Man buys His Wife a new car because she wrecked her first car BUT LOOK WHAT SHE DO

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JMC RSA : She deserves NO MAN

Wholesome Lad : Thats a good car for 1 grand!

Ryan : You totaled your own car, go work for another then.

Thabiso Motswagole : I'd buy it... for 1K!!!!!

Walter Carvalho : Wtf? How do you even enter a relationship with a hoe like that?

FunForSameer : I'd take that in a heart beat over walking any day.. some people are just so ungrateful.. all they do is care about status and how people see them.

gage4g : Then best put on your sneakers and get to steppin. Walk........

Jeremy Honeycutt : Make her single


RevAlSharptonz : This woman should be forced to only drink ball sweat for the rest of her life. What a terrible person.

BLACK JACK : I would've took her to Walmart to pick out a bike...😂

Detective Blunt : If she breathes.....

Ray Jennings : She wants a car? She buys it herself and then you walk away from her! Stuck up little madam!

London Conard : Trust me your not to cute to drive that car the car is too cute for you

Rusty Nail : Why isn't she buying her own car? The brokest people are the most ungrateful I find.

CrazyHoboDude : *THOT DETECTED*

MG_Anon : Sure it's nothing amazing but you can't have any beautiful car if you end up destroying it. You're meant to keep a car for a long time and that's why you can spend money. If you can't keep that car, then you can't spend the money.

Kevin My Dude : Anyone who goes out into public with sandals and short shorts, isn't important. Take the car and learn some humility cause the world doesn't revolve around you.

thegutterpunk00 : i love that salesman's attitude... "I sell the engine and transmission... all that other shit is free"

MsRoadtoRiches : Is this a joke? Keep the car and toss that b out.

Bapǝrr Towǝll ᄅᄅ : I think they could use a brand new 2018 divorce file

iram quiroz : Get you a woman who is humble.

Dave Pawson : Then buy your own damn car. Or beat feet.

Dave Pawson : Her attitude is 2018.

CreepShow : Leave her and take the car for yourself lol.

Jaden Daniel : I really hate people who think they too good for something smh. I thank god for the clothes on my back everyday.

Jonathan Salinas : What a ungrateful thot

M Snyder : Dump her. She’s only trouble now, and down the road.

Top Dash : *T H O T*

marcelino duelas : Deserves nothing!!!!!not even a bike!!!damm!!!cant believe it!!

Andrew S. : Shes not cute. She’s ungrateful. You need to drop her. Shes not appreciating what you’re doing for her. Leave her. Make her walk

Top Wilkon : My moms boyfriend bought her an old aerostar when she lost her car. Guess what. She drove it

JYaquila : ohh, and she think she's cutee?? lol

niceguy217 : Dude don't know if you're still going through this..but if you are I got a nice ladies bicycle I'll sell you..that's right, let her pedal-power her ass around, and it's even a 'cute' one, cute enough to "pull up on her friends on" That's worth a $100..but just to help teach her a lesson, I'll sell it to you for $35, and I'm not even playing.

꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂ : B U T L O O K W H A T S H E D O! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

omar olaad : Too cute for the car lol I would rather spend my time with that car than her she ain't that cute

Chay. Bode. : I would have said, FINE, go ride the PUBLIC BUS so everyone can see how CUTE you is :)

a2zme : Girl walking around in $1 flip-flops wants a fancy car .. lol

sn9696 : Well, she can go work and buy her own car..

Yahya Sajid : Complaining about a free car, im confused

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Wow that's a keeper right there! Talking about the car.

Beardology : That's when you say "Ok fine, don't worry about the car, it's not yours anymore. Have fun walking everywhere."

Leader of Bears : I hate ppl who insist on a new car and think anything older than a year is no good... especially when they complain about not having money and having to make payments... newer cars are built like shit and are made to have problems that way the dealerships and the manufacturer has a constant source of income

Revitup 821 : Shes mad because he's spending her weave money!!! Most black women are very ungrateful!!! They put someone elses hair on their head but won't drive a used car!!! Dude.... trade that 2 for a 10. A good looking woman can drive anything and look good!!! Ugly fake ass girls gotta front!!!!!!

Anthony Pierre : That's why I will not date an American woman.... it's all about "them".... let her walk.... but she was like this before you married her and married her anyway...

DARK SKULL GAMING : divorce say good bye

Brent : Wow, she isn't worth $100, let alone $1000 car.

CHK DG8 : Someone please tell me this is parody. If not, he should've seen these red flags *LONG* before he got married.

Solo Eldritch : yes princASS, that is being ungrateful. go turn a few more tricks n buy your own 2018 car. what a total selfish ho..why she even DRIVING if she is that bad at it?

Dubb : You could be like my dad when he was younger and have a $250 car that's gearbox failed and he had to reverse across the capital of my province back home.. On the bright side, he got $300 from the wrecker who took it so he made $50 and a some transport, lol.