Duck eats peas really fast

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Gavin Ball : He quacc He attacc But most importantly, he snacc

Zono : When your mother brings out the dessert-

The Guru : At 0:11. Cat: "And I thought I was the savage during supper time. Shit!"

This is Tom : lmao the cats like i dont wanna mess with that dawg

Collin M : LMAO that dog like pea!

colin buffam : We have a new contender for hungry hippo's

DefThrone : What am I doing with my life?

Tarmac Gigglesticks : Its like a reversed machine gun.

Northern Media : Best 27 seconds of my life

The Original Opo : Me with M&ms

KreativeKat : Ok yea this is a great vid.... BUT HOW IS THIS ON TRENDING ?!? Congratulations 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 your amazing XD I honestly think your some type of YouTube wizard.

Ben Bleasdale : subscribe to dolan dark

gullf1sk : pea eating speedrun record

JeezyHungry : That cat was scared of him you could tell he tried to get some distance between him and the duck

Full Meta Jacket : the cat was like ....god damn dude

Brusty Brab : wow. this video is blowing up. make sure to subscribe if you want more animal videos!

Breezeshooter : Hungry boy

MJ Lee : I like this far more than i should

KushKebab : top 10 anime betrayals

empie : hongry

JLsoft : The perfect Youtube video title doesn't exi-

momansdlasjnfkl : nigga smh I showed this to my girlfriend and now she left me for a duck, thanks

The Legend Of Boggle : I think your dog is broken

Revolting Revolver66 : hello duck fast mouth :)

Brusty Brab : Ever seen a dog honk a car horn?

Liam Barrett : Anyone else just picturing him going "nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom."

Conner koskela : Me when I say I’m going to make my popcorn last throughout the whole movie but then then the credits starts...

の漢みどな : ネコがドン引きしてるwww

tomastaz : Well you certainly weren't wrong

Pavlo Bruh : Hey guys why does a duck wear pants? To hide his butt quack

Reveal : Holy Quack!😂

Reveal : 0:11 CAT: " Bitch is Crazy!" 😂


Andy Zhang : That is one skinny dog...

TheMadMardo : Cat was like fuck this im out!

Ellie Lannister : WHY?! WHY DID YOU END IT?! WHYYY?! YOU COULDN'T STOP THE VIDEO AFTER IT FINISHED?! FUCK YOU DUDE, I'M TRIGGERED. I was enjoying watching that duck eat those peas. You've ruined Christmas. :(

Benjamin Beaudry : Luv dat slurpin noise

ganstadogg69 : Busty brab? I see you boolin bruh

T Quinn : the title says it all

daniel chacreton : Who the hell has pet duck?

FlurryOfStyx : What made you randomly get a duck for pet.

crazygames ok : Why do you have a duck

I Can't Believe It's Not Toast : fear

Wanheda : Ok...but why is there a duck in his house?

LarryKingOfSea : Now this is the quality content I like to see when I come back from school

Duz111 : I got exactly what was promised.

ManThatYouFear : Close your eyes and it sounds like a dorm room.

Perin : I just heard the audio from this without the video and it sounded like someone frantically jerking off hahaha

C North : That's how I eat pussy.

慶應女子〜サークルpinky所属 : ネッコ引いててワロタ