Man buys His Wife a new car because she wrecked her first car BUT LOOK WHAT SHE DO

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Just In : Aw buddy. You got a bad deal on that model. The woman. Not the car. The car probably has less issues than she does.

Orlando David : Look bro, there’s no refund on the car but you can return her ass for free.

Mo’nique Kamara : Girl look at u and your hair be grateful people are here struggling at least u got a car

Laurita Polk : She is ungrateful. She is more concerned about what her friends think of the car. The car is in mint condition and she didn't have to pay for it! Let her take the bus to see her friends. Then we will see if she sings that same tune. People are out here with no car wishing they had a car. Ungrateful brat!

Birdman Speaks : She's flat chested with a bad attitude , what garage sale did you buy her from ?

Rick Petersen : Make her walk she’ll change her mind real fast!

BhadBhabe 04 : Tbh she's not cute

Jocelyn Rocano : Freaking brat. That girl should learn to be grateful. There’s people out there who can’t even get a cheap car. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

Alexis Baker : I would've drove the hell outta that car. She trippin and ungrateful asf. I would've told sis to tell her friends to buy her a damn car

junior 7777 : Gold digger at her finest

Andrew S. : Shes not cute. She’s ungrateful. You need to drop her. Shes not appreciating what you’re doing for her. Leave her. Make her walk

its-ya-boi- taX : 😂😂😂she be driving this car 2 days later because she to "cute" to walk or take the bus

Strikez : No Joke the Inside of the Car looks Dope for me lol :D

Alexus Robidoux : Why the freak are people ungrateful be grateful some people can't even get a car

Fernando mendoza : When i got my 97 honda accord for my bday i was hella happy. While other kids be taking their dads camaros to school

RIKKI R : She wants a 2018 car? Girl!!!! You aren’t 2018 material

Weed smoker : These hoes ain't loyal sir 😄

CEO Huncho : I would drive that ong she tripping 💯💯💯💯

GAM3R GAM1NG : The man tried to do right by his girl and he gets a kick to the ass. Like if you think he should leave her and keep the car!

Silly Silly Goose : Leave her shes an L

FunForSameer : I'd take that in a heart beat over walking any day.. some people are just so ungrateful.. all they do is care about status and how people see them.

Ghoul Trooper : To cute? Thats the otherway around

Don J. : BUMP that that ungrateful heffer put her arse on da BUS end of story🚍

Meemah Benny : Lmfaooo, im not gon lie that car isn't my type. But like he said she could make money and buy a new one, the fact that he went out his way to do this and this is her response...she's so damn ungrateful bruh🤦🏽‍♀️

RiRi Mars : “I need a cute car” you better use them “cute” legs and walk you ain’t thick you can’t complain 😂😂

JMC RSA : She deserves NO MAN

rayhend100 : One of the biggest problems in the black community is the lack of fathers involved in their children’s lives. If this young man had an involved, strong father, he wouldn’t have chosen this woman in the first place. One of the first inklings you’ll find with regard to the insecurity and lack of self esteem many hoodrat women suffer from is the ubiquitous presence of hair weave and extensions. They WILL NOT be seen without it because it’s tied to their self worth. Many of these women don’t feel good about themselves. They feel inferior to women of other cultures, so they try to replicate their hair in a false game of equalization. It’s something they try all their lives to grow naturally and fail, so the next best thing is to sew or glue it in to obtain the look. These women have a lot of problems with self worth, and they project all those issues onto those closest to them. This includes their multiple, illegitimate children and you, if you’re not astute enough to avoid them. If you get involved with them you will live a life of misery and emptiness. You’ve been warned.

oof its dayiona : Shoot I would drive it if the glass was broke at least it gets me where I got to go yo girl needs to be grateful because some people aint got nothing and the car was perfectly fine honestly.

living godness : In my opinion, this seem and looks so fake, I was born at night but not last night, i can see through the BS. But if this is real, how ungrateful and entitled at someone been? People are struggling to put food on the table and paid their rent on time. And you have the luxury to be able to buy a car, but your unsatisfied. There are lots of women (and men) in abusive and controlling relationship, but you were lucky, you found a man that love you and treats you how you should be treated, and that puts up with your disgusting attitude.

Celia Shelbon : Her ass can walk she gone change her mind in 2.5 sec

〘Bapǝr x Towǝl〙 : I think they could use a brand new 2018 divorce file

Itachi : If i have girlfriend like her i will pick the cars and will leave her. But i don't have girlfriend LMAO.

Dennis Kara : BEGONE THOT!

Sarah Queen : So unthankful If I had a man in the future buying ME somthing I would kiss him

lovelyMary Sc : Hell nahhhh ratchet ass hoeee !!!!!!!! Not close to even being cute💀 she doesn't even deserve a scooter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Mama Cow : just drive off and ghost her, sell her shit and find someone better.

Yurshula Rosario : If my men do that for me sht* i well make love with him in the car 😜

Brumete Resendiz : I would of broke up with her on sight!!!!!💯

Kim Taehyung : Wow what a gold digger if u dont like it atleast use it cause yo man bought it for 1000 dollas

Ariel Nicholson : See baby I got 2 kids a part time job and go to school doing all of that on THE BUS until the Lord bless my situation and have NO shame cause I'ma handle mine. All I'm saying is maturity and priorities is missing in these millennials. Frfr.

Ja Z : Bet she doesn't even work, and wants new everything. Crazy af.

vg. nelly : It's always the women thats not paying that complain

Joe Deforge : Man people these days ungrateful they are so selfish people

Aliyah Norman : I mean ..I'm picky too but this is extra asf..smfh

ღBreezy_Blueღ : Car probably worth more than she would ever be, smh.😏

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Wow that's a keeper right there! Talking about the car.


Haylie Seepersad : She so fortunate to atleast get a car after wrecking one....some people dont even have a car and wish they had one 🙁

Winter Cartwright : But at the same time yeah .. that’s being ungrateful

lep Growth Development : She’s not even that pretty 🤦🏾‍♂️