Cole : Dude if you don’t leave that chick, then you deserve all the bs that your ungrateful lil dishes out bruh

DIO GALLARDO : the car has less miles than her

FBI : "I'm too cute to be riding around in this" it's people like this who deserve to be put in a hole and left for dead 🕳 💀

KalypsoKRUZ🌻 : *_She's not even cute & she's ungrateful._* He needs to drop her. ASAP!

urmaker : Keep the car get a new chick. :)

AQUATICA Devastation : She really thinks she is cute BABAHAHAHAHA

Captain’s Cosmos : Leave her king, you a real one for helping her but she still ungrateful.

verlorenelebenszeit : she is obviously to concerned about what others will think of her.

Ziegler Family : I would’ve hugged him, thanked him and said I don’t deserve this

Ja Z : Bet she doesn't even work, and wants new everything. Crazy af.

21 Gayy : I’m too cute to be riding in that car..... if my girl said that we through and I’m dumping her there. The man said everything is 2018 shit that is like buying a new 2018 car

Alpha Male : Not hating but if you already knew she was going to be ungrateful why put down a $1,000 to record her reaction smh would’ve saved you the time and money to invest that somewhere else

Unique Asmr : My mom would have slapped me if I was that ungrateful 😂😂

rene the bully : *B E G O N E T H O T!*

RIKKI R : She wants a 2018 car? Girl!!!! You aren’t 2018 material

kingsvessel2015 : You need a bus pass!!! You wrecked your car!!! You don't deserve a new car!!! Go pay for your own car then. Give me that one, I need a car, then I'll flip it and get me another one... ungrateful, superficial, entitled, and super annoying chick... go ask your girls to buy to another car!!!! She don't even deserve the 2018 battery , starter, struts or alternator and she thinks she deserves a 2018 car?!?!?! Girl you are trippin'...

Ena : better end it before you buy her a $1000 engagement ring and she starts saying she ain’t gonna wear it

FamilyMan530 : She ain’t gonna look cute no matter what car she’s in

Jason Barber : Car looked better than her

〘Bapǝr x Towǝl〙 : I think they could use a brand new 2018 divorce file

Alien Pumpkinhead : That’s why you don’t get in relationships with chickenheads.

K__K : Get a better girl

F LastNm : Lol. If the battery is 2018, and everything else is free, that means the ENTIRE car is classified as 2018 as per the salesman's logic; which I TOTALLY believe btw. Why does that princess not want such a clean and efficient 2018 model luxury car?

mashroob : Wait... she has FRIENDS?

Jazmine Urias : She is NOT cute.

Pauly P : That car is faster than your cruz. She needs to be greatful. Ppl have it alot worse. And shes far from cute. Attitude ruins everything, including any cuteness thats left.

Christina Albertus : ungrateful bitch

Brad Arnott : I was waiting for a new Audi or Mercedes to roll around the corner, thought this was a joke lol

gypsygrl1 : Umm . . . didn't you know she was like that when you married her? If not, I'm sorry for you.

Rick Petersen : Make her walk she’ll change her mind real fast!

Ammar Hussain : Id divorce her or break up etc. she keep wrecking she aint getting nothing not even the 1000 car

Antonio Miranda : Damn wish u good luck man...with a woman like that u will end up homeless

Wixter999XDR Gaming : i would just say, this is what u get when u cant drive a car, so heres is something u can wreck all day long ;D

NyF Spartan : So nobody gonna point out that this is fake?

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Wow that's a keeper right there! Talking about the car.

Morgan Olvera 1234 : Golddigger bro BREAK UP WITH HERR SHE IS NOTHING!!

The Supercharged Channel : Wtf buy your own car if u think you can do better

ExtremeThunderGaming : I see what she mean but damn u can’t always get what u want

SAMMY B : Dump her and spend $1000 on something for YOURSELF. Sure you might be lonely sometimes but tinder is free.

Shak Os : Ditch her, you did something nice for her and she replies with this?? This relationship can only go downhill man, its not right. You seem like a nice dude and she seems like a greedy, selfish person, you deserve better brother. Good Luck

Jesus P : Legend says till this day hes still trying to give her the car 🤔

Wake Up America : "Its 2018 batter,starter " lolololololol

xd Juice : Hook me up with 1k V-Bucks and I’ll be happy

Debbie Thomas : She's too cute for this car? Really. Her mirror must have been fogged up. Kick her ass to the curb. No one has ever bought me a nice car.